Adventures In Design

Talking Points on Today’s Episode.
- David from Minnesota is facing a career crossroad and calls for advice.
- Andy from Bluu Dreams had successful holiday popup shop and thinks he wants to go into full time retail.
- Chris from Half Hazard Press is looking how navigate through the peaks and valleys of a quickly rising design career.
- Keep On Keeping On. Th guys talk about staying the course and don’t panic when things slow down.
- Jeremy from the Northwest Chicago Suburbs want’s to chase down two dreams at once.
- Relocating to dream cities, it’s harder than you think or just as hard as you think it is, either way you look at it, it’s hard to do.
- West Park Creative requests the toughest of love on narrowing up his niche product line.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
- Billy brings up the topic of critique, when, where, how and wanted or wanted. We review getting solicited and unsolicited advice from every angle.
- Mark talks about comics and his love for illustrator Greg Capullo.
- Has time made you toughen up to criticism.
- The gang debates the cape, could you wear it without ridicule?
- James Flames starts his pin game.
- Billy tells David Bowie bootleggers to fuck off.

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Episode 328 - Chris Parks Volume: III Mind Control

Chris Parks Volume: III Mind Control explores Chris’s appetite for discovery. This is a man that tries to control his dreams, use psychedelics to discover uncharted parts of his mind and constantly embraces the mother of reinvention when it comes to his creative process. From Saturn’s rings to controlling your dreams Chis is willing to take us on a guided tour of his personal body and mind journeys. We learn his creative process rituals and if the USA really made it to the moon. Sit back tune in and tune out for a different kind of Adventure In Design. Are you experienced? 

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Episode 327 “The Collection with Huck Gee Volume II: Dov Kelemer of DKE”

The Collection Volume II: Dov Kelemer of DKE
Chances are any vinyl toy or art toy designer you can name at one point in time Dov Kelemer and his distribution company DKE probably moved their units. We get to sit down with a guy that probably knows as much as you could know about wholesale and retail aspect of art toys. Hear his story in going from Star Wars liquidation guy to being one of the best friends a artist could ever have.

Dov Kelemer of DKE Interview
Do shares with us how he got into the game and when he knew it was time to walk away. He explains how he helped designers keep their egos in check, so that they could go on to cash some checks. The truth about how wholesale really works and just how much you need to sale at narrow margins to keep the lights on. Dov has two decades of wholesale experience and has sold millions of dollars of product. Dov shares with us all the hard math behind the industry.

Shop Talk with Mark Brickey, Huck Gee and Dov Kelemer of DKE (Paid Content)
• Huck and Dov theorize the future of the collectable market.
• Dov shares his advice on how to get into the world of selling your own produced toys.
• The future of collectable wholesale and retail.
• Funko Pop’s place in the designer market.
• How to get your product into stores and how to pick the right stores.
• Everyone is doing what their doing right now because they have to, whats best for you may not be best for others.
• How to find your market of customers.
• The Frank Kozik publishing business model.
• The good and bad side of consignment deals.
• Explaining the breakdown of fees and services when working with a reputable wholesale disturber.

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Episode 326 - The DKNG Show Part 1

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 1 - The Work

We review EVERYTHING that DKNG sent a invoice out the door for in the month of December 2015 and January 2016. We learn how they landed the job, the balance of responsibilities, client involvement and even the budget size on every project. Circle of Trust members log in to see all of the work mentioned and never before seen working files and sketches. This is the complete look at their output for the past two months.

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 2 - Retelling The Holidays

DKNG give us a report on their holiday events, holiday sale strategies and inventory purchases. We discuss where the profit comes out of the retail cycle and learn about managing a product line.

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 3 - Back To The Future

Back in December DKNG made goals for their new year of business strategies. We revisit their goals and examine what happened and what didn’t thus far, how can DKNG get back on to the path that they want to be on?

The DKNG Show Part 1 - ACT 4 - Predicting The Future

Mark Brickey pushes each of the guys to make a goal for the second episode of The DKNG Show and has each of them write down a number predicting their 2016 sales figures for SXSW. Tune in Tuesday, April 5th to hear the results and to learn what else the boys have crank out in the next 64 days.

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Episode 325 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

Episode 325 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

Home Alone. Sean’s first month of full-time freelance has wrapped up and we get to hear all about his new schedule and struggles with first time homeownership. Sean also shows off his first big project release of 2016, you can head over to to see what he was able to pull off in month one that will earn him passive income for months to come.

The State of The Podcast. Mark Brickey kicks off another monthly segment where the first Monday of each month he’ll give you a report on how the podcast as a business is growing, plus share his business and emotional goals for AID. Plus give insight into the programming and future plans of the podcast.

In The Circle of Trust

Mark and Sean read a pretty heartbreaking listener letter about the truth in saying NO. Sean gives Mark advice on making sure he keeps designing and the guys review the list of new and returning TV shows for the winter TV premieres. It feels like Two for Tuesday on this double Monday episode!

Remember Circle of Trust subscribers get into the conversation by commenting on the episodes in The Circle of Trust. The conversation keeps going as many of you offer amazing insight into topics brought up on each episode. If you’re not reading or commenting you’re missing the full experience.

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Episode 324 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

It’s Friday and the whole gang is back together again and food poison free. Join the guys for a rare mostly design themed Shop Talk where they take your calls, read your letters and take a design ethics question from Billy “The Cobra” Baumann. 

