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Talking points on Hammer Time 26

  • Is someone making dry humping porn? Is that a genre? 
  • The biggest favor you can do for your favorite YouTube creators. 
  • Hammer shows the real value of LA's fashion district and how he puts in the hard work. 
  • Hammer Time explores the Pinata district of Los Angeles and the definite possibility having a Tavo Pinata created. 
  • Gustavo Jaimes the most responsible tattoo artist of all time (just out luck.)
  • A Pretty amazing John Cena story. 

Circle of Trust - Paid Member Content

  • Traveling with equipment and losing your knife to TSA. 
  • Fuck Gary. 
  • The beautiful world of bootleg pinatas. 
  • Hammer and Brickey try to push Tavo into being a shot caller. 
  • The new rush to get your neck and hand tattoos. 
  • Gus's extreme Anaheim pride and what did the cops pull off the river banks? 
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Adventures In Design favorite son Dan Stiles returns to have a Shop Talk conversation with Mark Brickey recorded at his home office in Portland, Oregon. 

In part two Dan & Mark bond over their night time routines of watching the daily political news. 

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Gigasavvy - Partner/SVP

  • Rachel wanted to get a job in advertising and instead got hired to be a receptionist. It didn't stop her.
  • Telling mom and dad that you're dropping out of law school because you're now a receptionist. 
  • Rachel's well-plotted rise to power in becoming the American Advertising Federation, Orange County President.
  • How sports taught Rachel to be competitive and to work hard for her goals. 
  • Learning to say yes to opportunities and making smaller clients work for you instead of letting go of that work and the client. 
  • The concept of Gigasavvy and how Rachel is happy to be the conductor of the creative symphony. 
  • Born, raised and fighting for Orange County. Rachel has a strong commitment to her home. 
  • Learning how to work with your competition and brokering a deal amongst former career enemies. 
  • Rachel Svoboda is the face of female empowerment in the workplace. However, her type A personality goes out the window when she walks through the front door and becomes mommy. 


Blue C Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Baja United Wines Co-Founder

  • How listening to Shop Talk and Billy Baumann accidentally inspired Eric to co-found Baja United Wines. 
  • The appeal to Orange County and how it manages to birth so many successful startups of all sizes. 
  • Eric interviews Mark as his fascination with Adventures In Design continues. 
  • The future of podcasting/advertising and making relationships with people through content. 
  • The beauty and endless inspiration of Mexico. 


Rachel Svoboda & Eric Morley Shop Talk

  • Why Rachel and Eric see the importance in spending their time and resources on community through the Orange County American Advertising Federation. 
  • Learning how to work with your competition instead of working against them. 
  • How Mark's job is a scam because most people are pretty much the same as one another. 
  • Exploring where the world of advertising is going beyond ads and into content creation. 
  • Eric's commitment to learning daily new things and involving himself actively in the future of communication and business. 
  • Where do Rachel and Eric find their freelancers? And what do they look for in future partnerships? 
  • Don't be needy. Get to know your "want to be" clients and build relationships, not a resume. 
  • Old school people skills still work. 
  • Get out into your community and get involved and most likely get hired. 
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A Comment Below rundown of mentionable TV release dates for the second half of March 2018. Hear what's a hit and what's probably shit.

Nothing is controversial anymore in media. There's only content and crimes, and it's hard to make controversy for the sake of promotion.

McDonald's and their McManipulation of the media for consistent free press.

Video game franchises turned into films, has it ever really worked out well?

The working actor balance of getting paid and making what you want to be made.

Who would have ever predicted at the end of Mad Men that Elisabeth Moss would have a much better career than John Hamm?

March TV Preview Part Two:

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter
Roxanne Roxanne

Wild Wild Country
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling
Beyond the Opposite Sex

Probably Shit
The Terror

Probably Hits
Silicon Valley S5
The Mechanism
The Americans S6
Billions S3

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  • Momo No Go! The story of how Mark Brickey went to his high school graduation alone and tried to ruin it for the rest of his graduating class by standing and accepting every single award. 
  • Everyone is adding on your bill, kitchen tips, 2.5% quality add-on, resort fees at hotels that clearly aren't resorts and $42 a night parking. The hipster middles class is getting squeezed every which way you go and Hammer Time crew is pissed. 
  • Brickey put a deposit down on a car, but it's not what you're thinking. The legend of Dan Stiles and the Gambler 500. 
  • The greatest idea ever for an Every Time I Die tour that combines America's favorite past times, ETID & NASCAR. 
  • Remembering the moment when childhood pranks lose their humor and gain serious consequences. The joke goes bad. 
  • Tavo gets left on a Texas highway for border control to find, and Hammer loses his shit on the friend that stayed behind. 


  • Using a Treo smartphone to find Chipotle. The early days of touring without technology. 
  • Everyone is on the grid! How it's impossible to not exist on social media and how no one can get away with anything. Anonymous, just doesn't survive. 
  • How to get Hammer Time talking to its listeners again? Tavo's Pinata has gone dry! We miss you guys. 
  • The most celebrated event that Hammer Time could ever attend, a family party over at Tavo's. 
  • Brickey sits in with the mariachi band on jug. 
  • Does Tavo's family call Mexican food just food? 
  • Remembering how funny the first Jackass movie was. 
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Losing his father, separating from his wife and leaving his job wasn't exactly what Bob Smith thought he'd be talking about one year later from his first interview where he launched Ore-Cal Sportswear. It's been a tough year, and Bob doesn't mind sharing the hard facts of the last 365 days that kicked the shit out of him with you.

