Adventures In Design
475 - Breaking News with Sean Mort and Dan Kuhlken

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Shop Talk for some breaking news that Breaking News is making a special Friday appearance. Join Sean Mort, Mark Brickey, and guest correspondent Dan Kuhlken as an entirely new round of listener questions are answered by your fair and balanced source for the latest happenings in your world. By far... the biggest question on today's broadcast is will Sean ever get speak about the recent success of Northern Craft? Where did the boys get their first big breaks and do television adaptations of films ever find any success? What good is October anyways? Mark, Dan, and Sean unflinchingly answer your questions and lend out their sage advice with over forty collective years of creative experience on everything and anything you want to know about. Keep those questions coming in and stay on the look out for the next Breaking News Bat Signal through AID's Instagram Stories.

Talking Points

  • A brief report on AID Live and a few unusual run-ins.
  • Mark Brickley's Apocalypse Party is announced for November 7th.
  • The idiocracy of American elections.
  • The locker room bond of Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin, and Donald Trump.
  • Making the jump from the big screen to the television.
  • Getting your Dad Dick and the Cat's In The Cradle Moment for little Mark Mort.
  • Missing out on MondoCon and getting stood up overseas.
  • Picking up the dialect.
  • The Strokes, Cars Land, and an Xbox 360.
  • Pitching tents in front of target.
  • AID London meetup is announced for Saturday The 29th.
  • Sharing passport details with foreigners.
  • Is Mark visiting Sean while Star Wars Land is being built at the Mort Castle?
  • The take off moment in Mark's career and how DKNG used the world wide web.
  • Getting some local nationally known clients.
  • Framing your career and generating artwork that generates interest.
  • Where do you customers spend their money?
  • Subject matters that sell.
  • Charting how well Explorer's Club is doing.
  • Who's buying for who and when are they doing it?
  • Striking while the iron is hot and breaking out of the cake momentum.
  • Overcoming international shipping hurdles.
  • Whenever Nathan closes a window, he opens a discount (maybe).
  • A synopsis of Northern Craft and its promotional efforts.
  • DKNG vs. SMPS.
  • Sean's biggest stress and how it proved the worth of Northern Craft.
  • Strategizing on the next steps to take.
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474 - David Brooks of Custom Vanner Magazine

Customization starts at the psychology of the craftsman's and David Brooks' mind is half in the past and half in what could be. As the dying art of metal fabrication slips farther into the dark ages it takes someone with a real passion for the craft to pull it out of obscurity by creating a gullwing for the world of vans. David has spent his life as an apprentice to the masters of their day and age who could make everything from an entire car to a custom tail light and he joins Mark on Adventures In Design to reveal all their secrets and how to bring them into the growing van culture. Step into the party vehicle of your dreams and remember what it was like to make something with your hands that can take you places... literally. The sub culture of van clubs, the mobile artwork they create, and the science behind it all is what makes David Brooks the man he is today and the reason his alternate route through education is one we can all take note of as we progress towards our own passion.

Talking Points

  • Stumbling into a culture forty years too late.
  • Finding design in the mean automotive world and Matchstick's favorite era.
  • Uncovering the origins of the party vehicle.
  • How the EPA killed the muscle car.
  • Vanning Clubs and Punk Shows.
  • Demystifying DeNoto and his favorite color.
  • From bikes to cars to vans.
  • Making your first products and selling machined parts.
  • Getting involved at Monkey Drive.
  • Passing down the rules of Louisville Rock and Roll.
  • The growth of the van culture over a decade.
  • Showing off your rig to other guys and embracing your past for what it is.
  • The paths our fathers paved for us.
  • Living in a van (which may or may not have been down by the river).
  • A jack of al trades master Craftsman you hunt down to learn from.
  • Using science to understand art.
  • Living in a disposable culture and passing the torch on.
  • Starting at the psychology of a craftsman and seeing yourself in what you make.
  • The importance of having a mentor and one day becoming one.
  • Reflecting your culture.
  • From saddle stitch to perfect bound: A Custom Vanner journey,
  • Becoming a part of a culture to develop a business within it.
  • Why media misses the mark on what's cool.
  • Everything that comes along with making a product that you don't want to do.
  • The benefits of steel over fiberglass that will significantly raise your prices.
  • Deep pockets. Short arms.
  • David makes his first kit... reluctantly.
  • Rising above the expected standards of your industry.
  • Finding the right carrot that gets you to pull the cart for the right person.
  • Understanding through creativity.
  • A totally different technical school that actually pays you to learn.
  • Giving up on excess to follow your passion.
  • The new institutionalized youth and the end of summer.
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473 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 5

