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Episode 374 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and Jason Edmiston

Special guest Jason Edmiston joins Mark and Billy for today's Shop Talk. Fresh off his timed edition release for The Hateful Eight, Jason offers up insight to the entire process from ideation to the crucial final touches that sets his artwork apart from the rest. Billy has just moved Delicious into its new home and he shares with us the whole experience of what its like to buy, build out, and fill up a new office location. Somehow we manage to squeeze in a bit of off topic ball busting, but be ready for some serious note taking throughout today's episode as three masters of their craft swap stories and share advice on everything from workflow to conference calls. Some antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • An entire breakdown of timed editions from the artist's perspective.
  • Conceptualizing The Hateful Eight poster with both Mondo and QT's Studio execs.
  • Working with people who aren't artists and the importance in showing them what you'll do versus telling them what you'll do.
  • Being resourceful to create your work.
  • Billy learns the lesson to measure twice and build once.
  • How to budget time and finances for a new commercial space for your growing studio.
  • Changes in media distribution to account for disruptive outlets.
  • The curse of the Chicago Fire posters.
  • The pros and cons of printing for yourself or outsourcing.
  • Financial ceilings in the art world and how that affects your budget.
  • Switching between digital and physical art.
  • What a $34 dollar phone call sounds like.
  • Cultivating a network of artists to draw upon when you have too many projects to handle and how to budget your time, their time, and who is ultimately responsible for a project.
  • Musings on the life of Jabba The Hut (sponsored by Allen Campbell Art)
  • Tips on creating cohesiveness and dimensionality in your artwork.
  • The social effects of having lead characters that aren't white males and how media desensitizes the next generation to hot button issues of racism and sexism.
  • Do you separate an artist's personal life from their work when you have a personal problem with one.


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Episode 373 - Bobby Kim of The Hundreds

If you want someone to listen you have to grab their attention. If you want to keep that attention you need to have something worth saying. Everyday each of us are endlessly marketed to and Bobby Kim of The Hundreds found his own way to cut through the white noise and speak directly to the world from his early blog posts to his current seat at the head of the streetwear industry where he now uses the attention he earned to continue fighting for a better world. The Hundreds was the first platform Bobby used to gain our attention yet there is so much more to this politically charged, socially introspective, feminist father who applies his mind to his own impact on the community around him. Far from an out of touch and jaded who's who in the fashion world, Bobby has pioneered what a brand can do and how they fit into the marketplace from the small doors to mall doors. So listen up because Bobby has something to say and its definitely worth your attention.

Talking Points

  • How wanting to be involved with your interests and hobbies transfers over when you run your own business.
  • The early signs of streetwear and why it is so difficult to put your finger on the beginning of something special.
  • The importance in labeling a movement so it can be marketed.
  • The initial goals of The Hundreds and how they distinguished themselves as more than just another shirt based brand.
  • Blogging before using a computer was cool.
  • Finding the avenues available to express yourself when the obvious ones are closed off.
  • How social media has changed the ability to find and engage with mentors.
  • How being DIY pushes you to be better at what you're doing and the benefit of having an adversary.
  • What to do as a parent when your kids have no obstacles to overcome.
  • Bobby the Lawyer and how he found his true calling.
  • Leaning on IP for recognition from fans and how to properly use a flip to actually say something.
  • Bobby shares a cryptic legal outlook shared by Tim Doyle.
  • Focusing on yourself and not being concerned with what others are doing.
  • The lack of sustainability in a company with nothing to say.
  • Bracing yourself for the eventual backlash of expressing your opinion in an overly sensitive public spectrum.
  • Is opening a location with high visibility and even higher rent a fiscally beneficial move?
  • The secondary aspect of a brand that also acts as an ad agency be leveraging credibility within their fanbase.
  • Telling a story within a collaboration to give it impact and meaning for both parties involved.
  • The true fate of Boba Fett.
  • Turning consumers into eventual paychecks over time.
  • The pros and cons of going from Fairfax to Mall Doors and how controlling distribution can protect and limit your brand.
  • Two Walt disciples geek out over Disneyland and what is was like for Bobby to own a piece of it for five hours.
  • How to impress the 15 year old inside of you.
  • Leaving breadcrumbs for anyone interested enough to follow you.
  • The joy in connecting with other people
  • The pressure of defining what is next and staying as funky as your last cut.
  • Handling the responsibility of representing a company that has employees counting on it and people depending on it to maintain its credibility.


