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Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far).

Spring is in the air and new beginnings are everywhere, including Snake Oil Provisions. Ben and Miranda have once again curated their store to keep you looking good and feeling good in the quality goods they stock. Ben and Mark debunk tee skirts, Skate Bettys, and the social media jerk offs who are dragging men's fashion through the mud with their endless quest for double taps. The phone lines open as well for some questions to get answered by the Cincinnati Sensation covering everything from selvage denim to budgeting for Snake Oil Provisions. In a bold move, we are offering this episode in it's entirety since the intended Circle Of Trust Content about city ordinances and SOP's recent legal debacle was too important to keep behind the pay wall. Enjoy this full episode filled with fashion, faux pas, and the fun only Ben can bring to your earholes.

Talking Points

  • The perfect leather jacket, a fool's errand, and getting past feeling like you're in a costume.
  • But can you pull it off?
  • Rogue territory makes a power move in the world of denim. 
  • Ounces of denim on a season to season basis. 
  • Starchiness, dry cleaning, and blouse stacking. 
  • Earl's Apparel debuts at Snake Oil with a price point that can't be beat. 
  • Customization on the horizon?
  • Big and tall brands available from the Snake and personally requesting sizes from Ben.
  • Taking care of high end denim blouses. 
  • Waiting for your Skate Betty to wear that Thrasher shirt. 
  • Posers abound.
  • Transcending social media metrics and people that are letting the content curate them. 
  • What to do with hook ups.
  • The keys to finding good denim and salvaging selvage. 
  • Snake Oil on a budget and budgeting for Snake Oil. 
  • The ethics behind buying cheap clothes. 
  • Ditching fedoras, checking out of planet earth, and tee skirts. 
  • Miranda steps in to lend an answer towards the quest for the perfect fitting women's tee.
  • Drug busts that open doors... literally.
  • Dream spots, bully tactics, and laughable offers.
  • Lawyering up to end harassment.
  • Bittersweet resolutions with acceptable financial terms.
  • Armed guards, the smell of the sticky icky, and city ordinances written behind closed doors.
  • Tiny victories and locations that literally fell out of the sky.
  • The right thing to do versus the best thing to do. 
  • Educating yourself on zoning laws, city council members, and what you should handle by yourself.
  • Big business and the karma that we all hopes will come around.
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Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far).

Start Today - Music Business Inspiration Podcast

On the first episode of Start Today co-hosts Mark Brickey and Biggie breakdown the 1989 Gorilla Biscuits track “Start Today” and go line by line trying to fully understand the songs greater meaning and influences that it had on their lives. However, before we get to breaking down the walls of this inspiration, first Mark provides a rich audio documentary explaining the influences, origin and history of the short lived New York Hard Core super group the Gorilla Biscuits. 

Talking Points

  • Controlling your temper, not blowing up like you used to and realizing work isn’t worth getting mad over. 
  • Understanding that you’re never too old to hangout and the importance of finding your tribe. 
  • Location, location, location, where you are plays a huge part in how you play. 
  • Staying one step ahead of your current career and always planning for the next big thing. 
  • Not just working hard, but working hard toward a focused life plan. 
  • Procrastinating solves nothing, only creates more work. 
  • There is no seniority in the arts, which leaves zero room for laziness. 
  • The importance of movement, keeping moving to keep surviving. 
  • Trusting your gut, you always know what’s right. 
  • Put in the hours, it will always show in the work.
  • The importance of saying sorry face to face. 
  • Time is your enemy, friend and greatest love. 

Circle of Trust

Mark talks about his lessons learned from both the song Start Today and the creating the first podcast episode. As well as plays audio that didn’t make the final public cut. 

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Featuring an all new introduction with Mark and David breaking down how this episode rose through the ranks to be one of the Best from 2017 (so far).

Welcome to the wild world of west coast nostalgia master Bob Smith. Cutting his teeth at Nike for over a decade, Bob thrived with their boundless resources and struggled through being micro managed for optimal efficiency. His creativity is contagious throughout this interview covering everything from aiming high to the allure of 21 Jump Street to fighting through motivational anxiety. Nothing can stop this California Transplant from gnashing his teeth at the world and forging ahead with his latest endeavor, OreCal Sportswear. Bob has taken his decades of experience and honed in on his passion to create an immersive, high quality experience told through apparel and we get to hear about how he accomplished just that. He knows how to play and he knows exactly what he wants to say so be sure you listen to a master at his craft.

