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Pull up a tree stump, take your jerky out of your traveler's pouch and let us tell you all about the legend of Lil Bandit and The Gambler 500. With Dan Stiles & Mark Brickey.

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Matt Dawson is a southern-based graphic designer who can be found on Instagram as @StayGrayPonyBoy. He recently left freelance to form a small studio with two friends, Ash Collective and he's the founder, producer, booking agent for Crop and Pop Up Crop creative conferences.

Today's episode is about learning to work together. Whether Matt is working with his wife, his partners at Ash or the several people that help him produce Crop and Pop Up Crop, Matt knows that company you keep, helps you build the company. If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together.

August 17th Portland Oregon

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Over 30 posters reviewed and openly critiqued from the month of June 2018. Our panel reviews what makes one poster really good but another great, where a designer is mixing styles and falling short in the process and do the greats earn the right to show restraint.

Everything and everyone is reviewed in the name of good design, we study all of this work to figure out how we can all better our skills by learning how others tell their visual story.

Make sure to join the Circle of Trust at to be able to see every poster reviewed and critiqued.

Freedom week is coming July 23rd - July 27th. 10 Creatives, 50 Questions Asked And Answered To Keep You Free As A Freelancer. For Members of The Circle of Trust Only!

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Dave Swartz knows the world of app development from every angle, from developing successful apps for Fortune 500 companies through his own company MEDL mobile, to developing his app that took off like wildfire until the big boys from the valley crushed him out of the digital space. He's lived it, learned from it and is ready to talk all about most of it on today's AID.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is like a bad cover band that tries to sneak in a shitty original every now and again. Becuase we want more for the franchise we explore the creative steps that should be taken before the next film drops in 2021.

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Why did it take us so long to make another episode of Seasons Of The Snake? Everyone's favorite Long Beach fashion icons have been working away at opening their second store Snake Eyes Society and this time they are working on providing the Working Classic look to women.

Today's episode though really explores the struggle of staying restless with your business, the want to always grow and how we grow with the people we do it with. Miranda shares her experiences as the woman in a male-female business partnership and how she's often treated much different than Ben.

At the end of today's episode, you'll learn how these two are different from this experience of biting off a little bit more of the American dream and the realities of growth, developing new customers, and trying to get people to walk around a corner.

Snake Eyes Society has it's grand opening this weekend in Long Beach, California to get more information about the event or to shop online visit:

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Branding Reviewed On The Logo Show June 2018
2018 World Cup Best Worst Logos
GoDaddy loses their daddy.
IHOP gets into burgers and tampons.
Nike rips off The US Naval Academy.
F1 racing laps a 3M logo.
Denver Nuggets release a great logo that may expire too soon.
Warner Media gives a designer a five-minute branding job.
Poor DC just can't ever get anything right.

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Mathew Foster & Neil Hubert run Radical Co-Operative (or RadCo.) A business that they purposely keep small. Going against conventional wisdom has served them well because keeping the company the proper size allows them to pick the clients and work that they want to do, instead of a career full of projects they have to do.

Sometimes adjusting your perspective can help you see everything clearer and RadCo see's their position in the industry crystal clear. Interviewing clients to make sure that they are the proper fit, making sure everyone understands that they are commercial artists and even though RadCo doesn't want to be known as illustrators they want you to see that the human hand touched the work.

In this episode, you will hear how RadCo is building from the ground-up brand identities for emerging businesses. We will look at several real-world branding case studies to better illustrate how this LA-based duo makes traditional look cool and dial classic into perfect. Get ready to meet two of China Town's best blue-collar designers.

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Over the weekend AID host, Mark Brickey attended VidCon 2018 with good friend and fellow professional content creator Carrlyn Bathe. VidCon is a digital video conference that focuses mostly on YouTube's creators as well as other new media video formats. Our hosts break down the pass level they purchased and the ROI for dollars and time spent.

Three favorite classes attended and information explained:
A guide to Twitch by Twitch staff and popular creators.
Rian Bosak of Super Bam "How YouTube Actually Works"
Matt Gielen of Little Monster "YouTube Thumbnail Optimization"

Last but certainly not least a fully comprehensive review of the Casey Niestat fireside chat. SPOILER ALERT! It was very inspirational.

In Part Two For Circle of Trust Members

Mark & Carl breakdown exactly who VidCon is perfect for and who should probably consider putting it off for another year. Tips on how to make the most of the event and major lessons learned.

And how the event inspired them both to be not only better creators but how to follow best practices for achieving the creation goals.

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Wondering if you should make time to see Solo this weekend? Enjoy the first 15 minutes where we review the spirit of the movie without giving up a single detail.

After you've seen Solo enjoy our discussion of not only the story and characters but the design and creative process of the newest Star Wars Stoy. Enjoy this special Memorial Day Weekend episode!

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