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We celebrate 1000 episodes of Adventures In Design by doing what has never attempted before interviewing the world's smallest dog.

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A look back on the last 1000 episodes of Adventures In Design as we look at the life and career of Disney Legend Rolland Crump and get a rare inside look at the creative mind of Walt Disney.

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How can too many streaming services and high cost of living possibly be a good thing? 

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It's the 800th episode of Adventures In Design and to celebrate we hit record on a conversation with Skinner, Alex Pardee, and Mark Brickey. The notes got thrown out, and the guys just sorted out how they arrived on this Monday and where they hope they're headed while sharing their experiences of being born in the 70s.

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We learn about how Tristan’s current style has evolved from many practices in his past and how we’re really looking at road map of where he’s been and where he’s going. Tristan shares his past and how he used to keep all of his talents restricted to different disciplines in the world of design. How taking it slow and not allowing himself to feel rushed allowed him to stay in a calm spot and focus on just making the best work possible. From clients to freestyling, we hear how Tristan creates his huge outdoor murals from execution to preplanning. Depth and meaning in his work, trying to give his emotion and tone but staying away from being literal or obvious. How Tristan always feels welcomed in a city where he has a mural.

In The Circle of Trust

Designing the Dunny, Munny and Kidrobot mascot… Starting a pop culture explosion and being rewarded by having work in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art. Next steps and maturing your career when you start to reach the top of your scene and taste success. Focusing on making the best work that he can and knowing that you never know what you can do until you push yourself. What you can learn from old folks and their unique moment in time and he plans on growing old taking a stab at animation.

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Adult Conversation About Social Media, Politics and Gun Violence. Please Do Not Listen If The Topics Are Not For You.
Creative Talk Will Resume Tomorrow.

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Not many have pushed the art of printmaking as far as Daniel Danger has and now he's trying to push the world of contemporary art shows to higher and more ambitious levels.

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Mark & Jerrod look at the sketches, the stories, the concepts and ideas that all got whittled down to the final wild and unpredictable style guide that crafted the Haunted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion building that sat empty for seven years and created the most significant challenge that Walt Disney Engineering ever faced. The first significant attraction built in the absence of Walt Disney. This is the story of how creativity is a wild beast that needs to be sculpted into a narrative and sometimes works best with compromise. Even if you have never ridden in a doom buggy, this episode speaks to the process of narrowing down your ambitious ideas to find the balance of what works.

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The long and winding road of Rory Kurtz's life has had a lot of stops along the way. Acting, photography, graphic design, and eventually finding his way to illustration and proving that all roads lead to where you're supposed to end up when your compass is a dream past the horizon.

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Character Actor, Voice Over Actor and YouTube Personality Maxwell Glick loves to share is positive take view on pop culture, food and his love for Disneyland. Listen to Max & Mark bond over the ups and downs of creating content for a living and always trying to find a story to tell their audiences.

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Losing his father, separating from his wife and leaving his job wasn't exactly what Bob Smith thought he'd be talking about one year later from his first interview where he launched Ore-Cal Sportswear. It's been a tough year, and Bob doesn't mind sharing the hard facts of the last 365 days that kicked the shit out of him with you.

  • Instead of burying his feelings in work, Bob Smith decided to lean into his pain and try to become a better person in the process. He shares his coping tools with us. 
  • Is it me or is it the logo? Bob Smith has worked for Nike, Pendleton and New Balance, and while there completed big projects. Bob now wonders can he make the same success of his work or has he been hiding in the safe space of famous brands. 
  • Some years are rougher than others, dealing with the stress of the down years and looking for signs sent from the universe that it's going to all workout. 
  • When your happy and everything is working, you don't look for signs or symbols of hope, but when life kicks the shit out of you, you're on a constant hunt for symbols and signs that you can make it and that it's all going to be alright. 
  • Learning, striving and wanting to become a better person than you were before the heartbreak.
  • How families learn to cope but not find true resolve. Nothing ever gets fixed. 
  • Never wanting to leave Disneyland or any place that makes you happy because the real world just isn't as good as fantasy. 