Talking Points

  • The difficult adjustment of Being dragged up to Oregon at ten years old. 
  • Growing through difficulty and Sagmeister's take on happiness. 
  • Los Angeles Nostalgia and all the special sorts of bat shit we hold onto. 
  • The west coast story behind OreCal. 
  • The insecurity of the creative mind coupled with the arrogance to know better. 
  • Motivational anxiety.
  • Unpacking definitions of the stressors that are holding you back. 
  • Building a Nike store inside Nike with a small budget and some blind faith. 
  • Regional ads, tapping into the zeitgeist, and losing the sexy core of the company. 
  • Ratcheting up your presentation each time you do it until the powers that be get the message. 
  • The problem solving part of design that isn't design at all and the crucial ability to execute. 
  • A decade of working in a formative environment that can show you what works. 
  • Making a souvenir of the story you're told and what makes you hold onto something. 
  • The importance of "Fuck You Money."
  • Blowing smoke up everyone's ass to keep an entire corporation on the same page. 
  • Senior Troublemaker: Department of Office Confiscation. 
  • The energy to innovate versus the energy to operate. 
  • Feeling betrayed by Nike and bracing your ego for moving on. 
  • Mid life creative crisis that might be linked to drop offs in testosterone.
  • Templates and gray spaces in education and learning how to learn. 
  • The triple crown in Shoe City. 
  • Pouring your life's experience into OreCal and the fuel of curiosity. 
  • Aim high, be smart, and slowly working your way to the front of the plane. 
  • Where is the profitability?
  • Developing sustainability in your brand while you go global with a brand based off two American states. 
  • Growth arcs, spirit, and deliberately working the reoccurring patterns in your favor. 
  • You know how to play, but what do you want to say?
  • Taking The Grateful Dead approach to a brand. 
  • Telling your story and the importance of narratives. 
  • "Design is a good idea."
  • Environments that give off great energy, compartmentalization, and overall management capabilities. 
  • Is it better to not know who you're talking to?
  • The benefit of meeting your peers and leaving your creative bubble. 
  • Developing the intuition to know how many bells and whistles your product needs. 
  • The devil in the details and the social cues we make off appearance. 
  • Can't versus won't and observation versus judgement. 
  • Neglecting the imagery that feeds into the experience. 
  • Finding your identity on 21 Jump Street in a town without any punk rockers around. 
  • Protecting your bat shit and making connections. 
  • Microchoices that effect your entire life and waxing poetic on a spiderweb of choices. 
  • Getting aggressive and keeping your mind tuned up to the challenge ahead of you.
  • The Magic on the tape belongs to us.
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Gather round the grill as three red, white, and blue Americans basque in the glorious freedom bestowed upon them by their brave predecessors in this special Fourth Of July edition of Hammer Time. With an unmatched determination and unwavering grit our forefathers and foremothers sacrificed to forge a nation where everyone would be created equal and dreams could become reality. Mike, Gus, and Mark honor them by sharing their own tales from a modern day America filled with Wild Babes, Nigerian Prawns, and the joy of celebrating Christmas Time in July. Revel in the nail biting showdown between Gus and Hammer as they each take the US Citizenship Test with a sweetened pot for the victor. Cheer as the Desert Boys quench their thirst with soup cups. Smash that re-gifted Polaroid and stand up for the country you love as some all american shenanigans go down from the scorched deserts to the happiest place on earth.

Talking Points

  • Hanging with Dreambreakers, Signature Gus ™ is born, and a night at Disneyland with a little bit of elbow room. 
  • Larry David-esque attempts at assimilation. 
  • Gus and Hammer take the US Citizenship Test. 
  • Desert Boys Adventures Volume 1 with soup cups and oversized novelty games. 
  • Christmas Time in July. 
  • Flat tires and Teslas. 
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy: Breakout, Little Big Dog's Gamma Ray, and a high that put Mark in some serious Artie Lang level trouble. 
  • Racking up that Best Buy credit. 
  • Above Steak Poor but below Nigerian Prawn Poor. 
  • Challenging the open minds hanging out at T-Birds' Thong Contest and going nuts for the dream Wild Babe represented. 


