Adventures In Design

World's Greatest Poster Artists Volume 1
Episode 2 Methane Studios & Rich Kelly

The World's Greatest Poster Artists celebrates a collection of interviews conducted on AID showcasing some of the most talented artists in the poster design community.

Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee of Methane Studios stop by for an inspiring interview and fun shop talk back in September 2015. This episode would be the 45th and final original episode format of Adventures In Design. For two guys that are known to be the funniest guys in the design world, we get them to get deep before they give us some of the best punchlines in the industry.

Illustrator Rich Kelly joins us for a conversation about his illustration styles and how they could fill up Mark’s dream gallery. We talk about the many looks of The Rich Kelly and how they each naturally evolved. We debate editorial work versus gig posters and talk about the benefits of making yourself a fish out of water by placing yourself in a different career scene. 

Today hear Mark Brickey, and Mitch Putnam not only look back on the evolution of AID but how these two designers have made their work known around the world and become two of the most respected names in illustration, movie posters and printmaking.

To hear these complete interviews along with eight others visit to purchase the 16 hours 10 episode collection or to become a member of the Circle of Trust where you can get full access to these ten episodes and over 700 others.

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