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Summer brings us all together at beaches and barbeques across this melting pot of a great nation and there is no better way to give the season a proper send off than The Unity Episode with the cast of Hammer Time. Hang out with your best podcast friends Mike Hammer of Violent Gentlemen, Mark Brickey, and the guest of honor, Gustavo Jaimes, for a rollercoaster of ball busting so good that even you will be screaming "eagle." It's been a wild month and there are plenty of stories to share from being backstage with Rancid to winning The Shitley Cup to almost dying with a very sleepy One Star Jones Uber driver. You'll want to settle in and purchase some snacks from the dream vending machine these goons put together because this entire episode is going out to everyone in the spirit of unity. So if there really is a war going down between your brothers tonight then as one stand together because it's Gus's big day on Hammer Time.

Talking Points

  • Gus gets gifted a very patriotic safe word.
  • Work shopping the Dream Vending Machine. 
  • Vibe Teching for AID. 
  • Pacing out your Pop Tart,, and revealing the Donettes flavor that smells like sunscreen. 
  • Smoke breaks for straight edge kids. 
  • Kentucky based automobile engineering hacks, shaking your head out of the photo, and mob based government mandates. 
  • Row classification. 
  • Can you taste the rainbow?
  • Hostess Pies on the road to the Betes, fur on your fingers, and stiff arming Blizzards. 
  • Work only vending machine purchases. 
  • Letting in the Winn Dixie crowd. 
  • Striving for 600% more, reminders of your social status, and counting wrinkles on your Uber Driver's forehead. 
  • Three Rogue Territory blouses and lightly used luxury vehicle dilemmas. 
  • The Gently Used Shitley Cup. 
  • Watching Rancid with The Rats, starting with "are you," and the official cake of Hammer Time. 
  • Johnny Appleporn keeping the kids analog, a postcard from The Pickle, and a carefully crafted email to all the Eventbrite flakes. 
  • Frat Boy Humor gets old and isn't expected. 
  • Top summer time memories. 
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It's time for another drum banging, shop talking, Slack slandering with Mark, Billy, and OKpants on the mics making your life a little bit better one minute at a time. Summer is coming to a close but these bad boys have a few more good times planned out before it's all over. Was going to college a waste of money? How did Delicious make it through some recent tight financial times? What's up with the jerks at Guitar Center who always think they know better than you? Today's Shop Talk gets into all those answers and more as the boys swap stories around the hypothetical water cooler that is Adventures In Design. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • The disruption of the disco train and how trends have always affected the arts. 
  • Poster Children poems. 
  • Staying in college or joining the workforce and the prospects on either horizon. 
  • Are colleges a money pit?
  • Billy shares how DDL weathered the storm of tight financial times. 
  • Responding to the Circle Of Trust's responses, a potential Shop Talk band in the making, and another "must be nice" moment.
  • Don't let the unfollow button hit you on the way out. 
  • The Cocaine Guy at the Mayweather fight, the unsung heroes who shoot the peripheral, and losing a social media wager. 
  • The permanent ten percent set aside for offspring. 
  • Having the space to create and not controlling the outcome. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Talent, timelines, and getting to the top. 
  • Talking down to people who you think know less than you (we're looking at you Guitar Center employees). 
  • Slack Slander. 
  • Where are the hard workers that are the life blood of our nation?
  • Summer's best moments. 


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Your new hero is the man responsible for an entire world of heroes from OK KO! on Cartoon Network, Ian Jones-Quartey. Since his hand could hold a pencil and his head could form a question he has been learning, growing, and using all of that information to create anything and everything he could share with other people. His unquenchable desire to create has put him behind such projects as Adventure Time and Steven Universe with titles next to his name like writer, animator, storyboard artist, and voice actor. With an infectiously positive outlook and a boundless imagination, Ian now finds himself at the helm of OK KO! creating a safe escape for kids to find the hero within themselves and face the world confidently. It's time you do the same, so let go of all that baggage you've been lugging around and take a step back into the magic of your youth on today's Adventure In Design. Maybe you'll start to feel like everyday is your birthday too!

Talking Points

  • A self-initiated project that was a refinement of the work you've been putting in since your pre-tween days. 
  • Fascination, frequency, and follow through. 
  • Getting the permission to evolve in your craft. 
  • Animated shorts on your own time that are filled with the fun of creation and constant reinvention. 
  • OK KO is Ian ideas on overdrive on the fly. 
  • Pendleton Ward expands on what joke telling can be. 
  • Keeping creative success in your hands whether the limelight is on you or not. 
  • Awash in information pre and post internet. 
  • If there's a problem you can solve it. If there's something you don't know you can learn about it. 
  • Consistency over accuracy in storytelling and overcoming the naysayers. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • OK KO arrives on Cartoon Network and shows how everyone can be that hero without any cosmic intervention. 
  • Kid First goals and living your life in the margins. 
  • The concept of the sublime that draws your audience into a larger universe they invent in your head. 
  • Keeping cartoons safe.
  • Capturing the creative process and sharing it with people who can keep building off whatever you put out into the world. 
  • The unbridled love for making things with an open ended idea of being creative. 
  • Adults are (kind of) ruined people. Kids are still open to the fun of life. 
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Bang the drum but not too quickly because we have to send out a search party for a xylophone that Billy can't seem find. In the meantime let's talk some shop because we're all still above ground and we all have those odd days where nothing seems to work. Mark and Pants hold their own as two old dogs sniffing around new industries that have a lot to say on everything from bending the knee to streaming services to the Triple Evils. The real skill is how these two can connect the dots between where they want to go and the lessons they learn from other successful professionals.  It's time to start gleaming the cube from every side imaginable to get what you want out of life. Antics ensue. 

