Adventures In Design

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 109

• Strategies on promoting products on Social Media.
• Are business cards dead?
• What’s the end goal for making a product line and is there a way to make 4 times the amount of annual income?
• The efficient way to use print on demand.
• How Facebook could be better.
• How to treat yourself guilt free to the finer things in life. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

• Working ahead of the schedule, how to project your efforts.
• Thinking about the consumer no matter if it’s personal or client work.
• Tips and tricks on good home town pride branding.
• Knowing how to speak the language of design.
• Raising your children around the arts.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 127

• Understanding how to determine pricing for your product line. 

• Establishing your wholesale cost before producing a product. 

• Marketing is something you can’t afford to skip out on. 


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

• How to properly apply to a craft show to make sure you get accepted. 

• Things that can make your booth and sales better.

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Episode 192 - Shop Talk “Spawn of Billy” 

Congratulations to Billy Baumann & his wife Anne Benjamin who just announced that the “Spawn of Billy” has been created. Mark & James are two of the most considerate fiends ta guy could ever have and spend over thirty minutes stressing Billy out before they decide to start a baby shower company titled “When It Rains It Pours Baby Showers”. Billy has other growing pains too, Delicious is contemplating moving into a space that’s twice as big and 4.5 times as expensive as their current studio. James offers calculated advice and while Mark demands they shit or get off of the pot and move as fast as they can. 

In The Circle of Trust (paid content)

Mark and Billy can’t say enough good things about Mad Max, in fact Billy says too much and the Billy Buzzer shows up. Mark opens up listener mail on air and asks James about the process of drawing perfect trees and other illustrated vegetation. 


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Sean Leonard is the director and co-owner of Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine. Recently after his last appearance on the show he initiated a one man fundraising attempt for his gallery. We asked him to come back on explain what’s going on with the gallery and explain it’s financial woes. Sean speaks openly about getting priced out of his Williamsburg neighborhood, letting down the facade of success on social media and speculates on the future shape of his business. In the Circle of Trust bonus content we talk about how professional stress can effect personal stress when your business partner if also your significant other, realizing your companies financial problems and making plans to react accordingly. 


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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 139

- Trying to find your defining look as you get older but not necessarily more professional.

- Finding a classic look that lasts. 

- What every guy should have in his closet. 

- Quality not quantity when buying men’s clothing.

- How to spot quality denim pants.

- Spring fashion advice.

- Tons of fashion advice and fitting advice.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Online retail advice.

- Creating a community and neighborhood vibe through digital retail.

- The importance of having a brick n mortar store.

- Inventory buying decisions.

- Working with local vendors and focusing on exclusive merchandise to your market.

- In house brands.

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Case 01 - Victoria Goldsmith ofl

Victoria is fresh out of school and applying for jobs like crazy, but is consistently hitting brick walls. Mark helps her visualize how to take back the control of her career and to stop feeling defeated.


Case 02 - Caroline Beavon of

Caroline is self taught and very driven. Mark helps her carve out space to get better and better on her clients dime and learn her way to good design one small step, one project at a time.


In The Circle of Trust


Case 01 Review with Greg of Miles To Go Clothing

Greg offers Victoria some insight on getting started on truing her design into a brand. Greg also takes Mark up on suggestion has a Two For Tuesday surprise.


Case 02 Review with Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia

Connie is a big fan of Caroline and praises her hard work and great attitude. Connie also gives Caroline some tips on learning on the job and some tips on bettering her body of work.


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On a very special late night recording session Mark and his TV Wife Connie Collingsworth of Print Mafia wrap up and review the complete Mad Men series. SPOILERS are everywhere, so please listen responsibly. This show covers why Mad Men was such an important influence on our careers and the inspiration this fictional cast of characters gave us.



If Mad Men isn’t your thing never fear, the Circle of Trust content is 100% design related, where we review some recent topics on the show. 

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The boys are all back together to wind down the work week. Billy explains the art of the big pitch and breaks down what a deck is, James talks about being focused on the long term career goals and not getting tempted by the quick buck, while Mark brings up two words he never wants to hear from clients. It’s been a busy week so in the Circle of Trust, as a special members only release, Mark shares a 17:00 minute phone call from 2003. Trust us, when we say that applying for a credit card has never been so fun. Things are gonna get edgy, funky and pop on today’s Shop Talk! 

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Talking Points In This Episode

- Not allowing yourself to see limits on the people you can meet and opportunities that you can create.

- Understanding how to get your foot in the door and creating your own space.

- Trying to understand why full-time employees take on more of the same with their freelance time?

- Getting to know David Defeo the newest edition to TEAM Adventures In Design!


In The Circle of Trust

- Mark & David talk about the past, present and future of the podcast. What it means to them, what means to others and where they hope to take project. 


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Monthly Mitch Putnam from stops by the show to give an update on Mondo and The VACVVM. Mark picks his top 10 posters from the month of April.


In The Circle of Trust

- Mark & Mitch share their accounting systems and talk about cash flow management.

- Mitch gives designers the top 3 skills that Mondo looks for when picking new artists to work with.

- Mitch also lets us know the number 1 problem new designers make when given a new job.

- Advice on getting involved and starting an art fulfillment business.

- The biggest thing each guy has learned in the first 6 months of their new projects The VACVVM and Adventures In Design as a daily podcast.

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