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Episode 323 - Rich Kelly “The Tall Guys Are Winning”

Talking Points on Episode 323
- Adam Driver’s face.
- Tall Guys Versus Smashed Heads. Last we met Mark broke down Rich’s illustration style into groups. It seems the Tall Guys are winning over the clients but the Smashed Heads are winning over his Instagram.
- The Fear of Apple N. Creating new projects and the fear of coming up with new ideas.
- Exercise Your Brain. Finding clever ways to day dream and working on your creative mind skills.
- Always A Baby. How the world and your awareness keeps growing much like a baby’s world keeps slowly evolving.
- Attack Position. Rich Kelly made a Star Wars poster in 2010 that received a lot of criticism. We revisit that feedback to see how has grown from that experience.

In The Circle of Trust
- Pulling Back. Has Rich Kelly gone soft on the crazy exaggerated style that he’s known for or is this first steps of a new style evolving.
- Eye–Hand Coordination. Rich Upgraded his setup to a tablet styled monitor where he now can illustrate directly to screen, we talk about what get’s lost when using that illustration pad versus the monitor.
- A Painter In Disguise. Rich creates really loose illustrations on Instagram that look like paintings, is he secretly a painter in illustrators clothing.
- What Really Is A Warm Up Sketch?
- Time Management. Time is more important than money, Rich and Mark talk about saving time… or at leas trying to.
- Managing Your Clients. How a contract can keep clients on a short leash and put you in control of your schedule.
- Wet Hot American Summer. We love it!

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Episode 322 - Tough Love with Mark Brickey and Friends

Part 01: Ryan Besch from

Ryan Besch is a very talented illustrator designer who once worked alongside Mark Brickey at Hero Design Studio. Ryan took a break from full-time design to focus on the birth of his second and third kids. He’s now out from under the full-time parenting role and ready to get back into the design community. He’s got a tremendous amount of talent and keeps busy with client work but suffers from one major character flaw… SELF DOUBT. Ryan is stuck in his head overthinking, over analyzing all of his next career moves to the point where sometimes he can’t seem to set himself free to make a decision.

Part 02: Allan Lorde of

Allan finds himself working a day job that doesn’t challenge him or leave him creatively satisfied. He feels like he has been on the sidelines of design for so long that it seems like he’s having a hard time putting himself back into the game. After long hours, being a dad and husband Alan is finding it hard to find both the time and inspiration to get his illustration game strong.

Part 03: Derrick Castle of

Derrick Castle lives in the outskirts of Nashville and is a father of two. He knows about putting the career on pause to raise the family and he knows what it’s like to lack a active design community. However, through his found love of hand tile printing he discovered a Instagram following and learned how to became one of Nashville’s shining design stars. He shares his experiences relatable to Ryan Besch.

Part 04: Connie Collingsworth of

Connie too, just like Allan, has a job, a son and a wife. She has built one of the most respected names in the history of Gig Posters, all while holding down various part time to full time jobs and raising her son to be a full grown man, all while keeping the life balance to spend with the love of her life, her partner Stacey. She has overcome all of the obstacles that Allan has, but never once saw them as obstacles, because nothing could ever stand in the way of her passion for Print Mafia. She didn’t raise a business around a family, the family raised the business. She offers her story to show Allan that you can have your creative cake and eat it too!

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Episode 321 - Roadrunner of The Year and Mike Fisher of Maxflo Industries

Mark shares his elementary school experiences as a Riverside Roadrunner and Mike Fisher a old school poster designer, stepped out from underneath the sure thing of merchandise design for the music industry, to pursuit his first love in life… HOCKEY! Hear Mike’s story of following his passions to the best spot in his career after 20 years of commercial art experience. Apparently Mike Fisher and Mark Brickey prove you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. Hear how finding your niche can make you emotionally rich on todays Adventure In Design.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
- How being a goalie trained Mike Fisher to work under pressure and take criticism.
- Mike explains how even got back into painting Goalie masks after years of ignoring this talent.
- The art of Maxflo Industries business model and keeping clients well informed on the tight leash.
- Mike helps walk us through a step by step and payment by payment process his customers go through for his custom paint jobs.

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Episode 320 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort “The Peoples Champ”

Welcome back to the real world for a Monday morning creative wakeup. We talk about launching new projects, settling in to freelance and a spoon full of pop culture.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 316
• Sean Mort The Peoples Champ. Listener response to the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of podcasting.
• Behind Closed Doors. The value of the private exchanges happening In The Circle of Trust members section.
• A Mort Awakens. Sean’s new products and new series that he has started working on.
• Design Within Design. Sean’s strategy to design products that showcase his visual and selling strengths.
• Shame On You. Hashtags, why do some artist shame other for using them. Is Hashtags a smart or desperate move.
• Through With Being Cool. Not worrying that your artwork isn’t what the cool kids are talking about.
• Working Within Your Constraints. How TV struggles to make good super hero programs, due to a lack of working within their creative and financial constraints.

Circle of Trust Paid Content
• Slow Down Dude. 3 words to live by, society is moving to slow.
• Everything Changes. The effects of living in a time where a majority of products evolve, change and upgrade.
• Tales From Private Browsing.
• Afraid To Make Something New. We examine Emerald City, a slated Wizard of Oz TV project, and ponder why take the risk on working with something that is so precious to so many people versus creating a new story or project.

The Nucleus of Trust (Content You Probably Don’t Care About)
Disneyland Talk For Those Who Care.

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