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Episode 261 - MondoCon 2 Shop Talk Wrap Up featuring Ken Taylor, Sunny Day & Richey Beckett

Recorded just minutes after MondoCon 2015 went into the history books. A very special Shop Talk episode wrapping up the weekend that was with Ken Taylor, Sunny Day of We Buy Your Kids and Richey Beckett.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 260
- The long lonely hours of running a printing press.
- Mark self evualtes why he lost interest in listening to one of his favorite podcasts.
- More listener calls and more hatred from Billy.
- Ashley Madison conversation.
- Using the homeless as a marketing tool.
- Addressing the huge rumor that New York Comic Con is going to be a legal shit storm for bootleg art work.
- Could A Crack Down Be The Best Thing That Happened To Art

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- A update on the first 24 hours of “Practice Makes Perfect” Product Drop.
- The way it “should be” when figuring out the artist cut of a creative project.
- Discussing the marketing rollout for the Force Awakens.
- The PBS documentary on Walt Disney and he’s dream of tomorrow that never came.

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Episode 259 - Kevin Dopp N.Y.C.(NEW YORK CREDIT)

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 259
- Explaining to your guy friends that you want to design dresses as a career and then realizing how much girls dig it.
- Discovering fashion as a young man and being confused in the process.
- How a goofy term like metrosexual opened the door for a new exploration of consumer products for today’s man.
- Discovering quality and craftsmanship in your clothing.
- Designing Olympic Uniforms.
- Stigmas associated with a tag that reads “Made In China”.
- Work life balance while meeting the demands of a industry that designs a year ahead.
- The step by step process on creating a seasonal line of clothing.
- Seeking out a job where you know everyone will be better than you and using this opportunity as graduate school where you’re getting paid to learn.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Working remotely.
- Choosing to live in a environment that inspires you.
- More men’s fashion and clothing design talk.

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Episode 258 - Product Drop 01 “Practice Makes Perfect” by Kyle Letendre & Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League.

Our first ever Product Drop episode where we spend the first hour of the show talking about the concept and design execution of our timed release art print “Practice Makes Perfect” available today at You’ll hear the complete design process today from idea conception, sketching process and then the many tips, tricks and tools that Kyle Letendre used to flush out this piece to final execution.

In the Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content) you’ll hear 100% transparency on the business side of our first Product Drop. Every penny and process is broken down to help us all understand what it takes to manufacture, market and deliver a product. You will learn how much earning potential everyone involved in the Product Drop stands to make for each unit sold. We also make realistic predictions and projections on how many units need to be sold to hit certain benchmarks and what numbers the team will consider a total failure. Stay tuned for future episodes where we keep you involved in the Product Drop so that we can all use this release as a case study and learning tool in selling your own products.

“Practice Makes Perfect”
18” x 24” - 5 Color Screen Printed Art Print
Design & Illustration By Kyle Letendre of Delicious Design League
Concept & Art Direction by Billy Baumann of Delicious Design League
Printed By Delicious Design League
Timed Release Edition Starting At Midnight PST 9/30/2015, Concluding At 10/10/2015 12:01AMPST
$30 Per Poster For Non Members of The Circle of Trust
$24 for Members of The Circle of Trust (Plus 1 Surprise Scratch N Dent Poster From Delicious Design League)

Posters Will Be Printed And Shipped After The Sale Has Ended

All Final Business & Financial Numbers Will Be Reviled on Shop Talk AID270 - Circle of Trust Content (Scheduled Air Date of Friday 10/23)

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Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 257
- Working in the alligator infested swamps of Florida to offset your starting out freelance design work.
- Taking the job of a legend, but someone had to take Jim Phillips job at Santa Cruz Skateboards.
- Inheriting classic imagery and finding new ways to interrupt the brand.
- The intimidation and pressure of working with popular intellectual properties like Star Wars or Marvel while still trying to keep it brand specific to Santa Cruz.
- The weekly workflow of being the in-house illustrator for a major skateboard company.
- How to keep to up with creative pace of a heavy workload.
- Being a husband, new dad and having a dream job, what kind of work makes Cody jump into more illustration hours.
- Quickly hating your work as soon as it’s finished.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Keeping your own brand alive while killing it at the dream day job.
- Getting better at your trade by keeping up with a high demand illustration job.
- Living under the moniker of your own brand or day job.
- Just enjoying your work getting out into the world without worrying about the credit or fame.
- Setting both personal work and day job goals.