Talking Points

  • The Anti 45 cover, The Pants Effect, and advertising to very specific groups off of current audience metrics. 
  • Finding your pocket in the social media world. 
  • The Kaepernick Show, Seth DeValve, and protests in professional sports during our National Anthem. 
  • Football Fan Loosers. 
  • Cutting the cord, singular streaming services, and the future of the media you want. 
  • Where the streets have no name. 
  • Old dogs breaking into new industries.

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Applying your design skills to industries that don't seem to have any discernible way in. 
  • Motivation, direction, and differences in guest suggestions. 
  • Finding out what other people's needs are and having something to give. 
  • The Triple Evils, depression, and transcendence. 
  • Customer Service in the best art medium around. 
  • The COT writes in about plane seats, slowing down to find yourself, and fixing pixelated Anti 45's. 
  • War mongering, a hostile media, and the greatest heel to ever sit in The White House. 
  • An important closing note.


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Caffeine is a key component in the creative process and it's due time we meet our muses. Working with an organic cold brewed coffee recipe and a punk rock mentality, ThunderKing has steadily grown into a powerhouse backed by a product no one else comes close to. Mark sits down with Dean and Brian to hear about how Costa Mesa's Caffeine Royalty built their empire from a whole lot of elbow grease into a groundbreaking coffee bar and a sprawling network of stockists. From cash flow to human resources, these guys face all the hurdles any startup can encounter when turning their ideas into a reality. Hear their similar struggles and learn how to apply branding and business acumen to your own career as ThunderKing explores what it takes to make it in the new American Dream. But first, grab yourself a baby wolverine and feel that thunder course through your veins to make sure you don't miss a minute of today's episode.

Talking Points

  • The rise of coffee culture and the difference between iced coffee and cold brew. 
  • Leading a few horses to water and learning the ropes along the way. 
  • A drug dealer's sales techniques.
  • Punk as fuck artisan coffee made one at a time by a hairdresser and an intellectual property lawyer. 
  • Too many visions. Too little time.
  • Not enough information. Not enough quality. 
  • Showing up is just the start. 
  • What one man can do another man can do. 
  • Partners, new people, and figuring out the next steps. 
  • The ThunderKing Coffee Bar, walking away, and one star reviews on opening day. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Buying into someone else's dream and seeing potential for a living. 
  • Scouting ThunderKing, calculated risks, and the irreplaceable feeling of accomplishment. 
  • Business acumen on buying into a dream when you've hit a wall where you currently are. 
  • Problems that even money can't solve and making Pinocchio a real boy. 
  • Would ThunderKing sell to Big Beverage for some walk away money?
  • Every Dean needs a Brian. 
  • Branding ThunderKing outside of the Etsy Coffee World and the importance of being yourself in marketing and design. 
  • What is the next destination for the Costa Mesa Kings of Caffeine? 
  • It's a bit easier being green. 
  • Working with your revenue, building with what you have, and finding the numbers that make sense. 
  • The romance and the ritual of coffee. 


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On rare occasions in life we find ourselves sitting across from the kingmakers of the world who have the power to make dreams a reality. The type of people who have the means to connect some of the dots that you always thought would be impossible in a snap of their fingers. Robert Mills is a Senior Vice Presidents at ABC who is in charge of, among many other things, Disney’s special television events. He helps share Walt’s vision with people in the parks and across the globe who want to experience whatever magic they can from the comfort of their living rooms. Mark puts on his mouse ears and sits down with Robert to revel in the genius behind Disneyland, Fast Pass Strategies, and even throws out a pitch to take 1313 Disneyland Drive back onto tv screens everywhere. Today’s Adventure In Design will remind you to stay connected with whatever moves you and to always wear your heart on your sleeve because you just might be talking with someone who can do something about it.

Talking Points

  • The innocence of the animal kingdom and their loose grip on their mortality. 
  • Our lack of understanding, our fear of failure, and our checklists that can feel a bit overwhelming. 
  • Observation and intimidation. 
  • The quest for citizenship and Mark's best self. 
  • Continually upgraded rigs and professional reality show contestants. 
  • If you show up then you have to shut it down. 
  • Disneyland as a ghost town. 
  • Sharing the magic with the rest of the world and the sixtieth anniversary special. 
  • Inside Walt's apartment and his last gamble. 
  • Genius power and the what-could-have-beens. 
  • Does Disneyland shoot small?
  • The other side of Walt's coin. 
  • Seeing the park through the eyes of other people and keep g it special.
  • Mark's Peter Pan Strategy and other Fast Pass insider secrets. 
  • Making memories in the park that last forever... no matter where you are. 
  • Overcoming indoctrination, bringing back Walt's brand of entertainment, and the Love Actually pitch. 
  • Being a fan and respecting the legacy. 
  • Bob Iger, John Lasseter, and the visionaries that run a fine tooth comb through all things Disney. 


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