The DKNG Show returns for its fifth chapter in pulling back the curtain on the inner workings of running one of the most sought after design duos on the market. Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman have meticulously planned, strategized, and built every component of their design career and every other month we get a chance to peak in and see exactly how they do it from concept to cash in hand. This chapter finds DKNG releasing two pivotal projects that work in different ways to propel their business forward. Bank Of America worked closely with our boys to create a social media campaign based off their illustrations and the Explorer Series unveils its latest set of prints, pins, and patches. Mark, Dan, and Nathan focus on how larger corporate clients and self initiated projects each play an important part on raising your bottom line and building your confidence as a creative. The analysis of the projects and in depth discussion on the strategy, execution, and implementation of each job reveal that DKNG is always thinking ahead to maximize the potential behind their drive and talent.

Talking Points

  • Whatever rhymes with October and how the world revolves on Red Bull.
  • AID's first Spring Break Broadcast goes into the planning stage.
  • Super remote destination weddings.
  • Mark's first lesson from the entertainment industry.
  • Creating fifteen illustrations outside DKNG's signature style.
  • Concepts versus visualization.
  • Developing and simplifying a series.
  • Left handed composition sketches and working towards client ready artwork.
  • Mark Brickey's Politically Perfect People Pantones Pack.
  • Politically correct and socio-economically conscious imagery.
  • Resource imagery, legal pushback, and keeping things recognizable.
  • The importance of a footprint and gauging your impact.
  • The three big wins from Bank of America.
  •  Balancing corporate work with work that got you corporate work.
  • Developing predetermined style guides.
  • To spoke or not to spoke?
  • Sketching out your plans and building the rules.
  • Maintaining a symbiotic relationship between your foreground and background.
  • Crafting together the Explorer Series so perfectly.
  • Spy Hunter moves on the Tour De Prance.
  • New SKU's and quintupling 10K.
  • Making landscapes of making objects?
  • Following trends, maintaining integrity, and evaluating other people's decisions.
  • Creating a long term earner that only builds your self confidence.
  • The A-Ha! Moment in making your own IP.
  • Cutting through the noise with a Black Friday Sale before Halloween.
  • Selling posters without even being there.
  • Performing, selling, and schmoozing.
  • Market Pricing your prints.
  • The pressure in doing it live to eight people or eight thousand people.
  • Making the Grand Canyon stand out.
  • Did DKNG stray too far from what they're known for?
  • Getting a cool million to not work.
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472 - Breaking News with Sean Mort

Breaking News is back and bringing you the responses you need to hear for the problems you face in today's day and age. Mark Brickey and Sean Mort are your trusted anchors navigating across the uncertain seas of creativity tackling everything from passing the Beth Test to finding your first clients. The International Bromance fearlessly answer any question you have to ask in a fair and balanced manner. What are you listening to? Is there a Post Yellow Phase in Sean's future? How should someone break into the world of gigposters? All of this and more as The People's Champ even gets questioned on his hard won title. It's another adventure packed with the chicken nuggets you are looking for most to get your week started off right!