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Episode 256 - Jason Welsher “To Die For”

Topics You’ll Hear on Today’s Episode
- The ethics and mindset that birthed To Die For’s standard of top quality.
- Cash flow through the years with bands and clothing brands.
- How the rock n roll merchandise companies devalued the design community and the fans lose in the end.
- The bro days of designing for free merchandise are gone… EVERYONE MUST GET PAID!
- Helping others see the world of business opportunities that they are seemingly blind to.
- Staying Rock N Roll Thin.

Circle of Trust
- Following your strong points to success.
- Working with other creatives and thinking about the long term face of your brand.
- How worker harder can just wear you out.
- What it was like to print for clothing companies as they were blowing up.
- Why in the end to give up printing and focus on products.
- Lessons learned from watching others have financial booms and getting fooled by the rat race.
- Don’t let your big bank account balance fool you, you are always broke!
- Letting others bring out the best in you.
- NDA Cast Exclusive: Mark tells about the time a merch company asked for his real opinion on their in house work.
- Straight Edge in your golden years.

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Episode 255 - Shop Talk “Work Smart, Network Smarter”

Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann and James Flames take your calls from our new listener line 1-8555-JERKOFF and vote on which callers are Jerk Offs. In The Circle of Trust we review big topics that hit the AID airwaves this week and get Billy & James answers to some of the questions our guests brought up. Last but not least we leave the show with a a couple or more clues about next week’s first AID official product drop AND talk about the possibility of AID Summer Camp 2016.

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Episode 254 - The Mark & David Show

This episode offers tons of behind the scenes info on the duo bringing you the podcast daily and in the Circle of Trust you get to hear what Mark and David have been plotting to create a unique shopping / reality show experience with the future of the daily bonus content.

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Episode 253 - Derrick Castle “Hillbilly Wednesday - Bondo And Beauty Queens”

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 253
- Mark & Derrick debate the best way to pull off a promotion at your live events.
- Not feeling comfortable with being a winner when you’re use to losing.
- Is Brickley becoming the Hollywood elite by getting a pedicure.
- The Derrick Castle work, work balance as his day job get busier.
- Long term client projects and waiting for work to find it’s way to the publics eye.
- Derrick’s excitement about doing his first big solo show in Nashville.
- Classic cars, Castle is thinking about picking up a Sunday driver.
- Derrick’s struggle with pre promotion through Instagram and wondering if it hurts sales.
- Mark says thanks to Derrick for helping the show out when he needed it the most last year.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Mark gives Derrick some feedback on how to possibly sell more of his recent print by making a couple of printing adjustments. REAL LIVE CASE STUDY
- Designing For Consumers - NOT - Designing For Designers.
- Excitement about Mondo Con and the new caller phone line 18555JERKOFF.
- Mark proposes a 2016 Adventures In Design Summer Camp with Derrick Castle and other show favorites.
- Derrick and Mark talk about digital distribution and possibly starting the AID digital goods store with Derrick’s recent digital work.
- Castle gives feedback on the type of shows that he wants to keep hearing on AID.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 252
- Humanizing your heroes to get over the hump of intimidation.
- Becoming a huge part of Thrasher Magazine from monthly illustrations, articles and now editor.
- How one career milestone can create many others.
- Creating a visual universe and allowing yourself to create anything within your style.
- How Michael and a friend tried several times to get their own skateboard line up and off of the ground.
- We introduce you to “The Program” Michael Sieben’s new skateboard company with a heavy narrative.
- The influence of art through skateboarding heroes such as the great Neil Blender.
- Story telling through your company’s brand and marketing.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Doing the math before you say yes to creating a book.
- Michael Sieben’s illustrated Wizard of OZ book containing over 60 illustrations and the creative / business lessons he learned from this massive undertaking.
- How a failed art show experience inspired Michael and friends to create their own gallery.
- Even dreamers can be complainers.

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