Adventures In Design
422 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

Bang the drum as Shop Talk returns in full force with Mark, Billy, and James back together again. Having recently purchased the iPad Pro, Mark talks about his self initiated daily challenge and discusses the need to continually adapt and stay relevant in a constantly shifting creative world. Billy brings up some changes at Delicious Design league as they reposition themselves to catch some bigger fish and review their current promotional efforts and how that might be perceived. James clarifies his long term plan and business model in response to Mark's projections from Monday's Shop Talk and offers his perspective on the long road to artistic success. This episode has the Dream Team covering a lot of ground and will give you something to think about this weekend as you plot and scheme your own creative future.

Talking Points

  • Finding out that you're the Funky Bunch and was Donny D really drug free?
  • Billy takes the James Flames Challenge and listens to Taylor Swift.
  • Ghostbusters is just a cover song: A review from Mark Brickey.
  • Using intense color and lighting to depict paranormal activity.
  • Using the iPad Pro and remaining creatively relevant.
  • Setting guidelines for learning a new skill and working it into your existing career.
  • Tips and trick to mimic analog settings when making art digitally.
  • Utilizing multiple mobile apps instead of one robust desktop tool from Adobe.
  • File sharing from the iPad Pro to anything else.
  • Is Mark turning into Art Chantry?
  • Forecastle and how to gauge audience responses on artistic directions.
  • Do you keep making hits off your past success?
  • Creating an environment in your booth to engage your customer.
  • Delicious passes on Pitchfork and the boys remember the early days of hipsters resolving shoplifting issues through dance offs.
  • What message is your business really sending through its promotional efforts?
  • Are you judged off the company you keep or off the quality of your work.
  • Billy comes up with the best use of $400 ever!
  • James clarifies his business model after Mark brought it up on Monday's Shop Talk.
  • How James Flames overlaps client work with building his own brand.
  • Selling the Grateful Dead their own IP back to them.
  • Getting your posters sponsored by larger corporations to offset band budgets.
  • The long term plan for James and what he is building in the background on his road to greatness.
  • Who is really in control of James' timetable?
  • Understanding your work ethic and balancing out life.
  • Does the 1% inspire you to strive for more?
  • Will more money make you happier?
  • The other side of investing in yourself... literally.
  • Learning from multiple financial viewpoints and how to make your money work for you.
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421 - - A Very Special Tough Love

There is a direct connection between how well your mind and body can function with the fuel you give it. Not only in the frequency of that fuel, but the quality as well. It can be very difficult to work your way through conflicting information and deliberately misleading labels and Beth Manos Brickey joins us to share everything she has learned about the food we eat on her road to becoming a nutritional therapist. The five steps (and a few impromptu quizzes) found in this interview are the initial steps you can easily take to harness more energy than you ever dreamed imaginable to stay focused and creative all day long. What we give our bodies to use is as critical to your career as having a budget or a contract. Throw that diet soda out the window and put down that carbohydrate tube to design health and well being into the daily choices you make on what and when to eat.

The Five Steps covered in this Nutritional Tough Love Episode are:
1. Breakfast   2. Hydration   3. Eat Mindfully   4. Avoiding Crashes   5. Making Extra

Talking Points

  • Understanding food research and who did it.
  • Learning to listen to your bio-individuality.
  • Starting your day with quality fats and proteins for long lasting energy.
  • Carbohydrates and you.
  • Breaking out of your comfort zone to begin using proper ingredients.
  • Best breakfast practices and using coffee to its full extent.
  • The Jakprints Breakfast Quiz.
  • Cheat meals and getting right back on track.
  • How to stay hydrated.
  • Keeping your veins very voluptuous and signs of dehydration.
  • The Amazon Evil Beverage Quiz.
  • Getting sympathetic with soda.
  • Putting your body in the proper mind frame to digest your meals.
  • Chew your food to give your body a break.
  • The WMC Fest and CMND SHFT Lunch Quiz.
  • Hydrogenated oils and what they do in your body.
  • Eating better more often.
  • Retraining your body to properly use what you're giving it.
  • Tweaking 30 minute meals and doubling the serving size.
  • The traps in food labels and committing to nutritional education.
  • Flipping the money switch on  to on.
  • Balancing your employment with your education.
  • A case of Social Media FOMO.
  • The various forms of sponsored content and how it works.
  • Balancing your personal preferences with the needs of your audeince and how Beth chooses what goes on to
  • One effective strategy to beat the Instagram Algorithm and increase engagement.
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420 - Chris Parks