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It's time to countdown the top seventeen posts from the Book Of Baumann and glean any wisdom we can from it. Mark sits down with The Godfather Of AID and gives him a chance to relive the moments that inspired some of the best status updates any cool kid could imagine. Pineapple Pizza, outsiders as Art Directors, and the through line of empathy guide today's Shop Talk through uncharted psychological territory. Billy has been on a path of rediscovery that has shifted so many aspects of his life and while we have gotten one small piece of them almost every Friday, his Facebook posts are a completely different outlet where he dreams of being in young men's bodies and judges the inside of microwaves. How does this all tie into design? What doesn't?!? You can't bang the drum just yet but this Shop Talk will certainly get you in the mood to do it.

Talking Points

  • True and False with Mark about The Real Mark Brickey. 
  • Outsiders who outsource because they have no clue about how to be an entrepreneur, insiders who know how to design packaged products, and the distribution skills that pay the bills. 
  • Friendships, Shit Town, and the Pineapple Pizza Challenge. 
  • Are you a tracer?
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of design trends and finding the permission to dream. 
  • Unintentional mentors that can lead your baby steps to running a business. 
  • Do we have lower standards for the highest position in our country?
  • Frustration with faux art directors and their unwarranted sense of accomplishment. 
  • The world changing effects of forgiveness. 
  • Incongruous ideas and thoughts and providing health care to America. 
  • Empathy issues.
  • Microwaves, show houses, and the yardstick of society. 
  • Rediscovering life and letting go of what doesn't make you happy. 
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For Our 2nd Annual Holiday Fundraiser We Have Decide To Help Homeless And Hungry People In Need.
We Will Be Asking For Your Donations From Now Until Sunday At Midnight.
110% Of The Money Raised Will Go To Feeding Long Beach.

The Brickey Family Will Match Your Donation By 10%

We Will Purchase Toiletries, Underwear, Socks, Plastic Bags (For Food Distribution)
And Other Basic Supplies That You And I Take For Granted But Could Greatly Help A Person In Need.

Watch The Shopping On Instagram Live And Look To This Page For A Copy Of The Receipt Of Purchase.

By Donating Your Name May Be Randomly Selected To Win One Of The Following Donated Prizes

$100 Gift Card From Mondo

$100 Gift Card From Mitch Putnam of Posters and Toys or The VACVVM

$50 Gift Card From

Win 1 of 5 DKNG Polar Bear Prints courtesy of  Adventures In Design

A Years Subscription To The Circle of Trust

$100 Gift Card For The Adventures In Design Store
*On AID/COT Merchandise Only

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Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee of Methane Studios stop by for a inspiring interview and fun shop talk. For two guys that are known to be the funniest guys in design world we get them to actually get deep before they give us some of the best punchlines in the industry. Mark, Billy and James share a bucket of popcorn, have on air staff meeting and decide the fate of Adventures In Design’s future. In this podcasting choose your own adventure, what Adventure In Design will you choose? 

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Episode 43 - "Big Billy Style" With Special Guest Sean Mort

Summer insanity has reached and all time high on our schedules, so this week we're recording AID43 live on YouTube for anyone to watch and to participate along with. Mark, Billy, James and very special guest Sean Mort will do a show where we take listener questions live on air with us and let the audience vote in real time who wins the "wit off" between Billy & Sean.


(This podcast can be watched in it's entirety on demand via our YouTube channel)

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Epiosde 42 - "Stinky Banana" feat. Gary Booth of Phone Booth Gallery and Dan Kuhlken

On episode 42 our first ever art gallery owner Gary Booth of the Phone Booth Gallery stops by to talk about successfully opening up a gallery, doing mobile shows and discusses the overall business model of art galleries. In a friendly exchange Mark brings up all of the negative things he’s ever had to say about art galleries and Gary offers back some similar views, but also a couple of new perspectives on artists and galleries working together. Dan Kuhlken of DKNG stops by Shop Talk, where the guys talk about time management, hidden traps in flash sales and always striving to make Pinkerton.

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Episode 41 feat. Jeral Tidwell "It's So Dumb, It's Almost Genius"

Hear the episode described by founder Billy Baumann as the most important 30 minutes in the entire history of Adventures In Design. Illustrator Jeral Tidwell, also known as Human Tree, stops by and tells the gang about the fine art of copyrighting your own artwork and how doing this properly has resulted in six figure pay days. That’s right I said six figures. All of this legal advice and so much more is waiting for you on this Adventure In Design. 

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