Adventures In Design
497 - Tube 09: The DKNG Show: Chapter 6

The DKNG Show reaches its final chapter for it's first year on the air and we have learned so much from these two design industry leaders. Dan and Nathan open their doors once again to let us examine their business strategies, design choices, and public appearances. It's just our luck they also have put together an incredible deal for our 9th Tube Of Christmas filled with Explorer's Club patches, pins, and a chance to win the Big Salami! Chapter 6 pulls apart how DKNG completed their recent geometric Polar Bear Print, how they account for mystery tube sales, and speaking in front of thousands at Adobe Max. Need more? How about what it was like to take on their first mural project, set up shop at Mondo Con 3, and compare their business model to Daniel Danger's. Theres never a dull moment when Dan, Nathan, and Mark get together to bring you over an hour and a half of design talk and some insight on making that sweet caaaaaaaaaaaaaaash.

Talking Points

  • The Oreo of Good News / Bad News / Good News.
  • Some good news about the bad news regarding Hanukkah.
  • The Big Salami push and pulling out the big winner.
  • Donating your time and service to a cause you believe in.
  • Making healthy geometric relationships and keeping the story strong.
  • Keeping the end goal and the audience in mind.
  • Putting as much attention into your customer relationships as your artistic expressions.
  • Pre-loaded Black Friday Tubes that keep your inventory on point.
  • The semantics behind a Mystery Tube Sale and what work qualifies for it.
  • Treating your prints like a dead buffalo.
  • Is complexity all your clients want?
  • Flexing your skills before you get into the Rubix Cubism.
  • Remembering what you're designing and working for others.
  • The feedback is less origin and more sausage making.
  • Are you sharing too much of your business plan and creating more competition for yourself.
  • Packaging design, registration, and planning for trapping.
  • Letting limitations elevate you.
  • Designing the box, selecting the species, and laser etching contrast.
  • DKNG does a mural.
  • Incorporating texture and not overpowering the room.
  • Stretching the room with math.
  • Mondo Con and it's different kind of customer.
  • Losing it for limited edition pieces and people geared towards collectibility.
  • Are you a DKNG or a Daniel Danger? And can you be both?
  • The emotional side of supply and demand.
  • What happens when you stop working and your income is directly correlated with it.
  • Some heartfelt Holiday well wishing.
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496 - Tube 10: Breaking News with Sean Mort

Breaking News takes over the airwaves with our 10th Tube and a long overdue episode from Dem Snicket Boys. Sean Mort and Mark Brickey answer all the questions you've been dying to hear the answers to and mix in some great stories, a little career advice, and some good old fashioned ball busting. Breaking News takes questions ranging from starting your career in digital art to explaining the multitude of release strategies for releasing physical copies of your art. What's the best way to send products to your customers? Are you trying to impress your friends with your talents or are you trying to develop a following? Do craft fairs get crazier than you think they would? The International Bromance reunites to put these questions to rest and brighten up the week to come with a big bucket of yellow.

Talking Points

  • Was Sean kicked out of the Circle Of Trust?
  • Mondays move behind the paid wall in 2017 to be better for everyone.
  • Hashing out problems with your friends instead of in front of everyone.
  • Getting out from behind the truck.
  • Creating content around your product and other promotional tips.
  • The steering wheel situation from the other side of the snicket.
  • Sending out smaller prints the Wendy's way.
  • Impressing your friends or moving units.
  • Fag City / Cali For Mia / Booth Breast Feeding
  • Print Trading Lies / The Worst Booth / Hipster Body Rock Fights / Strawberry Shortcake Elephant Ears / Beth Gets Pushed And Heads Get Kicked In
  • From individually unwrapped American Cheese slices to expensive artisan cheese trays.
  • Open editions, variants, numbered prints, and secondary markets.
  • Balancing cash flow, developing your following, and splitting the difference.
  • A little food for thought on the current state of The Walking Dead.
  • Mark drops the ball on Sean's Balls and the only appropriate time to wear shorts.
  • The potential in self driving cars.
  • Mark's burial plans explained in full.
  • Seeing where Sean lives and the joy of traveling.
  • Digital art entry points.
  • Long term plays on merch and gauging your stock.
  • Other podcasts that won't break up the bromance.
  • Planning out the Bucket Of Yellow enamel pin sale.
  • Rogue One plans and predictions.