Get ready to expand your mind and tickle the back corners of your psyche as Chris Parks returns to our plane to share his adventures in design and beyond. While some of the ways Chris might spend his time wouldn't be your first choice on a list of activities, what he has learned and brought back to share is incredibly engaging and well thought out. Our psychedelic ambassador has recently completed an ayahuasca ceremony and gives Mark a complete breakdown of how the ceremony works and what he experienced during the eight hour journey. As the episode unfolds themes of creativity and the artist's role in society come to light as well as how on earth Chris took these incredibly lighted illegal cave photos. Trust us, this episode will expose you to a few new paths to take and where you consider the boundaries of your reality.

Talking Points

  • Getting past the cool guy with his arms crossed.
  • How the "Hooks In The Water" concept works and developing the long haul mindset.
  • Pushing your boundaries to improve your bread and butter.
  • How to research mind altering substances.
  • The meditative side of psychedelic exploring.
  • An ayahuasca ceremony in full detail from Chris Parks' perspective.
  • The various roads a trip can take.
  • Controlling yourself in an uncontrollable environment.
  • Does time drift in and out like a massage on a trip?
  • Creative breakthrough in experiential learning moments.
  • Simulating character building experiences that push us to see the world from a broader perspective.
  • The business model behind an ayahuasca ceremony.
  • The pros and cons of saying hello to strangers.
  • Being on your Disneyland behavior all of the time.
  • Islamic tile patterns mistaken for cave painting pentagrams.
  • Exposure times and light paintings.
  • Mark endorses performance art.
  • Bringing souvenirs back to the commercial world.
  • The illustration agent that lands Chris jobs with Brisk.
  • Walking hand in hand with gig posters.
  • Time management and five minute journals.
  • Generating a marketplace for art scene consumerism.
  • The prevalence of creativity infused in the next generations.
  • The social significance of mural painting and spreading light into the darkness.
  • Where are the vacations in sexuality?
  • You might be through with the past, but the past isn't through with you.
  • Analyzing your personality and regaining the freedom to trust yourself.
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419 - June Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam

It's that time of the month where Mark Brickey and Mitch Putnam round up the Top 10 Posters featured on during the month of June. By analyzing the color, composition, and illustrative style of these masters of their craft we all can learn how to improve our own efforts in the creative world. Each one of these incredibly crafted posters represents some unique aspect of art that grabs your eye and doesn't let it go and between Mark's years under the squeegee and the powerhouse of pop culture Mitch has helped build this poster countdown is filled with advice about making intriguing work and pick apart what makes any piece of art work. After the awards are handed out Mitch and Mark analyze several popular business models that various artists are exploring or exploiting to advance their careers and make a little more money.

