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Inside Out released a small, four song EP called No Spiritual Surrender in March of 1990 that went on to quite possibly be the most popular release ever on Revelation Records. Despite disbanding one year after its release, their intense live performances and socially conscious lyrics left a lasting impact on the scene that still ripples outward today. This episode of Start Today opens with the in depth history surrounding Inside Out, the bands working alongside them, and how they came to leave such a lasting impression on the scene in such a short time. Burning Fight was the opening track off their monumental 7" where Zach wanted to remind us that the real struggle was to come down from the soap box and open our arms to anyone who would listen to the positive message we believe in. Mark Brickey and Biggie of Good Fight Entertainment go over each lyric of Burning Fight, share what it has come to mean to each of them, and how this poignant message continues to guide them to this day. Reach out your hand and get ready for the third installment of Start Today.

Talking Points

  • Youth Of Today calls it quits and hardcore begins to turn inward.
  • Familiar faces, new sounds, and the arrival of rivals.
  • Understanding 1990 from the 70’s.
  • Crafting a unique sound that took its time to explode.
  • Burning Fight becomes the slower paced anthem for the shape of hardcore to come.
  • What comes after Inside Out?
  • The revolution that came along with Rage Against The Machine.
  • Channeling your anger to take on the rest of the world. 
  • Coming back to the center where everything started.
  • Overcoming expectations to fulfill your dream.
  • Music as the background to a community, cutting through all the red tape, and understanding the "it" factor.
  • Comedown space, crowd control, and the ninety minutes bands fight for.
  • The changing of the guard in hardcore.
  • Expanding universes, shrinking circles, and finding your tribe.
  • Are you ready for the music that will change your life?

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Straight edge after thirty, violent misconceptions, and in-scene squabbles.
  • Not fitting in today, cutting the fat off the bone, and the engaging art of compromise.
  • Managing others expectations and managing your own.
  • The social structure in the scene changes as new discovery points open the doors to everyone.
  • Walking away when it’s time, the wormhole to heavy, and using the platform while you have it.
  • What is your burning fight now?
  • Spiritual surrender.


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On the first episode of Start Today co-hosts Mark Brickey and Biggie breakdown the 1989 Gorilla Biscuits track “Start Today” and go line by line trying to fully understand the songs greater meaning and influences that it had on their lives. However, before we get to breaking down the walls of this inspiration, first Mark provides a rich audio documentary explaining the influences, origin and history of the short lived New York Hard Core super group the Gorilla Biscuits.


Talking Points

- Controlling your temper, not blowing up like you used to and realizing work isn’t worth getting mad over.

- Understanding that you’re never too old to hangout and the importance of finding your tribe.

- Location, location, location, where you are plays a huge part in how you play.

- Staying one step ahead of your current career and always planning for the next big thing.

- Not just working hard, but working hard toward a focused life plan.

- Procrastinating solves nothing, only creates more work.

- There is no seniority in the arts, which leaves zero room for laziness.

- The importance of movement, keeping moving to keep surviving.

- Trusting your gut, you always know what’s right.

- Put in the hours, it will always show in the work.

- The importance of saying sorry face to face.

- Time is your enemy, friend and greatest love.

Circle of Trust

Mark talks about his lessons learned from both the song Start Today and the creating the first podcast episode. As well as plays audio that didn’t make the final public cut.

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