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371 - The Stanley Cup of Graphic Design with The Violent Gentlemen Brian Talbert and Mike Hammer

There isn't a trophy. There isn't prestige. There isn't even an actual game being played. That's right its the Design Stanley Cup where AID Host Mark Brickey sits down with Mike Hammer and Brian Talbert from the Violent Gentleman Hockey Club and have each team in the NHL Playoffs bracketed off into a three round competition based off the team's uniform designs. We definitely aren't qualified to be athletes, but we sure as hell are qualified to judge the branding used to represent a professional sports team.

Round 1 - Teams square off based on their Home and Away Jerseys
Round 2 - Advancing Teams are judged on the strength of their third jerseys (or sometimes their stadium series jerseys)
Round 3 - Four final teams are judged on their original franchise branding, old school for the win!
Round 4 - The two finalists go mano e mano over the teams overall branding in a head to head, logo to logo, color scheme to color scheme showdown of a lifetime!

Talking Points
• How nostalgia and history can effect branding.
• Color Theory in (actual) motion.
• The basics of hockey.
• Shaq's on camera charisma and his role in Shazam.
• Alternate Illuminati Branding ideas.
• Thoughts on the one color Subway logo update.
• The return of Starter Jackets and the design concepts they influenced.
• Surveying and researching your market in their typical environments.
• Where the concept of the 3rd Jersey came from in the NHL.
• Mark's pronunciation issues... and Brian's.
• Why cauliflower ears make you look like someone not to be messed with.
• Amber Alerts and Exit Rows.
• Designing for people of all sizes and avoiding horizontal stripes.
• Street Bike Racing Jersey Hatred.
• The busiest season for VGHC and how they plan for it.
• VGHC promotional ideas that spread their brand's awareness like wildfire.
• Polo, Lacrosse, or Polio.
• Staying on brand and the problem with Goalie masks.
• How sports branding uses the power of symmetry.
• The fine line between raising awareness for a cause and raising the bottom line for yoursel

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Episode 370 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort & Colin Frangicetto

Success. Failure. Virtual Reality Dogs. Today's Shop Talk has it all and Mark, Sean, and special guest Colin Frangicetto take each topic head on. What do you do as your empire crumbles around you? How much of your success in one world transfers over to any new venture? Do we give the internet to a goat herder's son in Pakistan out of philanthropic motivations or to increase market size? This adventure really does cover a lot of ground that all revolves around how we present ourselves as professionals to the world. 


•Big announcement for Circle Of Trustees.

•How control has shifted in the consumption of content and the pace it's created.

•The fall of Tower Records.

•How success and fame don't come hand in hand.

•The Zucklord laughing at himself.

•Watching what you say to avoid public persecution or being bold for public praise.

•Why Facebook wants to bring the internet to the whole world.

•If technology is opening up our world or acting as a barrier to actually experiencing it.

•Why do alert noises have to be so annoying?

In The Circle Of Trust

•The Five Ways We Communicate explained (sort of).

•Going DIY to connect with your audience.

•Colin's recent artist collaboration as a timed edition and how that worked out financially. Does time increase collectibility and do you have the right audience for the whole process?

•Audience size and their engagement levels.

•Can you take success form one world into another?

•Learning to laugh at criticisms.

•A look at Nervous Engine before the curtain is raised. What are Colins stratgies and financial goals for this upcoming venture.

•"Final" shows, break ups, or going on hiatus.

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Episode 369 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames “Roast Beef”

Talking Points for Episode 369
• A proper send off for our tax dollars.
• Retirement plans for The Real Mark Brickey and who his favorite artist from the show is.
• Aspirations within animation.
• Taking your logo from vector to sketch a la DKNG.
• "This Is Dorothy"
• Lapses in judgement about Billy playing along.
• Rebranding through advertising for a desired result.
• Analyzing a self initiated project and achieving your intended results.
• Where to look for professional happiness and how that relates to your sense of identity as an artist.
• Billy has a few new business ventures to promote.
• Whats after enamel pins? One word. Broaches.
• Weighing the pros and cons of printing on demand.
• How to learn form your failures and be a bit wary of your successes.
• Achieving notoriety as a graphic designer versus an artist or illustrator.
• Starting a side project that centers around self promotion.
• Paying your dues more than once.
• The power in a purchase; an homage to Tony Mendez
• Mark, Billy, and James each share their perspective on parody in design.
• How artists are effected when their intellectual property is used.
• Copy. Transform. Combine. Everything is a remix.
• Are you bootlegging or building?
• Trusting your instincts when the time is right.
• #shirtonly versus #roastbeef
• Strategies on building a following.

