Adventures In Design

Bang the jar and book your ticket to the Philippines as Mark and Billy open up what Design PIckle is all about. Whether you feel threatened by their low monthly retainer or laugh at their low quality of work, it's worth examining the business model behind the latest attack on design at large. From their up front infrastructure to their stock photography testimonials, understanding how Design Pickle works is a tool for you to determine the value behind what you do as a creative professional. Later on, Billy lets us in on what it's like to work for Phish and Mark takes us over to Kloc's Corner where the boys answer some questions by uprooting some of the whys behind their answers. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Alex Jones in Bon Iver, the AID Slack Channel, and a Pro Trump run in at D23. 
  • Explaining the business model of Design Pickle. 
  • Russ Perry and quality control on marketing. 
  • The infrastructure that gives Design Pickle a leg up over other designers. 
  • Email, Jars, and pickling it. 
  • Who is Design Pickle's target market and the problem this poses for Freelancers?
  • Gambling with retainers. 
  • Separating yourself from the herd and carefully chosen verbiage. 
  • Mark uncovers fake client testimonials by recognizing stock photos of "April."
  • Leading by example and letting go of clients who won't get who you are. 
  • Morality and outsourcing to the Pickle with ten of your friends. 
  • The difference between Russ and Us. 
  • Finding the proper course of action. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Posters based on geographic locations, lions that are too rasta-esque, and drippy owl caves on foreign planets. 
  • Supporting drug culture through song structure. 
  • Pushing your work to the next level and a cost analysis on choosing your battles. 
  • Starting with why. 
  • Family responsibilities, selfishness, and trying to have it all. 
  • Partnerships, percentages, and progress. 
  • Combining your talents and your beliefs. 
  • The left eats itself. 
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