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A Comment Below special two-part episode. Featuring in part one a SPOILER FREE review of Marvel Studio's Black Panther and in the second part a SPOILER HEAVY discussion to listen to after you have seen the movie and just want to talk about it with your best podcast friends Sean Mort & Mark Brickey on Comment Below "Your Weekly Guide To Entertainment."

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At the end of 2017 Adventures In Design host, Mark Brickey asked ten creative professionals to give their review of the first year of Donald J Trump as our forty-fifth president. Was his first year worse, better or precisely what you expected it would be?

Mark Brickey
Dave Kloc
Snake Oil Provisions
Gustavo Jaimes
Beth Manos Brickey
Jeral Tidwell
Dr. Debbie Kuhlken
Derrick Castle
Nathan Goldman
Dan Stiles
& You

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The Hammer Time boys are back to send you off to your three day Presidents' Day Weekend. "Mortgage Mike" is setting off to Vegas, but will the temptation of Sin City, and it's Wheels of Fortune bring out The Hammer? Mark shares a horrible spring break and childhood while the boys laugh away the pain. It's a good time when your best pod buds get together every Friday.

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How does Oscar season affect the limited edition print world?
We look at the recent Universal Studios’ Monsters art show.
Study the benefits of having a successful open edition art print. When do you know if your career can support a print subscription for your collectors and is it worth the effort? All of this and the top 10 posters of January 2018 are waiting for you in today's Top 10 Poster Countdown with Mark Brickey and Mitch Putnam.

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If Barbie is a lousy influence on little girls, then how were we affected by having countless heroes just wearing underpants? He-Man, Batman, and The Hulkster all just wore their panties in public, but it didn't seem to affect us or did it?

Where would we be if post-internet Fun Jobs didn't exist, why does Billy feel that DC Comics character design is superior to Marvel, and how to handle a client using your submitted concept without your permission? All of these questions and much more are answered on this week's episode of Shop Talk with Mark Brickey & Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League.

One question couldn't be answered though, why are there no female Centaurs?

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Mark, Dan & Nathan look back at four early projects in the DKNG Studios career and break down how they were able to create their unique style while figuring out the art of small businesses ownership at the same time.

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Brickey is all out of cash, and Hammer just keeps on spending. One episode twenty-two of Hammer Time the guys accidentally discover the perfect show for Mike Hammer of Violent Gentlemen to pitch to Netflix. Hammer gives his review of the NHL Allstar game and points out how Disney World in nowhere near the experience of Disneyland because it just lacks the magic. Biggie stops by after soccer and tells the world his hatred for NorCal or the city better known as Los Angeles.

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Francisco "Cisco" Reyes Jr & Andres "Dre" Parga stop by the LBC to talk all about their new collaboration with Obey Clothing and how they have been collaborating as friends back in their garage band days to their current garage brand days.

Cisco shares his story of overcoming self-doubt and clinical depression to bet big on himself and earning his spot at the Obey Clothing artist series after working for Studio No.1 as Shepard Fairey's right-hand illustration man for the past five years. A GREAT story of hard work and paying your dues still pays off! The American Dream is still alive.

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This week Mark & Billy look at Burger King's Net Neutrality ad campaign, debate companies that "give back" and if it matters or ever even happens. Settle on having just one Instagram account for your career and redesign Fire And Fury by Michael Wolff as the guy's debate does design even matter when you have that much momentum.

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On the pilot episode of Between Meals, meet Beth, and dive straight into her healing journey, her health history and a few of the most major turning points along the way on her path toward wellness. We kick it off an embarrassing story, that has never before been told publicly, setting the tone for what was years of health struggles and consequently making major moves towards self-love and prioritizing self-care.

Join us as we dive into all the juicy stuff that affects our well being, the stuff that happens Between Meals (and of course, we’ll be talking about the meals, too)!

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