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Episode 17 "Epic Never Happens" LIVE from Masthead Gallery in Philadelphia, PA

Episode No.17 finds our Hero, Mark, being held hostage in a warehouse located in Philadelphia, PA where a squeegee biker gang called The Awesome Dudes have taken him and local shop owner Shawn Hileman as their prisoners. Can Billy use the power of the internet to disarm the threat before it reaches EPIC levels? Along with the help of Kevin Mercer, Billy races against time to free Mark from the Awesome Dudes deadly grip and save the Masthead Gallery.

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Episode 16 "Live From West Virginia University" featuring the WVU printmaking department.

Episode 16 finds Mark & Billy live in the great state of West Virginia where they attempt to entertain the WVU printmaking department in Morgantown. AID flips the script on episode 16 by having Mark & Billy sit on the hot seat as they're interviewed by the printmaking students at WVU. 

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Episode 15 "Live From Chicago" featuring Jay Ryan, Shawn Smith and Little Friends of Printmaking

Mark and Billy triumphantly return live on stage from Schubas in Chicago. Joined by an all-star cast of Illustrator and poster design friends: Jay Ryan and Little Friends of Printmaking, as well as multimedia artist Shawn Smith of Shawnimals. As the guys navigate their way through their first live podcast you'll hear rousing tales of frustration and inspiration from the front lines of the design world, an audience participated Shop talk Q&A session, and the most unexpected few rounds of "The Newlywed Game" ever played. All this, and everything in between on this LIVE episode of Adventures in Design.  

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Episode 14 "The Hum of Hate" featuring Dan Ibarra of Aesthetic Apparatus

“The Hum of Hate”…If shitting out nuggets of wisdom we’re a paid gig, Mark and Billy would be living the good life out in Beverly Hills with Will Smith and the guy who played Balki Bartakamous on Perfect Strangers.  Welcome back faithful listeners to adventure no.14 a.k.a. The Hum of Hate…Truer words have never been spoken about design, and about life really. But like they do every episode, the guys set out to examine the details surrounding this sentiment. 


At the top of the show we are treated to some select stories about Billy’s rapidly approaching wedding (congrats Billy, by the way), and Mark goes off on a rant about his contempt for those who wish to reduce the mustache to a mere novelty. While most men with handlebar mustaches look like they should be engaged in almost constant conversation about kazoos, I must side with Mark on this one (Mark was in my wedding and one of three handlebar mustachioed men including myself). Next up is a rousing edition of “Mark fucks with Telemarketers” in where a very willing salesman seems way too aroused at the prospect of being drawn by an “artist” over the phone. On to my favorite part of the show Shop Talk, this is where bullshit artists like me get the real scoop on what’s goes on in the world of graphic design. Joining the guys this week is none other than the inimitable Dan Ibarra of Aesthetic Apparatus. Fresh off a new Typeface release and knee deep in the middle of creating a line of gift-able items called “Haute Crap”, Dan helps weigh in on a few key issues. The guys answer some listener questions about the economy of using a 3rd party printer from the standpoint of the struggling designer, and Dan makes some great points about the value of the passion that is required in order to have a successful business----that and making sure you don’t squander all your profits on cocaine. Things start to heat up when Billy reveals just how much he judges other poster artist’s ability…errrr…umm, inability to properly screen-print, causing what is sure to be an instant loss in newbie poster artist listenership. Bringing the topic back into the realm of Simplify vs. Detailed, the guys compare the work of two prominent poster artists, Jason Munn and Aaron Horkey. Through this debate, we are reminded of the benefits of both schools of design thought to the point where both artists’ work can be equally appreciated. Finally, the guys discuss the economy and the ethics of submitting your work to a Gallery show, is it worth your time and effort as an artist? Fuck if I know, I just write the copy. 


Don’t forget that the live show is September 26th, 2012. If you are in the Chicago area and can make it out, your participation would be much appreciated. Ticket sales and other info after the jump. Adios for now.


A few notes:


Mark does an amazing Native-American accent

New Zealand and Australia are the same place

Billy is only single for a few more weeks (pregnant strippers are his fav)

Dan is good at stroking……egos


Patrick M.

A.I.D. Reporter on the Beat  

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Episode 13 "Blow Sunshine Up Their Skirts" featuring Kevin Tong

Featuring famed poster designer & illustrator Kevin Tong. Mark & Billy try to get into Kevin's well protected ego to see if he thinks of himself as a success in the art scene. The boys pick their favorite ways to die, as well a shop talk that looks deeply into the fear of failure, projecting success but keeping it real at the same time and lastly a detailed suggestion of pricing out that next non prof gig that you get asked to do. All this and more awaits you on the this episode Adventures In Design.

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Mark & Billy reveal who their first sponsor is. The second installment  of guys only. The boys reminisce about the old days of professional wrestling, not being able to sing and being open minded on partying with people that are different than you.  No interview on this episode just a mega long Shop Talk, with the first ever sit in guest, the talented James Flames. This episode of Shop Talk covers design topics like carpal tunnel syndrome, "inspired by" art prints and art shows.

