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A Comment Below special two-part episode. Featuring in part one a SPOILER FREE review of Marvel Studio's Black Panther and in the second part a SPOILER HEAVY discussion to listen to after you have seen the movie and just want to talk about it with your best podcast friends Sean Mort & Mark Brickey on Comment Below "Your Weekly Guide To Entertainment."

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At the end of 2017 Adventures In Design host, Mark Brickey asked ten creative professionals to give their review of the first year of Donald J Trump as our forty-fifth president. Was his first year worse, better or precisely what you expected it would be?

Mark Brickey
Dave Kloc
Snake Oil Provisions
Gustavo Jaimes
Beth Manos Brickey
Jeral Tidwell
Dr. Debbie Kuhlken
Derrick Castle
Nathan Goldman
Dan Stiles
& You

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