Talking Points

  • Getting docked five episodes to end on an even number... next year.
  • Happiness outside of work and developing an identity beyond your business.
  • Riding the ebb and flow of balancing life with work.
  • Stepping beyond survival strategies and competing with yourself.
  • A day in the life of a Brickey.
  • Staying restless while you shoot for the moon.
  • The conversation that never goes away on the journey towards your goals.
  • Getting noticed in the sandbox.
  • Mark and Sean are breaking Breaking News into some serious questions.
  • Keeping the magic magical.
  • Is there any shame in using reference art?
  • Spotting the amateur tracers.
  • Best practices for shipping single and wholesale orders.
  • Cutting through the crowded marketplace of DIY crafts.
  • Alternative printing methods and passing the Beth Test.
  • Find what fits where you want to sell.
  • How much are you willing to give up for a 10% bump at the end of a year?
  • Landing your first clients and evaluating who you are.
  • Building momentum.
  • A mini tough love on names.
  • Tracing from other business models and finding inspiration.
  • What are Sean and Mark listening to these days?
  • Locker Room Talk and taking your lumps.
  • Getting into gig posters and taking note of who was there before you and what they do now.
  • Chip's new policy.
  • Parenting like a firefighter and women intuition.
  • Between hideous monster or Neil Patrick Harris and Bolton or Long Beach.
  • Raising a gender neutral, age ambiguous, middle nameless baby in today's society.
  • Is the Pixel Phone tempting enough to jump ship?
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471 - Shop Talk / Poster Countdown with Billy Baumann, Mitch Putnam, and OK Pants

It's a full house with no Tanners in sight with another AID Universe Crossover as our beloved Shop Talk and the Top Ten Countdown meet once again. Shop Talk kicks off with Mark, Billy, and Aaron analyzing the political climate in America under the Netflix Generation and introduce a very pertinent Locker Room Talk segment to make a point about where we draw the line. Mitch Putnam steps in with his unique perspective from the poster world to kick off the another countdown hand selected by Billy. By critiquing the composition, color, and craft of the best ten posters from September we can recognize and improve upon those same elements in our own work. Looking at these pieces gives us incredible working examples of controlling the viewers eye, using negative space as an illustrative element, and how abstract elements add visual interest to traditional pieces. The boys are in fine form this Friday so get out your drum and start banging.

Talking Points

  • Hillary Hussein Clinton, the Warm Emperor we were hoping for, and the Wild West of American Politics. 
  • The endless options of the Netflix Generation and the undecided.
  • Getting America to go high with you and the all new Locker Room Talk segment. 
  • The seniority we hate and the safe space racists try and bait you with. 
  • Backstabbing, bro-Ing down, and being mic'ed up. 
  • Making indifferent republicans ride their inferno into the ground.
  • How Donald trump uses sexual assault victims as human shields.
  • How far is rock bottom and the surprisingly small lead for Hilary?
  • orking the name into the artwork.
  • ontrolling the eye of the viewer.
  • Letting creatives work within a series and the rules that guide it. 
  • Subliminal influencing and keeping a series excitin.
  • Costume love influences the countdown.
  • Loose illustration styles and not deliberately designing for screenprinting.
  • Being crazy enough to work in Flash or Macromedia.
  • Subject matter matters and getting out into the drum circle. 
  • Color theory at work in defining the spatial relations.
  • Adjusting your composition to fit in what you want to include.
  • elling a story through vignettes and the dangers of cinema collage. 
  • Using white space to keep the eye moving and making every visual element flat.
  • Likeness rights and two disappearing aspects in the licensing world.
  • Omg Posters releases their first book.
  • Telling a story inside your illustration while showing depth with color. 
  • Cloud Pioneers in the poster world and avoiding the tropes of your industry.
  • Marks dream TV show and Billy's poster that never wa.
  • The fun in illustratio.
  • Teagan's Anti American Baseball Stance.
  • Making the beautiful ugly.
  • European faces that overrun female Illustrations.
  • Drawings that introduce abstract elements to generate interest.
  • Taking your illustration skills to the next level and actually make art.
  • Diamond Dust from Pressure Printing and conjoining the mediums of screenprinting and giclee. 
  • Cancelling Paris to go to Farrah's Froco.
  • Casey Kasem's nightmare transition.
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470 - Design Your Holiday Sale and Steve Wolf Designs Interview

