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Our resident Zen Master, Mike Giant, returns to the AID Airwaves with another dose of his hard won wisdom and self-taught skills during his visit to Pow Wow Long Beach. With his formidable stature and full sleeves, most people would deem it best to get out of his way but we know him as a grounded guru that speaks from a broad perspective about community and creativity. Art nights, bigger spaces, and spinning paper set the stage for a deeper glimpse into what immediately makes Mike a respected artist wherever he ends up. His decades of hard work put him exactly where he wants to be and his DIY mentality continually leads the way to each new project that sculpts his legacy. Armed with an endless supply of Sharpies, Mike's style has continued to evolve while pushing the boundaries between art, tattoo aesthetics, and the world as he sees it in black and white.

Talking Points

  • The importance behind a weekly art night that's always a random mix. 
  • You better start digging. 
  • A simple set of smooth marks and developing your drawings.
  • Working outside a particular paradigm as a part of the tattoo generation that had to say "yes."
  • I was born where I was born. 
  • Going from six inches as an urban athlete with one shoe to six feet in Boulder. 
  • Post career realizations about what's not worth giving a fuck about, the career building aspects of skateboarding, and leveling the market on a global level. 
  • Escapism outside of erroneous bullshit through present moment awareness. 
  • Mike's relationship with Buddhism and mindfulness. 
  • Man against the clock as a graffiti writer for Pow Wow and the high pressure of today's cans. 
  • Gun ownership, respect, and handling trouble when it comes for you. 
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