Adventures In Design

Part Two Guests

- Dan Schlissel from Stand Up! Records

- Sean Hickey of VGKIDS

- Lil Tuffy


Circle of Trust Bonus Content

- Circle of Trust Member Kevin Flanagan

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Episode 159 - From Flatstock 48 at SXSW Day 03 - Part I


Part One Guests

- Chris White of We Three Club

- Andy Mac (EDIT)

- Chris Everhart of Silent Giants

- Tim Doyle and James Flames


Circle of Trust 

- Manny the poster collector.

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Part Two Guests

- Mike Davis and Ben LaFond from Burlesque of North America

- DJ Bird Peterson

- Circle of Trust Member Olamilekan Mabayoje

- SXSW Hip Hop performer JC The Great One

- Dan MacAdam of Crosshair Chicago


Circle of Trust Bonus Content

- Dan Grzeca, Nate Duval & Sean Mort


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Part One Guests

- Luke Drozd

- Listener Victor of Happy Tuna Creative

- Dan Stiles

- Dan Black & Jessica Seamans of Landland

- Derrick Baker of Relish Brand

Circle of Trust Bonus Content

- JP Boneyard oo The National Poster Retrospecticus

- Jeremy Wheeler of Bang! Media

Dedicated To: Randy The Juggalo, RIP

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Mark Brickey interviews artists at SXSW Flatstock 48.

Tara McPherson, Sean Leonard, Methane Studios  DKNG, Sean Mort, Industry, Kyle Carter

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 155

- Why bad guys make the best guys.

- Adding bright colors to dark

- Laving the publishing world to go freelance.

- Garry’s partnership with his wife.

- There is no shortcut to success.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

The Maple Leaf of Trust Part 2

- Jason Edmiston joins us for the subscriber content.

- The bar for success and learning where the ceiling for earning is.

- Never wanting to be in first place.

- Putting your thumb print into pop culture work.

- The shame of not seeing our greatest talents tell their original stories.


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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 154

- The intense planning and emotional payoff of creating a large scale art show.

- Talking about the unforgiven nature of painting.

- Learning to trust the brush.

- The process of going from pencil drawing to canvas for painting.

- Forensic design.

- The rise of Creative Cloud and the death of painting.



In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

The Maple Leaf of Trust Part 1

- "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin joins us for the subscriber content.

- The value in having good friends that do what you do.

- Making a well rounded product line and hitting all price points.

- Getting yourself and work out into the world.

- Inspiration of others success.


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Derrick Castle and Mark Brickey walk the floor at the SXSW trade show. Talking to many companies offering makers new tools of technology to develop their next great idea. We talk to Kinoma, Power House Animation, Eventbase, ZipRecruiter, Pixie Social and have Bit Coin explained to us by Crypto Art.


However the show changes gears when we visit the Japan section of the trade show. Where we are greeted by talented inventor after another. Totally blown away by the friendly and fun Japanese 20 somethings we see the future of robots, gaming and dance shoes. 


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- We wrap up our adventures on the trade show floor.

- Derrick says goodbye and shares what he’s learned on this trip to SXSW.

- Lastly Derrick creeps Mark out by going in detail about eating a goat’s head the night before.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 152

- Why it’s important to have the respect of the artists that you’re wiring with.

- Using your experience as a designer to make realistic revisions and not wasting your talents time. 

- How to motivate your designers to give you their best work.

- The pride in finished work that you art directed.

- Knowing when work is good and not forcing your ego into others work.

- Working with the best talents in the field and what you learn on your own work.

- Why being polite and honest goes a long way.

- Why it’s important to have a good connecting theme in a art show.

- The importance of not apologizing.

- Having a best friend in your wife.

- What it means to have a Grammy and gold records in your house.

- Being motivated by the fear of losing it all.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Mitch Putnam joins in the fun.

- Rob Jones and Mitch Putnam talk about art directing and working together.

- How printers are the real heroes.


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In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Brian Behm of Rooster Teeth joins in the fun.

- The guys talk about the SXSW mentoring program.

- Review a portfolio workshop they attended earlier.

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