Adventures In Design

Chapter 25:

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade & Us

Lessons learned from this week's self-inflicted deaths.


Chapter 26:

It's Starting To Work For Me

Reflecting back on my week and

starting to feel good about letting go of the metrics.


Chapter 27:

Make Good Work And The Rest Will Happen

How exactly does "The Rest" happen?

Exploring the half-truth of this often repeated inspirational quote.


Chapter 28:

What Would You Give To Have It All

Shift your focus to what you wont give up

to know what means the most to you.


Chapter 29:

How Can I Not Take It Personal

It's business it's not personal,

until the business becomes your identity.


Chapter 30:

The One Thing You Can Control

Stop hitting the panic button and

Start hitting pause.

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Chapter 20:

The Wake Up Happy Challenge

For the month of June,

I'm challenging myself and you to do

three simple things each morning.


Chapter 21:

My Greatest Secret For Productivity

How to power through

when you feel exhausted and uninspired

to be productive and creative.


Chapter 22:

If It Was Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It

The simple truth is there are no secrets to success.


Chapter 23:

Don't Let The Finish Line,

Keep You From Starting

Allow yourself to start,

Make projects not excuses.


Chapter 24:

The Power Of A Compliment

A compliment is something

you don't even know you need

until someone gives you one.

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Chapter 12:

The Friendship Model

4 easy steps to make friends and

change your quality of life in the process.


Chapter 13:

Your Memorial Day

If it all ended today, tomorrow would not count,

who are you right now?


Chapter 14:

Social Media Is Not The Answer

What's the most honest, brutal way,

to tell the truth?


Chapter 15:

Being Real Is Your Only Real Option

Because honesty, honestly is what cuts through.


Chapter 16:

Impossible Not To Compare Yourself To Others

Can you reverse engineer your hero's success and

make a template that works for you?


ChapterS 17, 18, 19:

Three part personal evaluation

Negative Versus Realistic

Harmful Versus Helpful

Deprecation Versus Appreciation

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Chapter 07:

How's Your American Dream?

Taking control of the

metrics that matter.


Chapter 08:

The Wing

I had never known fear

until I feared losing what I had.


Chapter 09:

Growing Up,

Doesn't Mean Giving Up

You’ll have to make some sacrifices

but you don’t have to sacrifice it all.


Chapter 10:

If You Don't Work Hard For It,

It's Hard To Respect It

When you work hard for something

it gives meaning to what you're working for.


Chapter 11:

Let Somebody Else

Worry About It

Who Could Love Someone Who Leaves Trash On The Ground?

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Chapter 01:
Best Decision I Ever Made:
Giving Up On My Mother
You decide who matters in your life.

Chapter 02:
The Best Asset You Have
Retraining your brain to realize
where the real wealth in your life lies.

Chapter 03:
Someone Stole My Art
When you steal, you rob yourself of
the pride of accomplishment.

Chapter 04:
It's Not About You
When you aim for fame,
you'll always miss.

Chapter 05:
The Rose
The world's not fair,
it's balanced.

Chapter 06:
The Reset Of Self
Why Wake Up Call?

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On the pilot episode of Lincoln Design Co.'s Brand Practice, we explore a design campaign Lincoln recently created for Element Skateboards and recent work the guys crafted for Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary.

Today's Brand Practice is the branding of the AID Network. As host, Mark Brickey diversifies his programming efforts beyond the original podcast Adventures In Design the guys went through hundreds of sketches to get the newly forming network logo just right. Hear from the client side the briefing and vision of the brand and from Lincoln's design perspective hear how they made the design decisions they pursued. It's a rare conversation where you get to listen to the client and artist perspective at the same time, but that's the idea of this show to give everyone a 360º view of the tricky task of making brands that are built to last.

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OK, Solo is far from being a total failure, but it did go way over budget and not deliver the returns that the previous three films have under the new Disney ownership. We always study the big wins to find our tips on success, so what can the creative community learn from this space opera stumble.

This episode also looks at Disneyland's adjusted Annual Pass program punishing the hardcore fans to make moves for next summer's Galaxy's Edge opening and explore the Pixar Pier preview ticket that didn't sell out. Has Disneyland finally found a price point the loyal fans will reject?

In The Circle of Trust we look at the creative workarounds for Dolly Parton's genius concept for a Netflix series, how will they fix Orange Is The New Black and the Rosanne debacle showed the private sector policing its own better / faster than Washington ever could dream of. All of this and a lot of fun as we study big media moves to better our own.

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Tony Diaz is the founder of Industry Print Shop from Austin, Texas. Tony has done an amazing job of keeping his shop at the perfect size. He respects his customers, appreciates his team and is grateful for every day. He has big plans for creating an in-house brand and fully using social media to tell the stories Industry creates every day.

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The Top 10 Posters of May 2018. Mitch Putnam, Billy Baumann, and Mark Brickey look back at the 10 best posters, paintings and art prints posted on for the month of May 2018. Each print is evaluated to better understand what makes these works of art successful and what can we learn from studying them.

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The Collection returns after an eleven-month break, however during this time off, our good friend Huck Gee hit his lowest of professional lows, just before he started his new project taking him to a new career high. Huck shares with us every heartbreaking detail on closing up his SF dream factory and calling it quits. However, you can't keep a good man down and right when Huck was packing it all up longtime friend and industry visionary Paul Budnitz (founder of Kidrobot) called him up asking about starting a new project together, they called it Superplastic and created Janky their first ever fully produced character. Superplastic appears to be a success right out the gate, while it re-invents what exactly makes shopping, collecting and design fun. Hear all about the rise and fall of Huck Gee and the genius of Paul Budnitz on today's episode 20 of The Collection.

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