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In today's show opening Mark Brickey looks at the competitive world of video streaming and suggests that we all take note of the business tactics being executed both the good and the ugly and breaks down how this Hollywood explosion could be the best thing to happen in a long time for both fans and professional creatives.

What happens when you get a toy producer, distributor, artist, and store owner all together to talk about their industry of designer collectable toys? Well, you get more industry insight and business advice than you can shake a dunny at. Enjoy this great panel from DesignerCon 2017 led by Adventure In Designs Mark Brickey.

About Our Panel
Brian Flynn is the owner of Super 7 a toy company founded on the principle that no one made what they wanted. So they made it themselves.

Dov Kelemer is a co-founder of DKE Toys the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys, limited edition art objects, collectibles, and gifts in the world exclusively representing hundreds of artists, designers, and boutique manufacturers.

Joe Ledbetter is an American artist and art toy designer from Los Angeles. He is considered part of the Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow Art Movement and Art and Designer Toys movement.

Josh Kimber runs the Clutter empire which is the world's premier media source for Designer Toys news and the trusted thought-leader of this global subculture community.

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Episode Talking Points & Topics:

Mark opens the show with a look at 1,628 lies in 298 days and an exploration of the power of suggestion and how you can use your willpower to succeed or to create personal sabotage.

Alex Pardee explains not only finding his path to entrepreneurship but eventually finding his voice as a creative after failing at early attempts at being a comic illustrator. Hear how Alex managed to get out of his comfort zone of being an illustration loner and not only finding a way to get out of his shell but finding a way to learn how to love meeting people that supported his art. When Alex was hired by Zack Snyder to help create the look of the major motion picture Sucker Punch, a project out of his comfort zone of self-initiated work, discover how it forced him to learn how to work quickly on unfamiliar subject matters.

Circle Of Trust Paid Bonus Content Talking Points & Topics:

Alex explains his unique self-taught method of illustration, spoiler alert; it's probably the exact opposite way that you imagine. We also learn how a life of self-doubt is behind Alex and how he's determined to permit himself to be successful at chasing down his own projects. He's finally genuinely working for himself, Alex Pardee.

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Everyone on today's panel, recorded live at Designer Con 2017, started just like you with an idea in a sketchbook. Hear how each of the fearless creators were able to go beyond their day jobs and tackle the world of directing, streetwear, retail, and industrial design. Johnny Cupcakes, Skinner, and J*RYU are all far from being done making their mark in their respective creative fields, and Never Made's Francisco Reyes JR of Never Made is just getting started at crushing his. Hear each of them explain how they got started and at what moment they each realized what the real objective of being creatively satisfied truly is.

Today is also the Circle of Trust's 3rd year anniversary, November 14th, 2014 Mark Brickey flipped the switch and took the biggest gamble of his career. Hear a heartfelt thank you to each of you for helping allow the show to grow and hear why 590 episodes later we are all hearing today's meaningful conversation with our crazy talented panel of guests.

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Dan Khulken and Nathan Goldman from DKNG share their studio's experiences from performing at Adobe Max, selling at Pin Pal Palooza, and share a preview of their upcoming Black Friday Sale as well as some great Black Friday tips based on their past sales.

Circle of Trust listeners get a sneak peek of sketches for future licensed work. This month's process porn illustrates how DKNG learned how to tackle portraits and character design from an Adobe Illustrator, not a fan of drawing people perspective.

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Hammer Time Fridays kick off with the gang all back together to help Brickey find the perfect menu item at Jack In The Box, which he has sworn off after throwing a cheeseburger out the window on the 405. Hear the gang sample many treats from the Jack In The Box menu and listen carefully to see if Gus has the courage to call out someone who bullies him nightly.

Make sure to signup and join the Circle of Trust at to hear more 45 minutes more of Hammer Time today and unlock the full versions of the previous 13 episodes as well as the exclusive members-only Halloween episode.

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Joe Ledbetter explains to Adventures In Design how he got on the path of working full time creating prints, paintings and toys all under his very distinct illustration style. Check out all of Joe's new work this weekend at Designer Con in Pasadena, California where he will be exhibiting at booth 934 and appearing on the Consumer/Collector food chain panel with Mark Brickey.

Episode Talking Points & Topics:
- Why some people just can't seem to wrap their minds around the concept of designer toys.
- Hear the road that Joe Ledbetter took to turn his unique art style into his full-time job.
- Defining the Joe Ledbetter signature style of bold colors, swishing highlights, and perfect sweeping line art to trap it all.
- Mark proposes to Joe to be apart of his DCON plans.
- Art as toys, Joe's new piece for Ikea 2018 versus licensed cartoon TV characters, each has a place in the scene but does one damage the perception and value of the other.
- Joe gives tips on how creates one of the best-designed booths for Designer Con.
- An explained breakdown of the business model of blind-box toys.