It's time for the unthinkable to be accomplished with this Double Episode from Adventures In Design featuring some Tough Love and an interview with designer Steve Wolf. With the holidays creeping up Mark takes a moment to give everyone out there some Tough Love on what it takes to make some money and move ahead as a creative. From reverse engineering your timeline to developing a strategy to be heard above the all the noise this is a jam packed Tough Love segment for anyone who wants to step into generating their own income. Steve Wolf has built a career off his keen eye for typography and and strong vector work. Traversing art and commerce, Steve Wolf treats his type as the middle ground between art and communication to evoke responses from his work. We find Steve at a turning point in his career as he is on the brink of launching Artists For Education, a whole new website for himself, and the non stop client work that has been pouring in. Buckle in for a big episode filled with actionable advice and career building strategies.

Talking Points

  • The changing Holiday World around you.
  • Reverse engineering the magic in your calendar.
  • Accounting for production times and reacting to the market in real time.
  • Going from sixty eight days to two weeks of actual design time.
  • Taking good product photos to increase consumer trust in your dream.
  • Structuring your narrative.
  • Prepping your webstore and determining shipping rates.
  • Strategizing your social media and recruiting your community for promotion.
  • When are people spending money and the hard release dates for your products?
  • Planning for a purchase at first sight and the perfect time to strike for the Not-Knowns.
  • Use. Your. Calendar.
  • Be ready for wholesale when picking your price point.
  • Strict math that build a business around what people want to buy.
  • Treating yourself like a client and using your creative skills to pick your product.
  • Finding raw building blocks.
  • Loving the most intricate and least heroic part of design.
  • Treating type as functional art.
  • A million an done restrictions on the limitless possibilities in front of you.
  • A day in design as a day in high school.
  • Correct answers in typography and Miyagi-esque exercises.
  • Making type that talks.
  • Interest. Balance, Composition.
  • Redefining your bag of tricks until you die.
  • Mid-Century design aesthetics and the laziness of the decades to follow.
  • Symbiotic poster elements.
  • Finding the flow and fixing your logo batting average.
  • Proving yourself right with multiple ideas and seeing your work with fresh eyes for perspective.
  • Overcoming mind funk and overcomplicating the focus.
  • Falling in love with the long game of industrial design.
  • Inspiration we've taken with us from toy packaging to candy wrappers.
  • The challenge in design and having pride in your career.
  • Shit jobs that shape your DNA as a worker.
  • Artists For Education and giving back to the people that shape us.
  • Using design to make a difference.
  • Exposing kids to more than Cooper Bold and making a modern "Hang In There Baby" poster.
  • Transitioning from Nebraska to Austin.
  • Where is that "store" button and the torturous undertaking of building a new website.
  • Creating the relationship between your art and its boundaries.
  • The structured system of Steve Wolf.
  • The long, long haul to creative success and understanding what hard work really means.
  • The obsession in finding forensics to build a creative atmosphere you can dig into.
  • Do social media numbers translate to bigger budget jobs?
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469 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 10: 2PetalRose

After catching the eye of Clutter and just about everyone at The Blank Show, 2PetalRose joins Huck Gee and Mark Brickey for the next installment of The Collection. Now Huck and Liam have collaborated to make a very limited release of the Ronin Skullhead Rebel and share what two artists working together can accomplish. Each designer brings quality and craftsmanship to the table and get into everything from 3D printed steel swords to their own kanji interpretations. As 2PetalRose rises in the world of resin he is struggling to balance his off time with his growing group of collectors. Huck also touches on his recent release of Gold Life and helps Mark plan for Designer Con as it looms closer. The Collection continues to expand as we hear from a new talent form the recently expanded world of resin in the designer toy world.