Talking Points

  • The Top 10 Poster for the month of June form
  • Moving posters and trusting whoever does it.
  • Handling large amounts of type on a poster.
  • How the internet can show us the growing pains of an artist.
  • Blending typography to an illustration.
  • Developing a palatable concept series.
  • Telling a story without showing the main character.
  • Thematic posters of yesteryear.
  • Spreading you creative wings in the gig poster world.
  • Composition. Composition. Composition.
  • Identifying relatable subject matter for various audiences.
  • Generating viewer interest through narrative.
  • The gray area of pop culture homage.
  • Scaling up AID like ICP.
  • Generating consumer incentive on incredibly limited editions.
  • The ladder of a low price.
  • How to send in your demo tape and not rewarding bad behavior.
  • Gaining leverage through your own developed fanbase.
  • The fatigue of an ongoing print series and retaining fan engagement.
  • Will API evolve to the current market?
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The People's Champ is at the end of his week long vacation with Mark in California and the international bromance of the century reflects across their friendship and what has come to mean so much to the both of them. Adventures In Design has brought so many people together and as these boys reflect back they look at their current states of success other peers from the AID Universe as well. Balancing careers with satisfaction and finding the freedom in your talents varies for everyone and by comparing these variable pieces of the equation Mark and Sean illuminate the vast array of paths anyone can take to follow their passion and make a living from it. Its only from a friendship like this that you'll find such a healthy does of honesty that comes from a place of pure support and admiration. Also, antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Tallying up the amount of time Mark and Sean have spent together.
  • Following your passion to win at life.
  • Life in the Design Traveling Circus.
  • Youth and the summers of "What Are We Going To Do?"
  • Dickhead Directors Commentary all day and staying out as late as you can each night.
  • Would a privileged life change your life's course creatively?
  • The land built with a bucket of Yellow and Sean's lack of imagination.
  • Finding your way through the hardships thrown at you.
  • The kinship of AID and laying off poor Sean and his design style.
  • Mark's Two Rules about Women.
  • The balancing act in your career choices and the wear and tear of taking the bait.
  • Comparing the careers of James Flames and DKNG>
  • Comparing the careers of Jason Edmiston and Sean Mort.
  • Energy. Return. Passion. Expectations.
  • Working smarter and celebrating the magic in Sean Mort's achievable career.
  • The continual woes of client work and the increasing complications coupled with success.
  • Making departments and nesting your talents.
  • Investing the constant and not the fleeting.
  • Planning three steps ahead to avoid the monkey see monkey do mentality of the design world.
  • Innovation and the AIGA.
  • Why you should challenge the industry and finding what makes you different than everybody else.
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417 - Thomas Page

In response to the violence last week in America, Mark steps out to try and make whatever small changes he can personally to make his world a better place. On the morning of his change he stumbles across one man, holding a sign, and takes this as a sign to randomly interview this person of peace. The short but sweet interview created a different kind of episode for the dead middle of the summer season and hopefully influences you to make whatever small change you can and in turn pass that change to another. 

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 415 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 7: Sket One

The Collection returns with special guest, Sket One, whose varied career has pushed him to become a financially grounded and creatively unstoppable artist. Starting in graffiti and expanding into designing the Orange Bowl Sket One stays involved in every avenue of creativity he can to keep opening new doors and challenging the boundaries of every medium he works with. Huck Gee brings some insight into Beijing and how he set up his latest gallery show with Clutter Magazine. This part of The Collection explores how an artist interacts with their customers and the freedom (and hard work) waiting for anyone who wants to be in complete control of their career. Mark, Huck, and Sket One bring together their collective thirty plus years of experience in every aspect of the designer toy world to set the standard for how an artist can succeed in their own path.

Talking Points

  • Huck is back from Beijing with stories to tell.
  • Bringing in help to get more done and get out of the panic cycle.
  • The Huck Gee x Clutter show (now with authentic Huck sound bites).
  • The responsibility of balancing old and new artists in a shows lineup.
  • Playing nice with your customer's money and remembering the final display.
  • Mark refuses to get strong armed and serves up a thick slice of honesty.
  • Who really gets hurt with pre orders and timed releases.
  • How a retailer fits into today's marketplace.
  • The "New Masters Voting Council" grows.
  • Starting your own clothing company as an entry point.
  • Surprise! Sket One does college football design work.
  • Keeping your projects diverse and seeing behind the smoke and mirrors of self employment.
  • The biggest lesson of all from the last chapter of skateboarding.
  • Production Power shifts from the introduction of the internet.
  • Putting in the effort instead of staring at the internet.
  • Confidence and working past other's opinions.
  • Investing in your next project and getting immediate feedback.
  • The anonymity of design in everyday products.
  • Seeing the designer toy world as a supermarket.
  • The Heinz Dunny and the Sriracha Dunny and each brands reaction to free promotional work.
  • Content creation for desperate larger brands.
  • The new Kid Robot and feeding Tchotchke Nation.
  • Eliciting your audiences response through implied narratives.
  • Planning out your price point after you do everything form A to Z.
  • Living a life thats dead inside or following your dream.
  • The validation in your first sale and the agony of release day.
  • Ignoring the labels.
  • Are you getting used or getting a big break?
  • Becoming as independent as possible and diversifying your offerings.
  • Applying branding knowledge to character design.
  • What was up with Sket Bots?
  • Should you compromise to gain exposure or stick to your guns?
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414 - Brian Ewing

Brian Ewing is at the next step in his career. Having perfected his signature style, working in the world of designer toys, and taking on client work at every turn Brian turns his attention to the world of tattoos. What drove Brian to work on a moving canvas that moves and complains when while he sits at the pinnacle of his stylized anatomy work? Having lived a life outside of the lines Brian continues to feel his way through the dark of maintaining a career as a creative professional. It takes a little bit of courage and a healthy amount of fear to stay at the top and Brian lays it all out in his return to Adventures In Design.

