Adventures In Design

Award-winning comic writer and illustrator Becky Cloonan shares why she took a break from comics to work on more traditional illustration gigs. And explains her move back home to comics and what she was at mentally while she took her break.

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Sonny Day shares how teaching others to create art has only recharged his batteries at We Buy Your Kids.

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It’s that time again back for episode 7 of Brand Practice where we explore the world of branding, illustration and graphic design
through the eyes, hands, and team known as
Lincoln Design co

On today’s episode, we look to explore the wild two-year ride of creating the official Nike football logo. And how the guys worked as a real design team to create this epic sports logo.

We also breakdown their Driven To Create campaign
for Creative Works, but even more important than the design the business side of branding a design conference and the opportunities that these types of projects create way bound money.

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Brock Otterbacher is the creative director for Mondo's toys & collectibles division. Today's episode shares insiders perspective in picking IPs, understanding production timelines, and reverse engineering your great idea into the proper price points. A conversation all about trying to master the crazy world of high-end collectible figures. And how Mondo has changed the world of tiki mugs.

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Special Mark & Connie Crossover Episode

On episode 6 of the "Is There Gay Stuff In It" podcast Connie had Mark be her co-host for an episode all about country music. The hillbilly duo reviews the new The Highwomen album, a newly formed supergroup of female country music stars. As always when these honky tonks get talking the conversation evolves into women in music, gay rights and a tour through country music.

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Fraser Davidson of Cub Studio talks about the recent advancements in animation and motion graphics. Fraser shares how working around the clock for himself was the tipping point of his studio exploding with new work. A known sports branding designer Davidson ranks for us some of the best and worst sports brands in the NFL which returns tonight!

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A conversation with actor Adam Goldberg about some of his favorite roles, personal projects and why he just hasn’t been able to find the project that fully satisfies him.

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Armed with an unwavering desire to create anything customized and a preserved sense of child like wonder, Paul Frank built a world filled with friends we have all come to know like Julius, Worry Bear, Bob the Brace Face Dog, Shaka Brah Yeti, and many more. These characters served as his catalyst to craft an entire world of tchotchkes that took hold of the hearts of millions worldwide who gravitated towards his personal touch on each product bearing his name. The gratitude expressed for all the opportunities that have come his way since his humble beginnings buying vinyl at a speedboat repair shop is palpable across this entire interview and really shows the genuine character that Paul Frank is. From wallets to a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, size and scale are no boundaries for Paul's endless imagination.  Mark opens with a monologue touching on the source of our motivations and treading the fine line between following your dreams and financing your life. It's time to meet your new best friend, Paul Frank.

Talking Points

  • A disconnect over the agony of defeat, a designer that truly cares, and creating a world of friends. 
  • Balancing what's real, what's really important, what fills you with pride. 
  • Becoming an emotional millionaire. 
  • Starting out at a speedboat repair shop and the art of discovery before a computer was in every home. 
  • Taking inspiration from Disney, Sanrio, and little tchotchkes from all over. 
  • Driven by shapes and details. 
  • Happiness in creation and working backward in the world of animation. 
  • The struggle in compromising your vision and the importance of an item. 
  • Character origins and collaborating with school kids.
  • Curiosity, the consumer, and the craft. 
  • The catalyst for customization.
  • Ten years of using everything but your name to further develop as an artist. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Bendy toys, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the joy of seeing your work in the wild.
  • Seeing the forest for the trees. 
  • The real profit for Paul Frank and keeping your fandom intact. 
  • Putting earnest energy out there with a few extra inspirational pieces to discover. 
  • What's next for Paul Frank now that he's back in the captain's chair?
  • Uncovering the trail to a happier life.
  • An honest look at a journey through Paul's head and the demand of the industry. 
  • The ingredients that resonate with audiences around the world. 
  • Treating the worst details with the most care and concern. 
  • Growing up a little out there in the woods. 
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Our resident Zen Master, Mike Giant, returns to the AID Airwaves with another dose of his hard won wisdom and self-taught skills during his visit to Pow Wow Long Beach. With his formidable stature and full sleeves, most people would deem it best to get out of his way but we know him as a grounded guru that speaks from a broad perspective about community and creativity. Art nights, bigger spaces, and spinning paper set the stage for a deeper glimpse into what immediately makes Mike a respected artist wherever he ends up. His decades of hard work put him exactly where he wants to be and his DIY mentality continually leads the way to each new project that sculpts his legacy. Armed with an endless supply of Sharpies, Mike's style has continued to evolve while pushing the boundaries between art, tattoo aesthetics, and the world as he sees it in black and white.