Talking Points

  • Releasing Gold Life, getting back in the game, and Huck's big month.
  • Growing relationships that greenlight more projects.
  • Broaches, Blanks, or Blouses.
  • How scale justifies smaller price points.
  • Not abusing Completionists.
  • Overcoming Super Asian Nerd Flu with your team.
  • Going up against booth hours at DCon.
  • Mark's stab at standup and the importance of a band behind you.
  • Actionable advice or pie in the sky Pinterest quotes.
  • Eleven rounds of elegance.
  • Nominations, break out pieces, and competing in a very active marketplace.
  • Giving art time to breathe to gauge its full impact.
  • Loving what you're doing and hating what you've done.
  • Sugar Ray-ing your career.
  • How size runs affect quality and obsessing over every detail form head to literal toe.
  • 3D printed steel swords and elevating showcase pieces.
  • Huck commits a cardinal sin!
  • Branding yourself and drifting off into brain on a stick world.
  • The little extras in the samurai culture.
  • Throwing tradition out the window and messing up kanjis for aesthetic's sake.
  • Judging safe amounts of distance and hunting down Cute Little Nazis.
  • How do nominations affect your career?
  • Resin as the new vinyl that will break the mold of the corporate led designer toy world.
  • Jumping into different creative outlets and changing your identity.
  • The pressure of going full time.
  • Online love and in person purchasing at the fuck you pay me pricing.
  • Making a custom jail cell.
  • The trials that make you better at business and downsides to the highest highs.
  • Finding your value in the marketplace.
  • Bettering your OCD form 10pm to 1pm.
  • Getting your life down to a science to be the best creative you can be.
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468 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

From boxer briefs to alleyways, the breaking news is back on Shop Talk with Mark Brickey and Sean Mort as your trusted sources for everything in the AID Universe. The Bromance brings you another down to the minute question and answer segments from Instagram Stories. You have questions and Breaking News gives you the honest answers you won't find anywhere else. How does Sean keep things profitable with all the traveling he has to do for shows? Where do you find the drive to build an escape pod? How many Instagram accounts does Robert From Chicago exert influence over? What does Mark think about giclees? Sean also shares a financial breakdown of his weekend in DC and gets prepped for Northern Craft. Its another non-stop, no holds barred Shop Talk from the floor of the AID Newsroom. 

Talking Points

  • Doing crack at the COT London Meetup.
  • Trying to do everything when you're a people pleaser.
  • Sticking with your calling card.
  • Waiting for a sign and trusting your gut.
  • Foo Fighters planting the seed to design once and get paid forever.
  • The honesty in our origins.
  • The Robert From Chicago controversy.
  • Man panties, boxer briefs, and taking your friendship to a whole new level.
  • Staying profitable and accounting for your expenses.
  • How uncertain economic times effect your pocketbook.
  • Mark the Godfather and calling out friends while keeping it copacetic.
  • Customer concerns about screenprinting.
  • Mark flops on another strongly help opinion.
  • Elbow grease in the AID action.
  • Ginnels and wet alley fetishes.
  • What IS a wheelhouse though?
  • Finding inspiration.
  • Imposter Syndrome and moving up a level while you feel so far behind.
  • Analyzing Sean's trip to DC and dreaming of Double Weekends.
  • A live Northern Craft ad is made.
  • Vendor promotional efforts, forgotten vacations, and diplomatically dealing with delicate flowers.
  • The win win of expanding with friends.
  • Saving $198 on Aladdin from the comfort of your own home.
  • Getting mixed up for Mark.
  • Westworld, The Strain, and marathoning Halt And Catch Fire.
  • Breaking Membership News.
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467 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OK Pants

It's Friday and it's time for some Shop Talk. This week Mark, Billy, and special guest OK Pants get together and bring you everything from clown crimes to removing safety bars. Delicious Design League is turning ten years old this weekend and have an all new website that everyone should go peruse. OK Pants is handling everything from new printers to old destroyers and how to budget for the upcoming holiday season. Mark steers today's adventure through the stormy waters of freelance hardships and boutique agency hang ups to find the chicken nuggets that help you make better decisions and even a possibly more informed vote. Stay tuned for the xylophone dinging out this week's cool points and even a drop in from the Southern Lawyer. This Friday has got a little something for everyone so get out your drums and start the banging.

