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Jeral Tidwell returns to the AID Airwaves on the cusp of becoming a father to share some much needed redneck wisdom that everyone needs to hear. If you've heard Mark and Jeral together before you know what you're in for, and if this is your first dose of advice from the taint of this great country then get ready for some harsh truths that will get your head on straight. From airbrushing anything at a mall kiosk to becoming a world renowned pinstriper to his current project of converting two abandoned commercial buildings into a dream home and workspace, Jeral's can do attitude and unfaltering determination has led him across the ever changing landscape of following your dreams. He's been chewed up and spit out by a world that doesn't care about his plans so many times that some may assume he's too stupid to know how hard life is, but we know it's an unbreakable determination to achieve happiness in any form he imagines it. Strap in for another inspirational joyride through the mind of Jeral Tidwell that will take you closer to being done, but never perfect.

Talking Points

  • The evolving plan to revitalize two abandoned commercial buildings in Kentucky. 
  • Zoning laws and never taking no for an answer. 
  • Playing hard enough to bleed, doubt, and being led by your obsessions. 
  • A fight to get back to zero so you can finally start and the guy who comes out of the clouds with thunderbolts when you're already down. 
  • Restarting your ship when it's dead in the water and the delicate momentum of a career. 
  • Will becoming a dad affect Jeral's next artistic adventure?
  • Waiting for a mini male Tidwell looming on the horizon. 
  • A simple survival tool for every step in the evolution of your career. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • The difference between done and perfect. 
  • Getting there is the biggest part of your personal and professional growth. 
  • Proving yourself... to yourself.
  • Raising a good human, being yourself, and hoping your kids dream up ways of killing you. 
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