Adventures In Design

Throw that steaming hot Unicorn Frappuccino right at your boss's head because it's time for Shop Talk with Mark Brickey and Billy Baumann. The boys take a very serious look at the state of the creative industry for independents and entrepreneurs to try and evaluate if it's even worth the attempt anymore. Between plunging price points, ceaselessly increasing competition, and no correlation to career growth what is left to find happiness in design? We also turn to a few reading from the Book Of Baumann for inspiration in these troubled times. Whether you want to consider it bullshit or bull ton, antics ensue and Adventures In Design is there to help you through it with some quality time with The Cobra and your old pal Mark Brickley.

Talking Points

  • One word clues for Mark to guess each subsequent Harry Potter film in order. 
  • New intro talk, Disneyland rumors, and some sad football news. 
  • Zuck snarfs, Snapchat ripoffs, and getting people excited about some not so radical changes. 
  • The tech bubble's first few warning signs.
  • Quality or quantity in the job market?
  • Taxi cabs should've learned a thing or two from the demise of Blockbuster Video. 
  • Readings from the Book Of Baumann on child rearing tactics. 
  • Handling the wildness of youth. 
  • Freaky Friday Soccer Dreams. 
  • Locked down and devalued communicative arts being held back by the gatekeepers that be. 
  • Creating a culture that expects are for free. 
  • Can a freelancer put out work at a reduced cost to land a big job down the road?
  • Finding the happiest people in design. 
  • Advice from bullshit to bull ton. 
  • Finding your voice, hero worship, and fizzling out. 
  • Quick, clean, and a hint of narrative. 
  • Starbucks stunt drinks and low cost investments in advertising that might bite back. 
  • Revisiting the donut debate. 
  • Ruminating on a comic book career that could never be for Billy Baumann.


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