Adventures In Design

Bang the drum but not too quickly because we have to send out a search party for a xylophone that Billy can't seem find. In the meantime let's talk some shop because we're all still above ground and we all have those odd days where nothing seems to work. Mark and Pants hold their own as two old dogs sniffing around new industries that have a lot to say on everything from bending the knee to streaming services to the Triple Evils. The real skill is how these two can connect the dots between where they want to go and the lessons they learn from other successful professionals.  It's time to start gleaming the cube from every side imaginable to get what you want out of life. Antics ensue. 

Talking Points

  • The Anti 45 cover, The Pants Effect, and advertising to very specific groups off of current audience metrics. 
  • Finding your pocket in the social media world. 
  • The Kaepernick Show, Seth DeValve, and protests in professional sports during our National Anthem. 
  • Football Fan Loosers. 
  • Cutting the cord, singular streaming services, and the future of the media you want. 
  • Where the streets have no name. 
  • Old dogs breaking into new industries.

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Applying your design skills to industries that don't seem to have any discernible way in. 
  • Motivation, direction, and differences in guest suggestions. 
  • Finding out what other people's needs are and having something to give. 
  • The Triple Evils, depression, and transcendence. 
  • Customer Service in the best art medium around. 
  • The COT writes in about plane seats, slowing down to find yourself, and fixing pixelated Anti 45's. 
  • War mongering, a hostile media, and the greatest heel to ever sit in The White House. 
  • An important closing note.


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