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I'm really excited to share my newest project Wake Up Call with you! Today I have put together a special episode that shares a three-part series recorded for Wake Up Call but something I believe could help inspire you to get more done by applying your efforts where they belong and learning to be nicer to yourself in the process. Featuring a new 10 minutes combined with the 3 part series that ran as Wake Up Call episodes 17, 18, 19.

Thanks for listening and sharing!
Mark Brickey

Wake Up Call Episodes Featured
17 Negative Versus Realistic
18 Harmful Versus Helpful
19 Deprecation Versus Appreciation

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Nick and Tim Frank are the crafters behind Frank Brothers Guitars, a small custom guitar company located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. These guys love making guitars and the love shows in the final product a Frank Brothers Guitar. Learn how a small company values their customers as partners in the process of custom creation and how this tiny shop uses content creation as a way to tell their companies story. The quality of their two models is mindblowing, the consistency of their handmade product is unreal and the way this family business runs is very impressive. Sit down with the brothers and hear how a Canadian brand classic is born.

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When you hit record just before the stroke of midnight you know the conversation is going to go the path of two good friends on a road trip. What does the death of the mall really look like? The urban migration of every generation trying to find where they belong. The age of discovery has died where will the next generation find the enjoyment of breaking into a culture. And in the COT managing your schedule, running a calendar and a how-to constantly have payments coming in. Plus a Gambler 500 update. "The Death of Retail" with Dan Stiles on Shop Talk

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390 - Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton has never tried to hide from uncertainty and danger. After establishing himself as a professional skater he pushed onward by founding Toy Machine, teaching himself to paint after a trip to Europe, and becoming a photographer with countless gallery shows. His desire to capture and interpret life as it happens spawns from a ceaseless fascination with every facet of human life. Ed looks unflinchingly at his life and the ones around him to hold back up a mirror for anyone willing enough to look at and learn from his artwork. Through his DIY ethic Ed has learned how to make an impact on his audience with everything from a pair of socks to the cover of his own book staring up at you. Get ready to learn from a living legend how to find inspiration everywhere you look and not be afraid to look right back, or even interact directly with it.

Talking Points

  • What it feels like to be a living legend and being inducted into the Skateboard Hall Of Fame.
  • The trajectory of skate art from precious to personable.
  • Bolstering inspiration from other multi-talented artists.
  • Finding your style before your skill.
  • Innovative art that felt inconsequential when it was made.
  • Removing the barrier between polished art and the people.
  • What to do with an influx of cash that isn't permanent.
  • Being raised by a member of the Greatest Generation.
  • Handling success financially and personally.
  • Living under the fear of returning to poverty.
  • How Ed's first "cigarette" turned off from drugs and alcohol.
  • Moving past terrible traditional role models and not being a victim.
  • Loyalty and Jason Lee.
  • Playing for the long game in life and not burning bridges.
  • Operating with full transparency to keep your friends.
  • How to build an empire that lasts and the benefits of being a dictator.
  • Ed's daily workflow.
  • Realizing you've made a career choice that won't last.
  • Teaching yourself to paint.
  • The slow build to earning your fame.
  • Prepping for potential failure.
  • Teaching yourself photography.
  • Finding value in your unique view of the world.
  • Respecting your subject matter and how to shoot on the move.
  • Night Lurkers, Girls On Skateboards, and making people Others.
  • The fine line of perversion and art.
  • Staying unbiased to your subject matter no matter what.
  • Paris during the terror attacks.
  • Making transcendental photography.
  • How to play to people's ego.
  • What a mohawk means today.
  • Forming yourself and your life with your partner.
  • Being unflinchingly honest in your art and sharing naked photos of your wife with world.
  • Are you cap[turing moments or just bragging?
  • Skateboarding as an adult and managing injuries.
  • Filling the void form your past life and finding what motivates you now.
  • Are you designing for your peers or your customers?
  • Everything after 1963 sucks.
  • How to not taking what you're doing to seriously.
  • Loving design and overturning every detail.
  • Doing everything yourself and keeping things weird.
  • Why you don't need anyone else's opinion about your art.
  • Staying inspired when you stay in the same spot.
  • Finding connections with similar creatives.
  • Trying to make our perfect work look handmade.
  • Skateboardings contribution to the design world over the last 30 years.
  • The benefits of making things with no one to answer to.
  • Showing your process and keeping art human
  • Avoiding fights while you're in line.
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Wondering if you should make time to see Solo this weekend? Enjoy the first 15 minutes where we review the spirit of the movie without giving up a single detail.