Talking Points

  • The importance behind a weekly art night that's always a random mix. 
  • You better start digging. 
  • A simple set of smooth marks and developing your drawings.
  • Working outside a particular paradigm as a part of the tattoo generation that had to say "yes."
  • I was born where I was born. 
  • Going from six inches as an urban athlete with one shoe to six feet in Boulder. 
  • Post career realizations about what's not worth giving a fuck about, the career building aspects of skateboarding, and leveling the market on a global level. 
  • Escapism outside of erroneous bullshit through present moment awareness. 
  • Mike's relationship with Buddhism and mindfulness. 
  • Man against the clock as a graffiti writer for Pow Wow and the high pressure of today's cans. 
  • Gun ownership, respect, and handling trouble when it comes for you. 
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Aaron Sechrist AKA OKpants is back and better than ever! Sharing how he has pivoted his career into partnerships instead of clients, murals over logos and pizza over everything else. The king is back!

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Jerrod & Mark review the top 10 Disney Parks Announcements from D23 2019. In the Circle of Trust they share the exciting Disney summers they have both had from backstage to the parking lot.

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Mitch Putnam of Mondo shares with us the current state of the collectable market from various perspectives, recaps SDCC & previews MondoCon 5

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Hammer went off to get engaged, but in his absence, it gave us the time to finally sit down and have a one on one interview with Gustavo Jaimes. TAVO share’s his path to finding artwork, punk rock, straight edge, tattooing, and how his Mexican-American parents struggled to understand their proud Orange County son.

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What we've been watching on YouTube. How to find a channel that fits in your life? Identifying creators that you identify with. The ROI of content creation. What do creators owe their audience?

To hear the full version of today's episode become a member of the Circle of Trust:


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Heather Grimaldi & Denise Voight are the founders of Super Spectrum Kids a daily multivitamin to help nourish children on the Autism spectrum. This project will not be an easy one to pull off with the government regulations and crowded market space. However, I think you'll find these ladies have the passion to pull it off.

A great episode for creative professionals to listen to while debating how would design/visually tell this company's story? For SSK to succeed, it's going to need amazing messaging to stay legal and standout. Flex your creative muscle and ponder what your solution would be?

Heather Grimaldi, MS, BCBA is the Founder of Proof Positive ABA Therapies, an organization of highly-trained and compassionate ABA specialists who provide treatment based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, the most widely researched and scientifically validated method known for treating Autism.

Denise Voight, MS is a Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine specializing in Nutritional Intervention for autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.


Instagram: @superspectrumkids

To hear the full version of today's episode become a member of the Circle of Trust:

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A Weekly Look At Entertainment From The Creative Professional’s Perspective

Braid • The Grammy's • The Lego Movie • Lords of Chaos • One Day At A Time • PEN15 • ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke • Russian Doll • Tropical Cop Tales • The Unicorn • The Walking Dead • White Dragon • Velvet Buzzsaw • AND TONS & TONS OF INDUSTRY NEWS

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Anderson Bluu is back to share the goods news of his very own set of sneakers dropping for Foot Locker and Asics. The Sneakers will be available on Feb. 21st at Get all the details by going to or by following @Anderson_Bluu on Instagram.

Proud of You Bluu!

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The gang is all together and reviewing some of the worst ads ever to air on TV as sent in by Circle of Trust members. 

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It's time for Delicious Design League to get more proactive about finding new work, hear how they hope to pull it off! Can Billy help Mark figure out a career pickle that has haunted him for the last few years? Which application of design is Billy’s true love? And what’s cool these days? 5 people will listen and find out.

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A weekly look at new happenings on the horizon of TV, FILM and YouTube. This week: Jeff Bridges Appears as His ‘Big Lebowski', The Handmaid's Tale Adds Chris Meloni and Elizabeth Reaser, HOMECOMING without Julia Roberts, The First - The Terror and Suits all return but who cares? Mad Men alums return on Netflix with Spinning Out and Let It Snow. AJ and The Queen sounds like the most confusing gay cop show yet? Mrs. Fletcher continues are love for Kathryn Hahn. Does Saving Kenan mean SNL will finally be free of Kenan Thompson's same voice for nearly ever character. What in the hell is playing on AMC and FX right now? Speaking of Fosse/Verdon can't start soon enough. Unsolved Mysteries returns but this time to Netflix and we get excited for Velvet Buzzsaw.

In The Circle of Trust (Members Section) The future of TV, how Apple will make their mark and how has CBS seemed to get free TV so wrong but premium TV so right?

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It’s a new year and time for a new you the boys evaluate their personal health journeys who could do a little bit better who needs to get into the game and who’s beating who at the game at fitness. Brickey learns he has a new outlook on life and the audience hands out the Cheesecake Factory awards from last weeks competition. All of this and so much more fun is to be had in Hammer Time Episode 60.

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Was Evel Knievel really a bank robber? We know he was a legend and hero to many but was he also an idiot? Could it be possible that those we idolize are just as flawed as us? Listen and find out how Robert Craig Knievel Jr. inspired Mark Brickey to be just fearless and more than a little stupid.

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What does it mean to get as close as possible to the root source of your product? Find out how getting to step one of the coffee game in 2018 is going to make for a wild 2019 for the Thunder King gang! In the Circle of Trust hear a recorded business meeting between Brickey and the king.

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