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Shop Talk is here so go get your drum and start banging because it's another classic episode with Mark and Billy. This week The Godfather of AID and your favorite podcaster pivot back and forth between the creative struggle and the mental struggle just waiting outside your doors. When you're cranking away at your desk you're bombarded with questions about the direction of your career, the direction of your latest piece, and the how that all relates to the direction of your bank account. Once you swivel out of your chair and join the rest of the world there is an entirely new set of questions to wrestle with regarding other people's dilemmas that will one day be knocking at your own door. Take a moment to collect yourself and make some sense of it all as Adventures In Design is here to help you make sense of at least a few of these troubling issues that are keeping you up at night. Antics sort of ensue.

Talking Points

  • A good man with a bad deed. 
  • Making room at Delicious with a sale and a scoop on the rebrand on Secret Panel. 
  • Perceptions of a leader and in house branding for professional sports have a conference. 
  • A fresh page out of the Book Of Baumann on looks and interiors. 
  • Connecting the dots on Trump's safe target and how it relates to other injustices that may or may not affect you yet. 
  • Distractions from the real issues and the nonstop marketing machine you're a part of. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Help yourself by helping others. 
  • What's in your head versus what's on the page and the ecosystem of the business world. 
  • How far away are you from losing it all?
  • Support systems and savings. 
  • Learning compassion for your fellow man. 
  • Passing the real ninja test. 
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