After you've seen Solo enjoy our discussion of not only the story and characters but the design and creative process of the newest Star Wars Stoy. Enjoy this special Memorial Day Weekend episode!

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Production Designer Anastasia Masaro joins us today to talk about her latest project Tully, in theaters everywhere today. Anastasia shares how her gut instincts and a lifelong love of Indiana Jones have guided her through a successful career where she's fortunate enough to say no more than yes.

Mark shares a quick story about the brutal nature of nature and how the art of storytelling can turn the villain into the hero and reviews Tully in theaters today. "***"

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Paul Anthony Troiano is an artist & entrepreneur who got his start in the music licensing business. Troiano founded Rumblefish, a music licensing company that became the largest licensor of independent music in the world. The company, under Troiano’s guidance as CEO, was the first to offer instant licenses for the use of songs on social video platforms and inked a ground-breaking deal with YouTube that resulted in their catalog of over 3 million copyrights racking up over half a million daily licenses and over 2 billion monthly views on YouTube. The business was acquired in 2014 by private equity firm Rizvi Traverse (Space X, Twitter, Facebook, Square, SESAC) and Paul was retained by Rizvi as it’s President and CEO, assisting with further M&A activities including the acquisition of the largest mechanical licensing company in the music industry, The Harry Fox Agency (HFA).
Troiano is an active member of the entrepreneurial community in the pacific northwest as an investor, board member and advisor and is the co-founder of a number of ventures including award-winning business accelerator Starve Ups, media and event-listing business Do503, limited edition guitar pedal manufacturer Spaceman, sustainable living skills video network Rustica, and the highly acclaimed annual TEDxPortland conference. Troiano is an executive mentor for Entrepreneurs Organization EO and, in 2014, established the RAINMaker Endowment Fund which provides annual grants for promising student entrepreneurs at the University of Oregon. Troiano is a proud citizen of Black Rock City is a member of the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference (TED) and an active member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).
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Jerrod Maruyama has become one of the Walt Disney Corporations favorite freelance artists. Hear how he keeps creating exciting work for the world's best entertainment brand.

Today In Part One With Jerrod Maruyama

  • Great things can come from horrible situations! In the post 911 downsizing economy, Jerrod lost a great job, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him. 
  • The evolution of style, just how long did it take for Jerrod to perfect the art of being cute.
  • Working within the magic of Disney and understanding where the fans' passion genuinely come from. 
  • The new definition of success, it's not all about money but more about career freedom.
  • Creating Hipster Mickey, the good and bad that comes with birthing a smash hit.
  • Coping with success, learning not to believe the hype and instead focusing on what's next.  
  • Disneyland versus Disneyworld two different beasts with a very different customer.
  • Embracing the Disney culture and being all in, working for the brand is no place to be cynical, you have to love the subject matter to do work that people will enjoy. 

In The Circle of Trust. Exclusive Paid Member Content. 

  • Jerrod's moral obligation on how to treat the Disney brand when he's not working for them directly. 
  • The art of going from flat illustrations to real-world toy development. 
  • Is Mid-Century-Modern the new Disneyland Resort style guide? 
  • Getting inside the magic and working with the brand. Jerrod and Mark bond over their favorite insider moments. 
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