  • Instead of burying his feelings in work, Bob Smith decided to lean into his pain and try to become a better person in the process. He shares his coping tools with us. 
  • Is it me or is it the logo? Bob Smith has worked for Nike, Pendleton and New Balance, and while there completed big projects. Bob now wonders can he make the same success of his work or has he been hiding in the safe space of famous brands. 
  • Some years are rougher than others, dealing with the stress of the down years and looking for signs sent from the universe that it's going to all workout. 
  • When your happy and everything is working, you don't look for signs or symbols of hope, but when life kicks the shit out of you, you're on a constant hunt for symbols and signs that you can make it and that it's all going to be alright. 
  • Learning, striving and wanting to become a better person than you were before the heartbreak.
  • How families learn to cope but not find true resolve. Nothing ever gets fixed. 
  • Never wanting to leave Disneyland or any place that makes you happy because the real world just isn't as good as fantasy. 


  • The difference in confidence and arrogance. 
  • Loving your job is a luck that can always offer you an escape from the pain of living. 
  • Women, dogs and other items of love that we displace our pain into. 
  • Moving on and moving up. Can Ore-Cal save Bob Smith?
  • The well-balanced design mind of Mark Parker and admiring folks that have balance creative and business life figured out. 
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  • How long did it take you to learn how to manage your expectations on the projects that you get hired for?
  • Learning that others will often lack the vision for follow through of good ideas.
  • What we're working on. 
  • Creating your workflow and system for a workspace that's organized and keeps you productive. 
  • Exploring the great sin of judging your success based off of others success. 
  • Are you taking the money out of the bank early? To live the life you want to live, right now? 
  • We break your news on figuring out your pricing, which really means an exercise in understanding your value. 
  • Being in love with your craft remains the cornerstone of success. 


  • The scary feeling when people your age start to die of natural causes. 
  • Mark & Billy take your requests and share ghost stories and meetings from the other side?
  • Billy is frustrated by his love of defending DC Comics. 
  • NRA using Leslie Knope without permission. 
  • Hot Takes - More guns in school?
  • How morons argue using horrible parallels. 
  • When social media influencers take their audience away from the brands, they once represented. 
  • The new faces of advertising are defacing the brands that made them both rich and famous. The ads are fighting back! 
  • How learning to "Manipulate the media" can turn press-released stories into free press for free marketing. 
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When it comes to health, I am often hit with loaded questions like: “How Can I Be Healthy?”, “Where Do I Start?” or “How Should I Eat?”
Nutrition and the world of health and wellness can be wildly overwhelming and contradicting. There are so many paths, directions and goals. My answers to these questions will probably surprise you. 
In episode two of Between Meals we spend time getting back to basics, we talk about where to start and most importantly the mindset work that I believe is required before you ever even start with changing habits and implementing new approaches to your health.
Referenced Links and Recipes:
Real Food Resources, including batch cooking and meal prep recipes, grocery shopping and delivery, etc: 
Tasty Yummies Personalized Meal Plans:
Eating Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated. 20 Things Not Necessary to Being Healthy:
8 Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions (and Health Goals at any time)
Some of My Favorite Meal Prep and Batch Cooking Recipes:
How-to Make Perfect Roasted Vegetables:
Salad Dressing 101 for your #BFS:
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Mark Brickey & Sean Mort load up Comment Below for a double episode to take you through the first half of new March TV programs. From fresh faces of Heather to a returning Jessica Jones the boys take you through 10 key drop dates for the first half of the month. Life's too short to spend on bad TV. Hopefully, the March TV Preview gives you more time to watch what matters. The guys also look at Three Billboards, this week's new movies and Mark discovers a new website called YouTube.

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On a perfect fall day last October, Adventures In Design hit record with an artist that celebrates the seasons, change, death, decay and life as they are one in the same and always using her work to remind us that all of these themes are not too far away from one another. Hear Mark work Tegan through her entire illustration process; if you think her work is as amazing as we do, this is a conversation not to miss.

Adventures In Design celebrated the 700th episode with one of our own, illustrator and storyteller James Flames joins us to share how he has found storytelling to be a reliable device to make his work stick out and keeping him having fun. Learning how James has illustrated his life's stories will hopefully teach us all how to tell our own better.

Today hear Mark Brickey, and Mitch Putnam not only look back on the evolution of AID but how these two designers have made their work known around the world and become two of the most respected names in illustration, movie posters and printmaking.

To hear these complete interviews along with eight others visit to purchase the 16 hours 10 episode collection or to become a member of the Circle of Trust where you can get full access to these ten episodes and over 700 others.

The World's Greatest Poster Artists celebrates a collection of interviews conducted on AID showcasing some of the most talented artists in the poster design community.

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