  • The difference in confidence and arrogance. 
  • Loving your job is a luck that can always offer you an escape from the pain of living. 
  • Women, dogs and other items of love that we displace our pain into. 
  • Moving on and moving up. Can Ore-Cal save Bob Smith?
  • The well-balanced design mind of Mark Parker and admiring folks that have balance creative and business life figured out. 
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Welcome to the wild world of west coast nostalgia master Bob Smith. Cutting his teeth at Nike for over a decade, Bob thrived with their boundless resources and struggled through being micro managed for optimal efficiency. His creativity is contagious throughout this interview covering everything from aiming high to the allure of 21 Jump Street to fighting through motivational anxiety. Nothing can stop this California Transplant from gnashing his teeth at the world and forging ahead with his latest endeavor, OreCal Sportswear. Bob has taken his decades of experience and honed in on his passion to create an immersive, high quality experience told through apparel and we get to hear about how he accomplished just that. He knows how to play and he knows exactly what he wants to say so be sure you listen to a master at his craft.

Talking Points

  • The difficult adjustment of Being dragged up to Oregon at ten years old. 
  • Growing through difficulty and Sagmeister's take on happiness. 
  • Los Angeles Nostalgia and all the special sorts of bat shit we hold onto. 
  • The west coast story behind OreCal. 
  • The insecurity of the creative mind coupled with the arrogance to know better. 
  • Motivational anxiety.
  • Unpacking definitions of the stressors that are holding you back. 
  • Building a Nike store inside Nike with a small budget and some blind faith. 
  • Regional ads, tapping into the zeitgeist, and losing the sexy core of the company. 
  • Ratcheting up your presentation each time you do it until the powers that be get the message. 
  • The problem solving part of design that isn't design at all and the crucial ability to execute. 
  • A decade of working in a formative environment that can show you what works. 
  • Making a souvenir of the story you're told and what makes you hold onto something. 
  • The importance of "Fuck You Money."
  • Blowing smoke yo everyone's ass to keep an entire corporation on the same page. 
  • Senior Troublemaker: Department of Office Confiscation. 
  • The energy to innovate versus the energy to operate. 
  • Feeling betrayed by Nike and bracing your ego for moving on. 
  • Mid life creative crisis that might be linked to drop offs in testosterone.
  • Templates and gray spaces in education and learning how to learn. 
  • The triple crown in Shoe City. 
  • Pouring your life's experience into OreCal and the fuel of curiosity. 
  • Aim high, be smart, and slowly working your way to the front of the plane. 
  • Where is the profitability?
  • Developing sustainability in your brand while you go global with a brand based off two American states. 
  • Growth arcs, spirit, and deliberately working the reoccurring patterns in your favor. 
  • You know how to play, but what do you want to say?
  • Taking The Grateful Dead approach to a brand. 
  • Telling your story and the importance of narratives. 
  • "Design is a good idea."
  • Environments that give off great energy, compartmentalization, and overall management capabilities. 
  • Is it better to not know who you're talking to?
  • The benefit of meeting your peers and leaving your creative bubble. 
  • Developing the intuition to know how many bells and whistles your product needs. 
  • The devil in the details and the social cues we make off appearance. 
  • Can't versus won't and observation versus judgement. 
  • Neglecting the imagery that feeds into the experience. 
  • Finding your identity on 21 Jump Street in a town without any punk rockers around. 
  • Protecting your bat shit and making connections. 
  • Microchoices that effect your entire life and waxing poetic on a spiderweb of choices. 
  • Getting aggressive and keeping your mind tuned up to the challenge ahead of you.
  • The Magic on the tape belongs to us.


*** brian Flynn episode / dr Kuhlken episode****

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Mark & Billy can't seem to agree on the fine print, can anyone actually earn a billion dollars? How do you feel about Crocks with attached fanny packs? Can design be so bad that it becomes good again? All of this, a couple of fights and some good laughs on Shop Talk.

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Biggie takes us all to the Grammys, and Hammer takes us to Salt & Straw. Gus breaks into Disney's California Adventure for Anaheim Ducks Day, and pop-culture painter Jason Edmiston brings chocolate from Canada.