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495 - Tube 11: Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OK Pants

Bang the holiday drum because the holidays have come to Shop Talk as we open up the 11th Tube Of Christmas. The boys stay well off course today to keep everyone's spirits bright after a long week of settling in for the long lines and crowded parking lots that loom ahead. Billy almost gets fired from Delicious, Mark's plane loses a passenger, and all the while our personal Tiny Tim, OK Pants is trying to keep things positive. The iPad Pro receives a final AID verdict and we all uncover what Instagram has been hiding with Al Gore's Rhythm and why. Shop Talk ends on a high note as Mark, Billy, and Aaron square off in a heated debate over the superheroes and supervillains that have impacted us the most.  

Talking Points

  • A standing issue with horses.
  • Rolling out a blouse of positivity.
  • The Hanukah Metrics, custom menorahs, and our favorite eight legged holiday mascot.
  • Flying with a one year old and upgrading to Rogue.
  • Cloud based file saving systems and the missing laptop that got away.
  • Mid-Atlantic Emergencies with Mark.
  • A final ruling on the iPad Pro from Mark and Billy.
  • Microsoft inches ahead for creative professionals.
  • What to do with more than one iPad.
  • From the backwoods to the bleachers at Disneyland.
  • Holiday Havoc looms over Cleveland.
  • Instagram's Curation Conspiracy is unearthed by Black Friday. Or is it?
  • A price per click kick in the balls.
  • Cluttered content, spreading the good word, and rolling back to email lists.
  • The strongest superhero square off.
  • Billy blows the Top 10 Villains list.
  • Defending character arcs in Batman Vs. Superman.
  • DC's subtle take on humanity.
  • The build up for a six minute fight and Ben Affleck as the best Batman yet.
  • Tent poles in the movie industry and kicking the tires on your audience.
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494 - Tube 12: Jason Edmiston

December is upon us and over at Adventures In Design that could only mean one thing… the 12 Tubes Of Christmas are here! We kick off our countdown of deals with a heavyweight in the world of contemporary art, Jason Edmiston. This year spans the gamut of successful projects for Jason from an art show at the Mondo Gallery to publishing his first art book, Visceral. After 2015 proved to be his breakout year, our Canadian Contender turned inward to create work that expands his public visibility and artistic credibility and joins Mark to share what he’s learned. Balancing the workload associated with personal achievements and profitability can be a tricky one even when you’re spreading it across three hundred and sixty five days but if anyone can do it, Jason can, and with a plan. It’s no accident Jason has an immense and impressive body of work and hearing his insight and intent behind his actions in a valuable tool for artists at any level in their career about what to do and where to go next.

Talking Points

  • Merchandising painting.
  • The big giclee flop and keeping your customers in mind.
  • Jason’s big takeaways from 2016.
  • Betting your success on your customer’s budget.
  • Where you release your art dictates its price.
  • Gushing over Grief.
  • Rob Jones’ business model at Mondo Con 3. 
  • Placing a personal achievement over profitability.
  • Greasing the hands that make the books.
  • Being groomed for a future at Mondo.
  • The early Edmiston grind with Ron Swanson.
  • Art for art, widgets for visibility, and making money off it all.
  • Crawl. Walk. Run.
  • Ordering images spanning two decades.
  • Vetting you publisher and the obscurity of the French.
  • Going HD and more like Breaking Bad as you progress.
  • The least profitable item in the booth is still the most profitable way to sell it.
  • Innovative incentives to promote purchases.
  • The deal with apparel.
  • How to move every copy at the bookstore.
  • Volume based business and the upside of loss leaders.
  • Pulling yourself up a bracket.
  • What does Jason have planned for 2017?
  • Going from shotgun to sharp shooter.
  • Exploring potential revenue streams for your business.
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493 - Latinos In Contemporary Art with Man One, Maria

Our third and final panel from Designer Con ends on a very strong note with Latinos in Contemporary Art. Mark sits down with Man One, Maria "TooFly" Castillo, Antonio Pelayo, and Ritzy Periwinkle to hear first hand what life is like at the crossroads of two cultures and how the next regime change can potentially affect their creative careers. All four of our guest's stem from a background rooted in community and caring which comes out in their artistic content and approach to life. Not only can everyone learn from their professional practices, but their personal mindset on a day in day out basis to keep success in all of our corners. This panel is a glimpse at the hustle needed to thrive in the upcoming economy and a bright spot of hope about thriving even if the odds are stacked against you.

