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Best of Thanksgiving on Adventures In Design with Sean Mort.

Mark & Sean broadcast live from a Thanksgiving parade and play clips from previous Thanksgiving episodes of Adventures In Design in 2013 and 2014. Sit near the radio, with the ones you love as we celebrate a tradition known as Thursday around planet Earth.

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Episode 290 - Shop Talk Thanksgiving with Dave Kloc and Justin Kamerer

A special Thanksgiving Shop Talk with Dave Kloc and Justin Kamerer where we celebrate our professional and personal victories in 2015, talk about what we hope to accomplish in 2016 and each give our thanks for the happiness that we have been able find through pursuing our talents. 

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Episode 289 - Seasons of The Snake 01 Holiday 2015 with Ben Neuhaus

On Today’s Episode:


- Mark & Ben have a big announcement for the listeners of Adventures In Design and customers of Snake Oil Provisions.

- What’s in for men, head to toe. Breaking down best buying practices and styles in men’s fashion.

- Mark has a book report ready for Ben on trying to embrace the fashion strategy of quality versus quantity. 

- Holiday fashion tips. How to ask for what you want and how to shop of the man on your list.


In The Circle of Trust


- How Ben is using YouTube as way to connect with the followers of his brand.

- NEVER hard selling through social media.

- Making in-house products. 

- Retail pro-tips for online and in store.

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Talking Points From Episode 288
- How getting fired every week when you complete projects as a freelancer is really the ultimate in job security.
- Being part of the LA 60’s Rock N Roll explosion and 70’s Punk Rock.
- Working on the movie Predator and how William influence it’s ending.
- Collaborating with others when working in film and doing character and set design for film.
- Being a Imagineer for Disney.
- Virtually walking through your creations in mind to problem solve when creating new worlds.
- Letting the problem dictate the style in which it’s solved.
- Negotiating for royalties on character design.
- William’s life long love, studying and illustrating dinosaurs.
- King Kong as a sad character.

In The Circle of Trust

We are joined by David Defeo. 
- A very emotional but insightful round of Hire, Fire or Retire with William Stout.
- We wrap up our thoughts on William Stout.
- Make More Money, Spend The Same.
- Mark opens up an amazing listener gift.
- David's dread for the Holiday approaching while designing on the floor in retail.

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Ladies Night - Starts off with a fun fest of picking our stripping names, debating best high school TV shows and then getting into self evaluating our biggest moves in 2015 and what we have learned going into the new year. Full of fun, laughs, insight , great life advice / experienced and riddled with technical problems. This is one for the AID history books. Enjoy and good luck! 

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Episode 286 - Chris Shary “Chris Goes To High School”

How Chris Shary accidentally became a high school drama teacher and used that down time to get back into doing sharpie illustrations of iconic punk rockers. Chris explains how he puts his narrative on character illustrations. How the Descendents are the greatest rock band to never act like a rock band and how a generation of kids didn’t fit in while rocking out to their music. With a constant relationship forming with the Descendents Chris has found himself feeling a part of the group he grew up loving. How working hard and getting recognized opened all of the doors in his rock design career. How living with his parents was the best move in being able to work for pride and experience. Why Chris realized that teaching was the way he could make a difference in the world and decided to make art a hobby again. 


In The Circle of Trust


Mark quizzes Chris about being a teacher and what he sees from his high school students, how the world has changed and stayed the same all at once. At what age do people start doubting their artistic talents and give up. Chris today sees his drama class as a metaphor to the punk rock scene that he grew up in. Is the generation coming up as bad as we think they are? The balance of nurturing  talented students and giving what you can to students that don’t care. 

In Memory of Brandon Carlisle

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We learn about how Tristan’s current style has evolved from many practices in his past and how we’re really looking at road map of where he’s been and where he’s going. Tristan shares his past and how he used to keep all of his talents restricted to different disciplines in the world of design. How taking it slow and not allowing himself to feel rushed allowed him to stay in a calm spot and focus on just making the best work possible. From clients to freestyling, we hear how Tristan creates his huge outdoor murals from execution to preplanning. Depth and meaning in his work, trying to give his emotion and tone but staying away from being literal or obvious. How Tristan always feels welcomed in a city where he has a mural.

In The Circle of Trust

Designing the Dunny, Munny and Kidrobot mascot… Starting a pop culture explosion and being rewarded by having work in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art. Next steps and maturing your career when you start to reach the top of your scene and taste success. Focusing on making the best work that he can and knowing that you never know what you can do until you push yourself. What you can learn from old folks and their unique moment in time and he plans on growing old taking a stab at animation.

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Episode 284 - Mike Giant Interview. Thoughts on the Paris attacks.

Our first episode back since the November, 11, 2016 terrorist attacks in Paris. Mark shares his thoughts and makes a promise in the wake of the tragic event. Today’s show is commercial free and available to all listeners in its entirety. 

Mike Giant explains how being color blind led to his famous Sharpie style of illustration and how he uses a different methodology when bombing the city with graffiti via spray paint. What makes the perfect female model for his unique tattoo inspired pinups. Learning to fight as a kid to defend himself for not fitting in and how these days make him not inserted in seeing any violence in the movies that he watches. The simple pleasures in having good penmanship. Mike Giant’s open hearted approach to religion, money and politics. 


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Episode 283 - “The Many Looks of” Mike Mitchell From MondoCon 2. Plus Special Circle of Trust Guest Sean Mort.

We explore the many looks of Mike Mitchell and how he came up with the concept of allowing himself to explore the same topics over and over again. Feeling free by having different styles for different days and different emotions. How we both envy people that have time to wait in line. Lastly the squirrel that crossed his path! Plus another round of MondoCon Hire, Fire and Retire.


In The Circle of Trust with Sean Mort

We have a Monday Morning Shop Talk lined up with Sean Mort. We talk about his recent Renegade London, the anticipated advertising rollout of Force Awakens, the success and announcement of Antman 2 and how these comic book films aren’t really that far away from our careers and a rare Monday phone call from Robert from Chicago.

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Episode 282 - Shop Talk “The War on Coffee”

In today’s Shop Talk we give our thoughts on the iPad Pro as a professional tool, talk about the Star Wars fan that got an early screening for a heavy price and discuss the opportunistic war on Christmas from our Jerk Off of The Week Josh Feurstein.

In The Circle of Trust
We take listener calls and cover what not to show in your portfolio, the balance of returning work and learn about Etsy product promotion tips from Richard from Cincinnati.

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