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The third annual 12 Tubes of Christmas launches with a new Snicket's Greetings holiday jumper by today's guest Sean Mort. Sean and Mark catch up on all things happening in their media worlds and debate out the future of the Star Wars franchise and Disney's plans for streaming.

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Ron English creates artwork that starts a conversation, and it's up to you the viewer just how that conversation ends. His artwork pushes you into a direction where you decide what the real message of advertising is and makes you internally debate just how you've been treated as a consumer of capitalism your entire life. Listen to Ron English explain how he sees art, advertising, and their unique relationship. Discover how his desire to tell the truth in marketing has gotten him fired and even arrested more than once.

Today in the opening of the show Mark describes the importance of having artwork that starts a conversation and why it's essential to have Net Neutrality to embrace the culture of communication. Please join today to help fight for an internet that is fair, equal and affordable for all citizens.

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In 1981 Frank Kozik single-handedly reinvented the lost art of the concert poster. In 1993 he started his own record label, Man’s Ruin Records, during this time he designed and released over 200 singles and full-length albums. In 2001, Kozik closed Man’s Ruin to devote himself full time to fine art, design and the newly emerging art toy movement. In 2014 he took over Kidrobot as the head creative director. Hear a one on one interview with an innovator of both the arts and business, that will not allow himself to be called an innovator.

In a continuation of yesterday’s show opening Mark Brickey digs deeper into a time when the record industry was smaller, and the major record labels had more control in being kingmakers. Mark showcases how the Frank Kozik business model allowed him and so many others to grab a small piece of the music industry as it was shattering. An excellent illustration of how Net Neutrality allows small business to flourish and how the creative community must not let the current political vote push us back into times like when the Big 4 ran music and culture. Listen to tomorrow's show opening for the conclusion of this three-part series on creative control versus corporate control of media.

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Frank Kozik sits down to give an interview and status update on behalf of Kidrobot where he resides as the primary creative director. Kozik is joined by fellow designers and Kidrobot collaborators JRYU, Jon-PaulKaiser and a surprise appearance and announcement from Doktor A (Whoops, Spoiler.) Recorded live at DCON 2017 and produced by Crewest.

Today in the episode opening Mark Brickey explains how The Big 4 of the record industry could have better embraced their future and fate instead of fighting against it. A look back and lesson on how none of us can stop the wheels technology that will spin with or without us, and if you don't get out of the way, how they will inevitably run you over.

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Sit around the dinner table, count your blessings and get ready for your best food buds to take you through the perfect Thanksgiving Day spread.

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In today's show opening Mark Brickey looks at the competitive world of video streaming and suggests that we all take note of the business tactics being executed both the good and the ugly and breaks down how this Hollywood explosion could be the best thing to happen in a long time for both fans and professional creatives.

What happens when you get a toy producer, distributor, artist, and store owner all together to talk about their industry of designer collectable toys? Well, you get more industry insight and business advice than you can shake a dunny at. Enjoy this great panel from DesignerCon 2017 led by Adventure In Designs Mark Brickey.

About Our Panel
Brian Flynn is the owner of Super 7 a toy company founded on the principle that no one made what they wanted. So they made it themselves.

Dov Kelemer is a co-founder of DKE Toys the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys, limited edition art objects, collectibles, and gifts in the world exclusively representing hundreds of artists, designers, and boutique manufacturers.

Joe Ledbetter is an American artist and art toy designer from Los Angeles. He is considered part of the Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow Art Movement and Art and Designer Toys movement.

Josh Kimber runs the Clutter empire which is the world's premier media source for Designer Toys news and the trusted thought-leader of this global subculture community.

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