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Mitch Putnam and Rob Jones join Mark for a very special Shop Talk laying out the nuts and bolts of putting together Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show. With a collection of work at this magnitude there is a lot of back and fourths between Disney, Mondo, and getting the pieces actually printed. Five years of DIY Gallery Experience and one other Disney Show under their belt from last year, Rob and Mitch break down every detail they can currently talk about. How do they select which artists will be in the show? Who gets what Disney property? What aspects of the films need to be overlooked in today's day in age? This Shop Talk is a fascinating look into pulling together a gallery show and the politics behind. The episode opens up with Mark explaining a bit about the future of the AID Network and unveils some of the strategy behind the decisions to syndicate, include, and spin-off.

Talking Points

  • The people who come and go in the podcast world and tearing down the boundary between the internet and AID. 
  • Getting Billy out of the way and rewarding the Circle Of Trust. 
  • Documented Dark Days. 
  • Remembering the realities behind pursuing your dream and motivational monologues. 
  • Success, personal achievements, and the pursuit of happiness. 
  • Apple R-ing your habits. 
  • Wednesday Syndication and the eventual birth of the AID Network. 
  • Drawing out emotions, defining yourself, and a few chuckles all while getting to know somebody. 
  • The lack of career content. 
  • Three new spinoffs Mark is working on. 
  • The second Disney show put on at Mondo's gallery that is a ton of work. 
  • Spilling just a few beans on Never Grow Up. 
  • What does Disney assume about an artist's work ethic?
  • Curating artist's and curating the titles that people truly love. 
  • Top Five lists and balancing what properties do well and which artist's fit it best. 
  • Overlap and strategically getting two different parts of the story instead of obvious cash grabs. 
  • Standardized canvas size strategies and getting people to hang up your work in their homes. 
  • Is it harder to nail a likeness or a cartoon character?
  • Make it more happy. Make it more culty. Can you just make your feedback make sense?
  • Five years of figuring it out. 
  • Edition-ing rules, who can event print for Never Grow Up, and the many layers of a multi billion dollar business. 
  • Bambi's Revisions. 
  • The keeper's of the gate, the current cultural climate, and the tricky business of selling to kids. 
  • Inside the darker aspects of a Disney film and the emotional manipulation within the plot. 
  • What sequels do Rob, Mark, and Mitch really want?
  • Pieces to look out for when Never Grow Up opens to the public. 
  • Planning for drop outs, getting approval, and how to stagger the printing for the final piece. 
  • Looking for a second time around. 
  • The Japanese Disney and properly honoring Frasier. 
  • Planning out The Death Of Rob Jones. 
  • A plastic turkey with a death wish, frisbee golfing head wounds, and discussing potential tombstone artwork.
  • If Charlie Brown had lived. 


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