Talking Points

  • Kasual Klown Fridaze at the office and the affiliated crimes being swept under the rug.
  • Billy breaks down the Vice President Candidates and their stance on the hot button issues.
  • Broach game on the debate floor.
  • Disruption branding and breaking down the pattern.
  • Battlestar Galactica Wardrobes and the damned if she does damned if she doesn't mentality.
  • What type of printer do you need?
  • Making your money back on a fool's gold investment.
  • Budgeting with a fluctuating income.
  • Operating cash, personal income, and planning for taxes.
  • Field Votes and drumming up support for November's Election.
  • Howard Stern, Patton Oswalt, and Henry Rollins as political advisors.
  • The OK Pants product line and getting LeBron James to throw a destroyer disk.
  • When the world wants one inch, you give them nine.
  • Bartering Brave and DDL's 10 Year Anniversary celebration and poster sale.
  • Location. Location. Location.
  • Choosing Secret Panel contributors.
  • Analyzing passion projects and spreading yourself thin.
  • Doing the math on the purchase funnel for your target market.
  • James Flames hires The Southern Lawyer.
  • Taking your foot off the gas in Spring and regaining lost momentum.
  • Balancing your books over the holidays.
  • Fulfillment and finding the hook that resonates with your fanbase. 
  • Branding the taco while waiting for lightning to strike twice.
  • The modern marvel of Tesla and holding NASA to Star Wars standards.
  • Finding the new tempo of the Tempo.
  • Independent screen flooding and not worrying about your ink drying up.
  • Phantom fears and full stop safety bars.
  • Cheating in public while drawing straight lines.
  • Opening The Passion Of The Crust somewhere in America.
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466 - Derrick Castle

Kill the fatted calf and break out the homemade bbq sauce because the prodigal son has returned. Derrick Castle has been busy balancing his day job, building Straw Castle, and having a few moments of family time. His talent is undeniable, his determination is unmatched, but where does he want to place his energy? How does Derrick decide which path to follow when financial stability is important to being a provider? While everyone else is rushing headfirst into making a name for themselves we find Derrick slowly but surely building his Straw Castle to be there when he decides it's time. This patience is a healthy reminder that with some planning and a steady timeline our dreams will manifest on their own time and when it's finally right to make that leap. Derrick has everything he needs and his return to the AID airwaves finds him looking at the pros and cons of the design world from in house to his own house.

Talking Points

  • The return of the prodigal son.
  • Balancing a regular job with your very successful side hustle.
  • Thinking outside to brand your first away game.
  • The changing rules of setting up your space.
  • Home Depot is your booth best friend when you're out of town.
  • Union rules and red tape.
  • Self imposed aesthetic boundaries and getting your art outside your comfort zone.
  • The unhappy white people convention.
  • Lightbox signs that is ruining southern culture.
  • Mexican restaurant murals and google image searches that just won't do.
  • Collaborating with agencies.
  • Taking advantage of in house and the perceived value in New York City agencies.
  • Contracting in and outsourcing for the best result.
  • Calling bullshit on regurgitated presentations.
  • The slippery slop to engineering culture.
  • Getting youth-anized and connecting with millennials.
  • Why a sixty year old is less likely to get hired than a pregnant woman.
  • Getting your bunker ready and weathering the storm.
  • Workforce cuts and how to stay desirable as an artist.
  • Bringing your passion back into the corporate culture.
  • Busy schedules and learning to delegate.
  • What is slipping through the cracks and into Derrick's to do list.
  • Straw Castle vs. Stability
  • Dropping your expenses and planning out your future.
  • Using firearms as paperweights.
  • Getting teabagged by a smurf and being almost too nice.
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