Adventures In Design

Graphic Novel Illustrator Jen Bartel shares with us the details of a career that has been taking off the last couple years and how she's dealing with the overflow of client work and the emotional responsibility of having a huge passionate following.

In The Circle of Trust Mark & Jen discuss is it time for another head-clearing and reset to make sure she's putting all of her efforts into the projects she wants to do, not the ones Jen feels like she has to do.

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Illustrator Leslie Herman shares his experiences on finding his signature loose style, and navigating the client world to where your client work starts to adopt the same methods and style as your personal work.

Today in the Circle of Trust, Leslie explains how to put more narrative in your work. And Leslie and Mark bond over using the exact same system to change career paths and learning how to get clients to hire you for your style.

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Award-winning comic writer and illustrator Becky Cloonan shares why she took a break from comics to work on more traditional illustration gigs. And explains her move back home to comics and what she was at mentally while she took her break.

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Sonny Day shares how teaching others to create art has only recharged his batteries at We Buy Your Kids.

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