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Episode 368 - Brian French of French Paper

For six generations French Paper has kept its doors open in the great state of Michigan. Paper empires have crumbled around them as they continues to expand their stock choices and re-imagine the role of a paper company in the life of a designer. Brian French joins Adventures In Design to share his story of carrying on the family legacy of making paper instead of going to law school to end up buried in paperwork. Get a peek inside the mill and the mind of a man that can teach us all about the business we print our business on.

Talking Points

  • Growing up inside the family business.
  • Balancing your work life and your home life even when they are minutes away form each other.
  • A peek behind the scenes of French Paper and their paper making process.
  • What drives the cost of paper up or down from a global market perspective.
  • Charles S. Anderson (Uncle Chuck) takes the marketing of French Paper to a whole new level and properly branded their product to their customers.
  • The power of design in advertising.
  • Being bold in your market as competitors fail alongside you.
  • The positive effects of the digital world on French Paper.
  • The importance of actually getting the attention of your intended audience.
  • Paying for quality.
  • The joy working with your family on a day in day out basis.
  • Geeking out about finding the devil in the details.
  • The 2.5 Million dollar French Paper musical “Seasons Of Paper” that never got a real chance on Broadway.

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • French Paper's marketing strategy of staying relevant in a digital world.
  • The hurdles of European distribtuion.
  • Pricing a family of paper stock based off the multitude of variables between each color.
  • The creation of the Mod-Tone.
  • Finally getting to see the designs people have actually printed onto their paper.
  • The science of shipping paper.
  • The profits for their direct to consumer business versus the larger 10,000 pound orders.
  • Taking orders of all sizes to improve your business' bottom line.
  • How Charles S. Anderson affected French Paper and AID.
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Episode 366 - Landland Dan Black & Jessica Seamans

What isn't there to like about Landland? The relationship they have as working professionals and the genuinely compassionate attitudes of both Dan and Jessica make them an unstoppable force to be reckoned within the poster and illustration world. In this episode we hear about the the formation of Landland, how they have grown both together and separately, and where their future may, or may not, take them. This is a rare sort of interview that can only happen when people are true friends and let their guard down to openly share their triumphs and their troubles as working artists, and as people. Get ready for an honest and open look into everything that is Landland.

Talking Points
- Has Landland lasted longer than they originally thought they would?
- Maturing across your career as as artist and harnessing where our talent can take us.
- How public opinion can skew the reality of situation and not letting any of that affect your actual feelings about a situation.
- The difference of showing art under a moniker and showing art under your own name.
- Dan's early design days and the formation (literally and metaphorically) of Landland.
- Visualizing big changes in your life seeing by observing other people with the life you want.
- How Dan and Jessica met... and then met again.
- Losing a friend and a business partner and how Landland has handled that emotionally.

In The Circle of Trust
- Choosing to handle the situation instead of letting the situation handle you.
- Why Dan drives everywhere instead of flying.
- Defining your work ethic as a passion or as a health issue.
- Realizing the bargaining chips you have as a talented, sought after artist.
- Using your insecurity to push yourself and then finding confidence in your work.
- Working with open or closed parameters on a new art piece.
- The difference between working on an art print, or a movie poster, or a band poster.
- How its hard to turn off your creativity when you draw inspiration from whats all around you.
- Actually revisiting places and things you've drawn.
- How Landland developed their unique look and walked away from the traditional use of key lines.
- The future of Landland.
- Career fears from both Dan and Jessica
- The different creative skills you flex across an entire project from ideation to laying down the final color on paper.
- Letting your business feel real to you.
- Becoming a part of the show and not just being at the show.
- The fine art of picking a name.

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364 Shop Talk with just Sean Mort

Mark and the People's Champ, Sean Mort, are back with another Shop Talk that revolves around a little bit of life and a little bit of business. Between reviewing Batman Vs. Superman and analyzing the rise and fall of streaming servicse from Pandora to Apple Music, today's episode has something for everyone including a few surprises along the way. Antics Ensue.

Talking Points

- Walking Dead Season Finale breakdown.

- The gruesome details of the now actually haunted Phantom Manor.

- Hollywood Brickey at the movies.