Talking Points

  • Working with everyone to make America great again.
  • Getting into the mindset of becoming an agent of change.
  • Bringing better points of view to the table.
  • Learning to listen and applying rubber to the road.
  • Inspiration from the Mexican countryside.
  • Growing up as a creative in the golden era of hip hop.
  • Getting your hands on the black book of NYC Graffiti Culture.
  • The marriage between street art and latino culture.
  • Feeling the need for expression.
  • Using your success to bring others up with you.
  • The strong sense of community infused in the Latinos.
  • Overcoming stereotypes and working with the cards you're dealt to get ahead.
  • Finding strength in your role models and being an example to the next generation.
  • Merging two cultures in your artistic outlets.
  • Cutting the bullshit out of business and its surprising results.
  • What happens when the majority gets the blinders taken off?
  • A plus for the art business is a minus for the business of art.
  • Entering action mode and searching for sustainability.
  • The looming stench of T-Day.
  • Becoming Sisyphus on a personal and professional level.
  • Putting a stop to the pity party and making some new and united moves.
  • Is it our job to save the world?
  • Silver passes and cell shading.
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492 - I'm With Her... Women in business, design, and contemporary art with Tara McPherson, Julie B, Whitney Kerr, and Junko Mizuno

The live episodes from Designer Con continue with a panel of four women at the forefront of the contemporary art world. Using their unique blend of creativity and business sense Tara McPherson, Julie B, Whitney Kerr, and Junko Mizuno have become powerful voices in the design community around them. What are the struggles these women have faced from board rooms to blank canvases and has gender played a significant role in their careers? How has our cultures surge in technology affected artist's abilities to share their stories with a broader audience? Mark asks the questions you need answers to from this diverse panel of women whose abilities span the entire gamut of the creative spectrum. Today's intro also contains a holiday surprise from Jordan Buckley of and Every Time I Die.

Talking Points in the Jordan Buckley Intro

  • Falling asleep to the sound of counting cash.
  • Releasing the album of your career.
  • Waiting six months to find out if you creatively missed the mark.
  • Progressing in your craft while still connecting with your audience.
  • Casting smaller nets.
  • Taking your number at the Supply And Demand Deli.
  • Missing song six and seven at Amateur Hour.
  • moves into merchandising.
  • Trial and error till death.
  • A real life "can you imagine" moment and balancing work with life.
  • Staying Productive on and off the road.

Talking Points in I'm With Her... Women in business, design, and contemporary art

  • Returning to Pasadena, a split booth, a personal affirmation, and facing new challenges.
  • Rotofugi's redemption and a future in Chicago.
  • A Tara Show versus a Junko Show.
  • The excitement in collaboration.
  • Starting your career with the creative tools available today compared to the Nineties.
  • Interacting with your own work in real life.
  • Coaching artists through their first 3D experience.
  • The pros and cons of the internet on an artist's career.
  • Pausing your career and becoming the Partridge Family of posters.
  • Motherhood, business, and the opportunities you can't say no to.
  • The moment you knew it would work.
  • Patching up your Net 90 Holes.
  • Staying unrealistic in Tokyo and outlasting your parent's alternate expectations.
  • Drawn to bondage.
  • Female sexuality from a female perspective.
  • Exploring existential angst while retaining your strength.
  • Do you respond to the feedback of your fans?
  • Accepting help and handing off power.
  • Trusting yourself to make the right decision.
  • Keeping a balance of health and wealth.
  • Bringing the family into the business.
  • Uncovering the mystery behind gender biased color palettes.
  • Value, saturation, and making your colors resonate.
  • Following the paper and abandoning your monitor.
  • The greatest moment in a creative career.
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491 - Turn Your Art Into Entertainment with John Tomko, Josh Rimes AND Brian Michael Levant

How do you break into the entertainment industry with your creativity? What matters most about a new project from people at the top of the ladder to the producer's assistant? Mark Brickey sits down with John Tomko, Josh Rimes, and Brian Michael Levant at Designer Con to get the answers to you closer to your big break. This panel represents over fifty collective years in the entertainment industry and they've seen it all and bring their experience to today's adventure to give you some inside information about how this lucrative world works. Get direct advice about sharing your unique voice, creating a universe, and possibly making the type of money that can change your life.

