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It's time for Delicious Design League to get more proactive about finding new work, hear how they hope to pull it off! Can Billy help Mark figure out a career pickle that has haunted him for the last few years? Which application of design is Billy’s true love? And what’s cool these days? 5 people will listen and find out.

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Whatever you're doing today you probably hope that dream job will last forever. But sometimes people change and so do their dreams. Greg Kerr started Miles To Go back in 2007 and gave his brand his full heart and soul. However, at the end of 2018, Greg made the move that's sometimes hardest on the ego when he let his brand go to focus full time on his side, side hustle. The incredibly popular Pin Game Strong.

Pin Game Strong is a sponsor of Adventures In Design. Even though this episode is not directly an advertisement, please be aware that Mark Brickey and the AID Network works closely with today's guest on a regular basis

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A weekly look at new happenings on the horizon of TV, FILM and YouTube. This week: Jeff Bridges Appears as His ‘Big Lebowski', The Handmaid's Tale Adds Chris Meloni and Elizabeth Reaser, HOMECOMING without Julia Roberts, The First - The Terror and Suits all return but who cares? Mad Men alums return on Netflix with Spinning Out and Let It Snow. AJ and The Queen sounds like the most confusing gay cop show yet? Mrs. Fletcher continues are love for Kathryn Hahn. Does Saving Kenan mean SNL will finally be free of Kenan Thompson's same voice for nearly ever character. What in the hell is playing on AMC and FX right now? Speaking of Fosse/Verdon can't start soon enough. Unsolved Mysteries returns but this time to Netflix and we get excited for Velvet Buzzsaw.

In The Circle of Trust (Members Section) The future of TV, how Apple will make their mark and how has CBS seemed to get free TV so wrong but premium TV so right?

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It’s a new year and time for a new you the boys evaluate their personal health journeys who could do a little bit better who needs to get into the game and who’s beating who at the game at fitness. Brickey learns he has a new outlook on life and the audience hands out the Cheesecake Factory awards from last weeks competition. All of this and so much more fun is to be had in Hammer Time Episode 60.

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How hard is it to pull out a old project and touch it up for a new opportunity? What’s the tricky part about doing portraits for pins? And what’s the number one thing that young designers ask both DKNG and Brickey? Start listening and find out all of this and so much more as the DKNG Show gets wild while it turns 21 episodes old.

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We had our 3 experts pick 6 posters each from 2018 that they felt really stood out from a breakout year in printmaking. It’s the top 18 posters from 2018.

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Mark, Connie and Sean look ahead into the future of TV and film: Spider-Man: Far From Home | Teaser Trailer - "Fyre Fraud" on Hulu - Game of Thrones" Returns April 14 And What to Know About the Game of Thrones Prequel - The Sopranos’ Once Dominated Pop Culture Like No Single TV Show Can Now - AID889 Star Wars Theory Called Out - Netflix Original Comedy Series "Space Force" - And So Much More!

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Was Evel Knievel really a bank robber? We know he was a legend and hero to many but was he also an idiot? Could it be possible that those we idolize are just as flawed as us? Listen and find out how Robert Craig Knievel Jr. inspired Mark Brickey to be just fearless and more than a little stupid.

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What does it mean to get as close as possible to the root source of your product? Find out how getting to step one of the coffee game in 2018 is going to make for a wild 2019 for the Thunder King gang! In the Circle of Trust hear a recorded business meeting between Brickey and the king.

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