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Talking Points of AID 173

- Can your studio go digital and sell digital design tools?

- Mark announces soon being the official voice of Jakprints phone system.

- How Design conference talk. Who’s it for and why are they going?

- What makes for a great or bad design speaker.

- The first Adventures In Design employee is announced.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Making a big decision about the summer craft shows.

- Debating future steps with Adventures In Design and trying to guess growth and expansion.

- A honest look at maximizing my own earning potential with Adventures In Design.

- The dream destination of where this project could go.

- A look at success and is it possible to make day dreams come true.

- The growth of Delicious Design League and the growing pains.

- Making a growth plan and getting over the lack of resources to make a big move happen.


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Talking Points of AID 172

- The magic of Swatch Watch in 1980s.

- Designing every piece of the watch to create an overall product experience.

- Selling IP products versus selling original art pieces.

- Working with Descendents.

- The balance of working with big name properties and trying to make great products.

- Keeping a balanced release schedule to use big releases to fund introduction pieces.

- The commute from work that changed David’s life, when he decided to spend the next year planning his escape into entrepreneurship.

- Making excuses to not try.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- The cash flow of production

- Investing time into figuring out your product design and production.

- Creating a production relationship with your manufacturer.

- Thoughts on unlicensed work, when you’re paying licensing fees.

- Working with limited edition product lines.

- The behind the scenes story of his official Breaking Bad watch release.

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Talking Points of AID 171

- Email management and frustrations.

- Working fast, moving fast.

- Our early days of coming out of the lost years.

- Tad talks about his father’s career as in illustrator and how much things have changed but stayed the same.

- Sharing the same career path as pops, the ups and downs.

- Working with your spouse.

- Identifying change and knowing when to make the big moves.

- Do the dream clients bring the dream paydays???

- Being addicted to good design, in all aspects of your life.

- Keeping social media under control. 


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- How Tad built equally great social media accounts.

- Living within a signature style and how to evolve while still protecting your brand.

- Using your internal work to land you the bigs.


- Making big moves.


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Live from the CMND SHIFT design conference we’re joined by designer Nathan Goldman of DKNG Studios, typographer David Smith The BLKSMITH and gig poster designer Lil Tuffy.

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Talking Points of AID 169

- What happens when you decide to dream up something impossible and then try to make it possible.

- Creating an art experience where no one can tell where the art begins and ends.

- How Chris and Monster created 4 new Lucha Libre characters and materialized them for their show.

- Going to Mexico and researching their subject matter through the eyes of famous wrestling families.

- Recruiting others to get excited about your project and take on a piece that they were passionate about.

- Creating inspiration to make big things happen.

- Keep moving, keep creating and not allowing yourself to worry about process.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Not allowing your self to be compromised. 

- The concept of creating Spiritual Warriors.

- Working with others and allowing them to craft your visions.

- Become Yourself.


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Talking Points of AID 168

- The origin story of Saul Rosenberg Studios.

- We create a new show available through Adventures In Design the NDACAST.

- Share our guitar setups.

- Riding your success, but keeping an eye on the future and changes in your industry.

- We talk about what wholesale means to our businesses. 

- A final review of the Mike King episode and what we learned from his brave episode.

- How outside elements can always rise and ruin your career. 

- Billy & James gush over Dare Devil.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- A final review of Sean Mort’s run in with street artist Space Invader.

- Bill Cosby.

- Billy feels scorned by a failed business deal through friends.

- James shares his romantic trip to New Orleans with Nate Duval.

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Dank Kuhlken of DKNG Studios and Sean Mort stop by to each wager $300 on the Summer Movie Game.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Sean Mort’s ruin in with street artist Sapce Invader invading Sean’s creative space.

- Monster booth design did DKNG and Hero over do it? Is Sean Mort doing it right?

- Everybody talks about how they love using SqaureSpace to create our websites.
- We review the Mike King interview and talk about avoiding his situation.


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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 166

- The more things change the more they stay the same when running your business for 18 years.

- Creating art and prints without a computer.

- Being different, not cool and totally happy about it.

- Breaking your back for printmaking.

- The invention of Shirt Club a new weekly offering from Print Mafia.

- Birthing a large scale internal project,


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Digital distribution for analog art.

- Scheduling internal projects for success.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 150
- The degrees of failure.
- Shrinking music design budgets, where’s has that zero gone?
- When the American dream feels like American bullshit.
- What makes the seasoned professional more appealing than talented kids straight from art school.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- We speculate on the future of Mike King’s career and talk about what he’s most looking forward to and what he’ll never miss doing again. Why in the end your philosophy on design is your strongest attribute. Being in love with design, regardless how many times it’s breaks your heart.


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Greg Kerr owns and operates Miles To Go clothing. From art direction, printing and even order fulfillment Greg handles it all. Recently with a improved focus on wholesale, his company jumped from just 3 accounts to over a 100. Greg is a straight shooter and shares with us all of new success and old failures. 


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
Wholesaling tips and working with wholesale reps.

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