- The perils of unemployment in the United States. 

- Mark illuminates the rise and fall of markets and how key players in it mirror our own business markets. 

- The public's perception of a company that tries to "shakes things up" with all new upper management. Are they polishing brass on the Titanic or saving a business from the clutches of obscurity.

- The role advertising within social media plays in businesses big and small. Who is truly affected when a company tries to gain financial leverage on a popular service that is free.

- Mark has a unique plan to get off the grid and avoid technical difficulties.

- Finding the content your audience wants to hear from you. 

- A listener uses an idea floated out on AID and turns it into a business. Hear the step by step process from ideation to going live online and making their first sale.

- How to get into an established system, figure out its working parts, and use that research to your benefit financially as a middleman.

- Choosing to set up an online shop where customers already are or trying to direct them over to your personal site to shop. 

- Strategies for building an audience of engaged users with a new social media account. 

- Using your time to expand your product line or focusing on becoming the absolute best with the one product you do offer.

- Sean gives an honest account of his impressions of the Austin Motor Inn.

- The long con on the boys of DKNG.

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The Dream Team is back after what seemed like weeks of battling off food poisoning, cosplay nerds and the rock and roll elitists. In today's Shop Talk Mark, Billy, and James take a long look at the way things were and how they still can (or sometimes can't) affect us in today's digital centric world. Everyone has got some great stories to tell with applicable advice from how you run your business, be it a boutique agency or if you're all on your own, scrapping and hustling for every dollar that you're making.

Talking Points

- Delicious Design League has some big news on their brand new office by their new neighbor, Bobby From Chicago.

- Confronting your nostalgia for the old days in design and seeing if things still hold up over time or fall short of expectations. Doing things by hand and before the digital era doesn't necessarily make it better.

- Mark continues to go back and forth on the Apple iPad Pro. Will he switch over to the dark side and get a Microsoft Surface?

- 100% speculation on what went down with Apple and the F.B.I.

- A back breaking prank phone call.

- What gets Mark wet on his recent trip to LACMA.

- How pushing the envelope 40 years ago doesn't seem so controversial now and how pop culture needs to be seen through the lens of when it was created to appreciate it.

- Mark' appearance in The Force Awakens.

- What to do when you find out you just created something that has already been made by someone else and you didn't know it. Where is the line in ripping someone off if you legitimately made it through your own personal discovery and how art is synergistic in its ability to communicate visually.

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

- James Flames discusses his Flatstock experience and explains how he strategically set up his booth and stood out from the competition around him.

- How to test the demand for a new product without going all in too soon.

- Billy went to C2E2 with Secret Panel and has some stories about proper booth placement and the difference between various conventions and their professionalism.

- Mark and James help Billy with alternate strategies for obtaining licensing and how to find other avenues to where you want to go when it seems like you've hit a roadblock.

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Episode 363 - Jason Munn

Jason Munn has built a quiet style of observation and substitution in the spaces between the louder moments of our lives. The simplicity in his work speaks volumes about the confidence the ideas behind his design and the subtlety in the communication of it. Join AID as we sit down with Jason to hear about his career and his rise in the world of rock posters. 

- How his book as The Small Stakes elevated his career and encapsulated a time in his career.

- Viewing each project as a singular piece of work and not as an entire body of work

- Designing by subtraction to create work that communicates with as little as possible

- Feeling stuck in a style due to customer expectations.

- Learning when you're done with a project you've been working on. 

- Choosing the appropriate style to work in for a client.

- How much do you put yourself into your work and the projects you decide to take on.

- Finding yourself as an artist while in the public's eye and enjoying that journey.

- How the digital world encroaches upon available subject matter for Jason's style of work. 

- Creating a narrative in your work based off the hints and breadcrumbs an artist leaves for you in their work. 

- The trials and tribulations of moving to the greatest state in the nation.

In The Circle of Trust

- The thought process behind choosing a moniker for your business or working under your own name while thinking long term about your career.

- How losing the joy in designing is linked to losing the balance in your personal life. 

- Learning within struggle to come out better on the other side. 

- Seeing imitation as flattery, not plagiarism, and understanding that it is an early step in anyone's design career to emulate their heroes. 

- Developing your own set of design tricks over time. 

- Mark and Jason share their favorite put down of their work from people standing in their booth. 

- The struggle in getting the general public, and even your clients, to understand your style. 

- How struggling with the problem solving aspect of design can affect you personally


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