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Episode 14 "The Hum of Hate" featuring Dan Ibarra of Aesthetic Apparatus

“The Hum of Hate”…If shitting out nuggets of wisdom we’re a paid gig, Mark and Billy would be living the good life out in Beverly Hills with Will Smith and the guy who played Balki Bartakamous on Perfect Strangers.  Welcome back faithful listeners to adventure no.14 a.k.a. The Hum of Hate…Truer words have never been spoken about design, and about life really. But like they do every episode, the guys set out to examine the details surrounding this sentiment. 


At the top of the show we are treated to some select stories about Billy’s rapidly approaching wedding (congrats Billy, by the way), and Mark goes off on a rant about his contempt for those who wish to reduce the mustache to a mere novelty. While most men with handlebar mustaches look like they should be engaged in almost constant conversation about kazoos, I must side with Mark on this one (Mark was in my wedding and one of three handlebar mustachioed men including myself). Next up is a rousing edition of “Mark fucks with Telemarketers” in where a very willing salesman seems way too aroused at the prospect of being drawn by an “artist” over the phone. On to my favorite part of the show Shop Talk, this is where bullshit artists like me get the real scoop on what’s goes on in the world of graphic design. Joining the guys this week is none other than the inimitable Dan Ibarra of Aesthetic Apparatus. Fresh off a new Typeface release and knee deep in the middle of creating a line of gift-able items called “Haute Crap”, Dan helps weigh in on a few key issues. The guys answer some listener questions about the economy of using a 3rd party printer from the standpoint of the struggling designer, and Dan makes some great points about the value of the passion that is required in order to have a successful business----that and making sure you don’t squander all your profits on cocaine. Things start to heat up when Billy reveals just how much he judges other poster artist’s ability…errrr…umm, inability to properly screen-print, causing what is sure to be an instant loss in newbie poster artist listenership. Bringing the topic back into the realm of Simplify vs. Detailed, the guys compare the work of two prominent poster artists, Jason Munn and Aaron Horkey. Through this debate, we are reminded of the benefits of both schools of design thought to the point where both artists’ work can be equally appreciated. Finally, the guys discuss the economy and the ethics of submitting your work to a Gallery show, is it worth your time and effort as an artist? Fuck if I know, I just write the copy. 


Don’t forget that the live show is September 26th, 2012. If you are in the Chicago area and can make it out, your participation would be much appreciated. Ticket sales and other info after the jump. Adios for now.


A few notes:


Mark does an amazing Native-American accent

New Zealand and Australia are the same place

Billy is only single for a few more weeks (pregnant strippers are his fav)

Dan is good at stroking……egos


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