Talking Points

  • San Diego Comic Con... for the 14th time.
  • Metacrypt Toys as a hobby and avenue for growth as an artist.
  • Designing in three dimensions and drawing characters form multiple angles.
  • Spotting Eastern influences with white guy tendencies.
  • How to budget for Comic Con.
  • Booth strategies for success and the importance in presentation.
  • Assessing your customer service levels.
  • Is using a gallery show as a forced deadline a good idea or should you let your work trickle out over time to maintain your customer's interest.
  • Antiquated gallery business models and how an artists could do it on their own.
  • Letting your customers reset their bank accounts.
  • Throwing your own party for a release.
  • Waiting for permission for something you can do yourself.
  • Pushing your style as far as you can and learning from the career path or other stylized artists.
  • Attractive careers and fighting with your self behind closed doors.
  • Feeling your way through the dark of being a creative and knowing when its time to change.
  • The guilt of being bored with success.
  • The myth of growth and inner industry curveballs.
  • Greener grass of a nine to five and getting off the freeway of art.
  • Missing pieces in the art career puzzle.
  • Who's hazing Brian at the tattoo shop?
  • The creative speed of a tattoo artist.
  • Learning to tattoo on sex doll skin and working your way up to pig's feet.
  • How Brian met Mike Moses.
  • Being exposed to various subject matter and how it affects your style.
  • Recognizing a cornerstone of success in your art career.
  • Trying to be on summer vacation for the rest of your life.
  • Wondering when your luck will run out if you don't live by a formula.
  • The responsibility of the future is gonna find you.
  • Grappling with the loneliness of following your dream.
  • Having a healthy amount of fear.
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413 - Sean Mort’s American Summer Vacation A Epic Podumentary Part 1

To find out more about today’s episode visit http://www.AdventuresIn.Design

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412 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

Bang the drum for the country you love! The Fourth of July Weekend is upon us and before they light off a few sparklers Mark, Billy, and James get into the current cultural significance of so called "masters" painters who are also (gasp) foreigners. This leads to an even broader topic of how we approach art today and the role of technology has played in our mastery of each medium. Billy also ponders popularity in the world of art and how many talented creatives are never discovered, seemingly cursed to live in obscurity. You might think this all sounds a bit heavy for a weekend kick off but, you know the Dream Team never disappoints. Billy and James defend their four chosen state flags where we learn form some of the good and a whole lot of the bad. Antics Ensue. 

Talking Points

  • The Circle Of Trust Brooch is live!
  • WMC AID Workshop: Staying Free As A Freelancer
  • Are you sexist if you don't like the new adaptation of Ghostbusters?
  • The role of Preacher in the world of comics.
  • Billy answers a listener's question for James about hand drawn poster alterations.
  • Avoiding complications with a step by step contract that details your process.
  • Establishing how you work with your clients.
  • Keeping type and art separate and the point of no return.
  • Doesn't everyone draw from memory?
  • Telling a story, hiding techniques, and making your art look like it was meant to.
  • Are the Masters really masters?
  • The Birth Of Venus is bullshit!
  • Art as a creative endeavor or a technical endeavor.
  • The public's perception of art.
  • Eventually giving up on music.
  • How does art become popular and how many equally talented people are never discovered.
  • Honoring Modern Day Masters with bright yellow sports coats.
  • Haters during the 15th century.
  • Resonating with historical Cuban art.
  • James defends the state flags of Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.
  • Billy defends the state flags of Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, and Delaware.
  • Street justice in the animal kingdom.
  • How to properly stroke a horse.
  • What else is Colorado's state flag hiding?
  • Communicating with a through line.
  • Planning for the pole and the role of environmental design.
  • The change of art's meaning over time.
  • Nazi paraphernalia at antique malls.
  • Constantly improving the bad parts of America.
  • 4th of July plans for the boys.
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