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Today we look at the design and process of posters from Dave Matthews,The Decemberists & 311. We also explore the benefits of great product photography with the newest set of Green Wheel Playing Cards, the complicated art of infographics with Under Armour Summer Countdown Infographic, the fun had making the Almanac Alameda Mural and teaching Adobe 99U NYC Workshop Recap.

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When the right couples work together, they bring out the best in each other. That's precisely the story we have today as Krusty and Tallboy work together to turn Night Watch Studios into a fully realized brand showcasing Tallboy's illustrations and their fun sense of humor.

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We countdown the top 10 posters of July 2018 and talk about several design side stories. 

Join The Circle of Trust to follow along with every print we talk about today as well as to hear interviews with many of today's mentioned artists.

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Lincoln Design Co. share their recent work for WWE Superstars, Polaris and their newest logo for the AID Network.

Get the inside scoop on the branding minds at Lincoln Design Co. 

To See Today's Mentioned Artwork:

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It's the 800th episode of Adventures In Design and to celebrate we hit record on a conversation with Skinner, Alex Pardee, and Mark Brickey. The notes got thrown out, and the guys just sorted out how they arrived on this Monday and where they hope they're headed while sharing their experiences of being born in the 70s.

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Wondering if you should make time to see Solo this weekend? Enjoy the first 15 minutes where we review the spirit of the movie without giving up a single detail.

After you've seen Solo enjoy our discussion of not only the story and characters but the design and creative process of the newest Star Wars Stoy. Enjoy this special Memorial Day Weekend episode!

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Production Designer Anastasia Masaro joins us today to talk about her latest project Tully, in theaters everywhere today. Anastasia shares how her gut instincts and a lifelong love of Indiana Jones have guided her through a successful career where she's fortunate enough to say no more than yes.

Mark shares a quick story about the brutal nature of nature and how the art of storytelling can turn the villain into the hero and reviews Tully in theaters today. "***"

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Paul Anthony Troiano is an artist & entrepreneur who got his start in the music licensing business. Troiano founded Rumblefish, a music licensing company that became the largest licensor of independent music in the world. The company, under Troiano’s guidance as CEO, was the first to offer instant licenses for the use of songs on social video platforms and inked a ground-breaking deal with YouTube that resulted in their catalog of over 3 million copyrights racking up over half a million daily licenses and over 2 billion monthly views on YouTube. The business was acquired in 2014 by private equity firm Rizvi Traverse (Space X, Twitter, Facebook, Square, SESAC) and Paul was retained by Rizvi as it’s President and CEO, assisting with further M&A activities including the acquisition of the largest mechanical licensing company in the music industry, The Harry Fox Agency (HFA).
Troiano is an active member of the entrepreneurial community in the pacific northwest as an investor, board member and advisor and is the co-founder of a number of ventures including award-winning business accelerator Starve Ups, media and event-listing business Do503, limited edition guitar pedal manufacturer Spaceman, sustainable living skills video network Rustica, and the highly acclaimed annual TEDxPortland conference. Troiano is an executive mentor for Entrepreneurs Organization EO and, in 2014, established the RAINMaker Endowment Fund which provides annual grants for promising student entrepreneurs at the University of Oregon. Troiano is a proud citizen of Black Rock City is a member of the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference (TED) and an active member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).
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Jerrod Maruyama has become one of the Walt Disney Corporations favorite freelance artists. Hear how he keeps creating exciting work for the world's best entertainment brand.

Today In Part One With Jerrod Maruyama

  • Great things can come from horrible situations! In the post 911 downsizing economy, Jerrod lost a great job, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him. 
  • The evolution of style, just how long did it take for Jerrod to perfect the art of being cute.
  • Working within the magic of Disney and understanding where the fans' passion genuinely come from. 
  • The new definition of success, it's not all about money but more about career freedom.
  • Creating Hipster Mickey, the good and bad that comes with birthing a smash hit.
  • Coping with success, learning not to believe the hype and instead focusing on what's next.  
  • Disneyland versus Disneyworld two different beasts with a very different customer.
  • Embracing the Disney culture and being all in, working for the brand is no place to be cynical, you have to love the subject matter to do work that people will enjoy. 

In The Circle of Trust. Exclusive Paid Member Content. 

  • Jerrod's moral obligation on how to treat the Disney brand when he's not working for them directly. 
  • The art of going from flat illustrations to real-world toy development. 
  • Is Mid-Century-Modern the new Disneyland Resort style guide? 
  • Getting inside the magic and working with the brand. Jerrod and Mark bond over their favorite insider moments. 
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