Circle Of Trust Paid Bonus Content Talking Points & Topics:
- The difficulty of making painting as profitable as prints.
- How black or black and white colorways add so much magic to your sculpts and toys.
- How the Stormtrooper helmet may be one of the best-designed movie props of all time.
- Pitching your ideas to Hollywood and how it's not as glamorous as it may sound.
- How writers in Hollywood are reverse engineering the magic of graphic novels.

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KANO comes by the Adventures In Design studio to give us all an update since his first appearance back in July 2016 on episode 426. Massive murals, new character designs, a new daytime gig at Cartoon Network and creating the branding for DCON 2017 (find him at booth 618) has had KANO hitting the streets and working hard, but not so hard that he doesn't get time for what matters the most, his family.

Talking Points
- Since the last time we spoke with KANO his mural career has taken off, he lets in on the joy of creating a four-story piece back home in NYC.
- The importance of checking in with the family and making sure your work doesn't take you too far away from what matters the most.
- KANO knows the perfect balancing act of repurposing pop-culture and intellectual properties because after all, his day job is working with many of these characters.
- "Everyone gets the art they deserve." How coworker Bill Dunn is a creative Yoda Jedi Master and how this advice might help you make peace with annoying people in your industry.
- Creating the signature look in KANO's work is more than just character design, using scanned textures, and reoccurring background themes helps pull all of his work together regardless of the time between the pieces.

Circle of Trust Bonus Content
- Working in animation does KANO want to create his own show?
- Enjoying the three-month stretches of working out of his studio doing personal work but knowing that he shouldn't turn away longterm studio animation gigs when they land in his lap.
- Working on DCON exclusive toy drop of Colin Kaepernick and what the movement means to KANO.
- After creating his signature character design and working on countless big studio animation projects, KANO gives you advice on the core values of excellent character design.

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In volume IV of Start Today, we look at the hardcore history and influence of the Misfits from 1977-83. Where did their sound come from, what bands inspired them and how did their look, theme, and music evolve to make them one of the biggest icons in punk. We also take a unique look at 1976-77 and how that year birthed four significant debut records from bands that would birth the influence not only for the Misfits but many groups to come from all sub-genres of punk music. In part two of Start Today Mark Brickey and Biggie explore the business model of the Misfits and ask is the time right for another theatrical punk band to form, to break through all the noise of 2017.

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Ben Scrivens, president and founder of Fright Rags has created a vast collection of pop-culture inspired items for people just like himself, fans of all things horror! A one-time graphic designer that found his favorite work was the work that he did for himself while tackling the subject matter that means the most to him. Ben shares with Adventures In Design the pitfalls, hard work and happy moments that he experiences daily with running his lifestyle brand and navigating his way through the licensing, product production and consumer goods industries.

- Taking feedback and direction from your followers but keeping your voice and your company's narrative just as loud in your head.
- The year 2003 feels like a different lifetime ago.
- Being inspired by the three magic words "do something cool."
- The stress of losing your success is worst than the stress that you had building your success.
- Loving your career so much, that you don't even realize how hard you're working for it.
- Every industry is smaller than think, burn bridges, and you'll learn very quickly just how little your industry is.
- The pitfalls and rules of official licensing.
- Working your way through the connections needed to be successful in the licensing industry.
- Are today's horror films built for quick profitability and not to have a long-lasting presence in pop-culture.
- Fright Rags threshold on what's too scary, gorry, or sexy for their successful product line.

Part 02 - The Circle of Trust Bonus Content
- Black Friday strategies what tells a good story that will make shopping fun for your audience and what sale helps your business.
- How Fright Rags has been able to come up with a perfect solution for their company's Instagram needs and how they have been able to get hundreds of comments on nearly every post.
- The mindset of fandom, are we now programmed to consume more than to create.
- Envious of people that have the proper time needed for full fan commitment.
- With media consumption and production at an all-time high, Mark and Ben bond over a time when you're TV went to bed at 1:30 AM.
- How the Chinese New Year effects US manufacturing.
- Fright Rags using outside vendors to produce their products and how Ben tries to guess production times and quantities needed.
- JON WON the master mask maker.
- The happiness that comes with getting to make an item that you loved more than anything as a kid and a pure fan.
- Dream licensing properties.
- Being bound by the rules of official licensing while the bootleggers have a field day with no rules or strings attached.
- Does Ben have any plans for Fright Rags getting into producing entertainment content?
- Mark pitches a stupid T-shirt idea that you'll want Fright Rags to produce.

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