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Pick your poison video, or audio versions are available of today's podcast recorded as a Live Stream on YouTube. Which meant a handful of listeners hung out and asked Brickey all kinds of questions for today's show. I think you'll be surprised at home much of a hangout conversation it turned out to be!

Do you enjoy this? Is this something you would like to hear/see more of? Would you be willing to call in and talk live? We're trying all kinds of things this year to keep evolving at entertaining you. The most important part of that though is knowing what entertains you! 

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What we've been watching on YouTube. How to find a channel that fits in your life? Identifying creators that you identify with. The ROI of content creation. What do creators owe their audience?

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Heather Grimaldi & Denise Voight are the founders of Super Spectrum Kids a daily multivitamin to help nourish children on the Autism spectrum. This project will not be an easy one to pull off with the government regulations and crowded market space. However, I think you'll find these ladies have the passion to pull it off.

A great episode for creative professionals to listen to while debating how would design/visually tell this company's story? For SSK to succeed, it's going to need amazing messaging to stay legal and standout. Flex your creative muscle and ponder what your solution would be?

Heather Grimaldi, MS, BCBA is the Founder of Proof Positive ABA Therapies, an organization of highly-trained and compassionate ABA specialists who provide treatment based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, the most widely researched and scientifically validated method known for treating Autism.

Denise Voight, MS is a Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine specializing in Nutritional Intervention for autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.


Instagram: @superspectrumkids

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A Weekly Look At Entertainment From The Creative Professional’s Perspective

Braid • The Grammy's • The Lego Movie • Lords of Chaos • One Day At A Time • PEN15 • ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke • Russian Doll • Tropical Cop Tales • The Unicorn • The Walking Dead • White Dragon • Velvet Buzzsaw • AND TONS & TONS OF INDUSTRY NEWS

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Anderson Bluu is back to share the goods news of his very own set of sneakers dropping for Foot Locker and Asics. The Sneakers will be available on Feb. 21st at Get all the details by going to or by following @Anderson_Bluu on Instagram.

Proud of You Bluu!

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The gang is all together and reviewing some of the worst ads ever to air on TV as sent in by Circle of Trust members. 

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It's time for Delicious Design League to get more proactive about finding new work, hear how they hope to pull it off! Can Billy help Mark figure out a career pickle that has haunted him for the last few years? Which application of design is Billy’s true love? And what’s cool these days? 5 people will listen and find out.

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A weekly look at new happenings on the horizon of TV, FILM and YouTube. This week: Jeff Bridges Appears as His ‘Big Lebowski', The Handmaid's Tale Adds Chris Meloni and Elizabeth Reaser, HOMECOMING without Julia Roberts, The First - The Terror and Suits all return but who cares? Mad Men alums return on Netflix with Spinning Out and Let It Snow. AJ and The Queen sounds like the most confusing gay cop show yet? Mrs. Fletcher continues are love for Kathryn Hahn. Does Saving Kenan mean SNL will finally be free of Kenan Thompson's same voice for nearly ever character. What in the hell is playing on AMC and FX right now? Speaking of Fosse/Verdon can't start soon enough. Unsolved Mysteries returns but this time to Netflix and we get excited for Velvet Buzzsaw.

In The Circle of Trust (Members Section) The future of TV, how Apple will make their mark and how has CBS seemed to get free TV so wrong but premium TV so right?

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It’s a new year and time for a new you the boys evaluate their personal health journeys who could do a little bit better who needs to get into the game and who’s beating who at the game at fitness. Brickey learns he has a new outlook on life and the audience hands out the Cheesecake Factory awards from last weeks competition. All of this and so much more fun is to be had in Hammer Time Episode 60.

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Was Evel Knievel really a bank robber? We know he was a legend and hero to many but was he also an idiot? Could it be possible that those we idolize are just as flawed as us? Listen and find out how Robert Craig Knievel Jr. inspired Mark Brickey to be just fearless and more than a little stupid.

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What does it mean to get as close as possible to the root source of your product? Find out how getting to step one of the coffee game in 2018 is going to make for a wild 2019 for the Thunder King gang! In the Circle of Trust hear a recorded business meeting between Brickey and the king.

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