Talking Points

  • Pop culture goes Open Source
  • Bringing Falling Down to life.
  • Getting your work into an accessible format for Hollywood.
  • The tools creatives have to break into the industry.
  • From character to story to world building.
  • Are you giving away too much or now showing enough?
  • Developing a fan base that gets assess in seats.
  • Voice, vision, and the art of storytelling.
  • Getting teamed up with people to help you find your niche.
  • How to share your vision and bring them into your universe.
  • Where are you pitching your idea and how do you keep them engaged?
  • Getting through the front door of a locked up industry.
  • The importance of sharing your vision with the people you're working with.
  • Researching management companies.
  • Spec scripts, internships, and gaining skills in the industry.
  • A graveyard of good ideas from John, Josh, and Brian.
  • What is the biggest thing currently missing in the industry?
  • Fitting into the brand.
  • Staying resilient and authentic.
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The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: AID 473 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 5

The DKNG Show returns for its fifth chapter in pulling back the curtain on the inner workings of running one of the most sought after design duos on the market. Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman have meticulously planned, strategized, and built every component of their design career and every other month we get a chance to peak in and see exactly how they do it from concept to cash in hand. This chapter finds DKNG releasing two pivotal projects that work in different ways to propel their business forward. Bank Of America worked closely with our boys to create a social media campaign based off their illustrations and the Explorer Series unveils its latest set of prints, pins, and patches. Mark, Dan, and Nathan focus on how larger corporate clients and self initiated projects each play an important part on raising your bottom line and building your confidence as a creative. The analysis of the projects and in depth discussion on the strategy, execution, and implementation of each job reveal that DKNG is always thinking ahead to maximize the potential behind their drive and talent.

Talking Points

  • Whatever rhymes with October and how the world revolves on Red Bull.
  • AID's first Spring Break Broadcast goes into the planning stage.
  • Super remote destination weddings.
  • Mark's first lesson from the entertainment industry.
  • Creating fifteen illustrations outside DKNG's signature style.
  • Concepts versus visualization.
  • Developing and simplifying a series.
  • Left handed composition sketches and working towards client ready artwork.
  • Mark Brickey's Politically Perfect People Pantones Pack.
  • Politically correct and socio-economically conscious imagery.
  • Resource imagery, legal pushback, and keeping things recognizable.
  • The importance of a footprint and gauging your impact.
  • The three big wins from Bank of America.
  •  Balancing corporate work with work that got you corporate work.
  • Developing predetermined style guides.
  • To spoke or not to spoke?
  • Sketching out your plans and building the rules.
  • Maintaining a symbiotic relationship between your foreground and background.
  • Crafting together the Explorer Series so perfectly.
  • Spy Hunter moves on the Tour De Prance.
  • New SKU's and quintupling 10K.
  • Making landscapes of making objects?
  • Following trends, maintaining integrity, and evaluating other people's decisions.
  • Creating a long term earner that only builds your self confidence.
  • The A-Ha! Moment in making your own IP.
  • Cutting through the noise with a Black Friday Sale before Halloween.
  • Selling posters without even being there.
  • Performing, selling, and schmoozing.
  • Market Pricing your prints.
  • The pressure in doing it live to eight people or eight thousand people.
  • Making the Grand Canyon stand out.
  • Did DKNG stray too far from what they're known for?
  • Getting a cool million to not work.
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The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: AID 326 - The DKNG Show Part 01

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 1 - The Work

We review EVERYTHING that DKNG sent a invoice out the door for in the month of December 2015 and January 2016. We learn how they landed the job, the balance of responsibilities, client involvement and even the budget size on every project. Circle of Trust members log in to see all of the work mentioned and never before seen working files and sketches. This is the complete look at their output for the past two months.

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 2 - Retelling The Holidays

DKNG give us a report on their holiday events, holiday sale strategies and inventory purchases. We discuss where the profit comes out of the retail cycle and learn about managing a product line.

The DKNG Show Part 1 - Act 3 - Back To The Future

Back in December DKNG made goals for their new year of business strategies. We revisit their goals and examine what happened and what didn’t thus far, how can DKNG get back on to the path that they want to be on?

The DKNG Show Part 1 - ACT 4 - Predicting The Future

Mark Brickey pushes each of the guys to make a goal for the second episode of The DKNG Show and has each of them write down a number predicting their 2016 sales figures for SXSW. Tune in Tuesday, April 5th to hear the results and to learn what else the boys have crank out in the next 64 days.

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The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: Grand Or Bland: The 2015 Branding Review with Dan Stiles and David Smith

Today we talk nothing but design, more specifically, nothing but branding design. We review 20 major brands that in 2015 updated their public identity. Dan Stiles sits in as our color commentator, never holding back his real opinion on these re-brands and David Smith from The Blksmth Co. offers up his professional critique on what he sees that’s working or simply not working. It’s a fun design talked themed double episode where we explore why good designs go wrong, the utility aspect of good branding allowing for perfect packaging and production and how at the end of the day…. You’re only as good as your clients allow you to be!

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