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Alex Pardee is back for his 4th appearance and this time he brought his buddy director and production designer Greg Aronowitz. The guys sit down to answer 13 questions about Halloween.

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Ghoulish Gary Pullin has pulled out his favorite 13 creepiest prints from 2018 and while doing so he found Jason Edmiston as well. Listen along as we study why these prints are successful as illustrations, graphic design pieces and items of creep!

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Our annual Halloween visitor drops by to share the details of a long and winding road known as a career in commercial illustration. Ghoulish Gary Pullin released a book showcasing the different stages of his work life, and we've dog-eared 13 moments to relive.

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Brian Allen designed the Philadelphia Flyers new mascot Gritty, who was criticized by local news, national news and every late night comedian. Today's episode looks at the ups and downs of going viral. 

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It's been a pleasure and an honor to spend the last 960 episodes with each of you. Enjoy the final episode. Good Bye & Good Design!

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Director of Photography in the new film Bikini Moon Joshua Z Weinstein sits down with Mark in Santa Monica to share how after years of taking any project that he could get his hands on led him to the moment where he hired himself to make his own film. You know the rest, show the world the person you want to be and become that person, it works again as Josh got hired to work with one of cinema heroes as the DP for Bikini Moon.

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Mark shares his plans for creating Wake Up Call Season 02 "The Hardcore Years." What's different, what's the same and why did he adjust the "Wake Up Call" game plan? Take a look back at the top 5 episodes from season one and hear Mark's response as listens to these episodes for the first time since he recorded them. Today's episode has over 30 minutes of new content along with some valuable material from the summer.

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