Adventures In Design

At the start of 2016, Tom Whalen joined us and recapped his career achievements of 2015 from creating posters for Guardians of The Galaxy, Pac-Man and Sponge Bob to doing his first ever full title cover for Marvel Comics. Surprisingly 2015 was Tom’s first year of full-time freelance, and we hear all about the migration away from the man’s paycheck.

From April 2016 Jason Munn has built a quiet style of observation and substitution in the spaces between the louder moments of our lives. The simplicity in his work speaks volumes about the confidence the ideas behind his design and the subtlety in the communication of it. Join AID as we sit down with Jason to hear about his career and his rise in the world of rock posters. 

Today hear Mark Brickey, and Mitch Putnam not only look back on the evolution of AID but how these two designers have made their work known around the world and become two of the most respected names in illustration, movie posters and printmaking.

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