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Episode 11 "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" featuring Raymond E. Biesinger 

Episode 11 kicks off with the normal nonsense that has started to define the start of the show… The design podcast that takes at least 10-15 minutes before they actually even start talking about design. In the chitter chatter of non design related topics you'll hear about rescuing dogs and the first ever guy's only segment featuring "Uncle Brickey's Recipe For Perfect Summer Balls". This time around the Circle of Trust goes north of the border to Montreal, Quebec to interview Raymond Biesinger a international man of editorial illustration. Raymond, a regular listener of the show, fits in well as the third wheel and openly talks about how he got into making editorial illustration his main design discipline and at times being the in the sweet spot of turning down 2-3 jobs for every one job that he agrees to. Raymond also shines a little light on to getting clients to "Auction for your time" and about how important it is for him to make sure that his client projects provide enough finical security so that he can afford to get involved in his own passion projects that normally have little to no money attached to them. A great honest and modest interview that intelligently explains the difference between illustration and design careers, his love of history and 101 things you probably didn't know about Canada. During the world famous "shop talk" segment, the show covers the topics of how the creative process works for Mark & Billy individually, advice on when to price a project and how to react to unsettling feedback from your clients. Plus, where to sell your prints online, thoughts on the poster collector website Expresso Beans, advice on picking a good art festival, all of these topics and many more are waiting for you on this episode of Adventures In Design.

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Episode 10 "This Currency Doesn't Add Up"

A I D E-XTREME! The most E-XTREME Adventures In Design yet!!! Mark & Billy, as always, go over a wide range of non-design related topics, but somehow find themselves ranting and raging on how they may have picked the worst industry in the world to be a part of. The boys are joined in the studio by long time friend John Solimine from Spike Press. John is a Brooklyn-based designer who recently just finished his first iOS app titled Dragon Brush. The interview that follows is a very honest and realistic depiction of what it takes for illustrators to create long-term projects with little to no money attached, thus creating a true labor of love.

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Mark and Billy are back with their ninth episode and this time around they have Mitch Putnam & Rob Jones in the studio with them. Mitch Putnam run's the popular poster blog and Rob Jones is a Grammy winning, seasoned poster veteran who is probably most known for his ongoing working relationship with Jack White and all of Jack's musical projects. Mitch & Rob are also 2/3 of the poster powerhouse Mondo, the company that releases some of the finest posters in our art movement. Mondo acts as the middle man between big movie studios and amazing DIY illustrator /designers around the globe. With these four highway men in the studio together, the conversation covers the past, present, and future of poster making, as well as what goes into creating original artwork for various medias, like movies, bands, etc. Aside from this fascinating look into one of the biggest names in today's poster world, episode 9 as always, covers a wide range of design, business and personal topics that Mark and Billy have encountered since the last time they sat down to have this conversation with you.

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Episode 8 "One Frame At A Time"

Episode No.8 covers, as always, a wide spectrum of topics ranging from Billy's new-found love of public transit and Mark's new-found love of Southern California. The Adventures In Design boys discuss 5 brands that make magic, debate the differences between freelance & agency work, give advice on getting started at the local level in the gig poster world, the first ever on air art critique of poster designer Lance Lester and talk about making a contract out of your mistakes. All of this and more on Episode No.8 of Adventures In Design is waiting for you on your favorite podcasting device!

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Episode 7 "Want For More"

Mark & Billy are joined by illustrator James Flames, Allison Glancey and Craig Seder known as Strawberryluna and Mike King from Crash America. Portions were recorded during Flatstock at SXSW in Austin, Texas. This is a podcast about the people who have let good design and bad dreams destroy their lives. Enjoy!!! 

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Episode 6 "Mark and Billy's Infinite Playlist"

Designer Mark Brickey, member of Hero Design Studio, meets Delicious Design League's Billy Baumann when he asks him to be his podcast cohost for five minutes. Along the way they learn about Print Mafia, John Vogl of The Bungaloo, life, death and they even learn something about themselves. It's a cross country road trip they'll never forget! Filmed on location during SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, Texas.

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Episode 5 "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Poster"

Three best friends Mark, Billy and Dan Stiles hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a secondhand poster that fits each of their design styles perfectly.

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Episode 4 "Celebrate Your Obsessions"

Mark and Billy make a new friend Aaron Draplin and he teaches them the true meaning of snowboarding… antics ensue. 

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Episode 3 "I Fear No Monday"

Mark's feeling down about the lack of podcasting popularity, Billy tries to cheer him up by inviting Dan & Michael from Aesthetic Apparatus to join them on a skiing trip... antics ensue.

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Episode 2 "Sun Room"

Mark & Billy get invited into the Sonnenzimmer with their new friends Nick & Nadine... Somehow Billy gets locked out, antics ensue.

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"Pilot" Mark and Billy stumble upon the idea of making a podcast about design... only to find out that they're not very good at it.

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