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Billy Baumann is back to AID with illustrator Randy Ortiz to talk about the Secret Panel project and to promote their first 3 releases for this Saturday's event at CHALLENGERS Comics & Conversation in Chicago. Randy talks about his progression as an artist by covering his past, present and future paths for his art career.

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Illustrator Miles Tsang discusses how his illustration and printmaking style has evolved, the process of making process videos and dives into the human condition while sharing his heart felt alienation as a kid. Miles explains how the arts helped him come out of his social shell. 

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Bryan Sculthorpe may be the most important artist in my life. The Circle of Trust was blessed with this world famous artist to give us an hour of his time to talk about his master works celebrating club sandwiches, lasagna and layered chocolate cake. Bryan also brakes down the brackets on deciding the best snack food of all time.

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Illustrator Rich Kelly joins us for a conversation about his illustration styles and how they could fill up Mark’s dream gallery. We talk about the many looks of The Rich Kelly and how they each naturally evolved. We debate editorial work versus gig posters and talk about the benefits of making yourself a fish out of water by placing yourself in a different career scene. 


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Strawberryluna is a husband and wife illustration and printmaking team from Pittsburgh, PA. A year ago this December, "Life Happened" to the couple who had always put their life’s passion, their work, first. Suddenly, the business that they had devoted themselves to, would be placed on the back burner, so they could spend nearly a year dealing with something many of us will encounter one day - a sick parent. But for them, it was times two! Hear how Strawberryluna made it through an overwhelming last year to return back to work with a new outlook on life and career. 

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“Is For” is the latest group show at Galerie F in Chicago, consisting of two sets of artists interpreting letters of the alphabet, one set created by 26 different printmakers and the other set by 26 different street artists. Galerie F has quickly become the home base for both silkscreen and street art in Chicago, making this show a true celebration of the disciplines the gallery champions. David Welker joins in the conversation to talk about his lengthy career as a painter and his newly found love of printmaking. Artist Mosher stops by to represent street art and explain why he has chosen this outlet of outlaw creativity. 

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John Vogl of The Bungaloo is an accomplished illustrator that focuses mostly on hand printed art prints and gig posters that he's always illustrating the old timey way of pen on paper. On this episode we talk about his recent fundraising print for students of Ferguson, Missouri, his hectic move into a new office space and his dog. 

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Sam Verrill co-creator of long time charity poster show "Screen 'N' Spokes" stops by to talk about this weekend's opening at The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY. You'll learn about the origins of the annual event, how the love for the art scene can make you an active part of it even if you're not an artist and we'll talk about a career at American Express. Get your bike and credit score ready for this fun episode of Adventures In Design AM.

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While on the Failure Tour Mark stops by Crackhead Press in Louisville, Kentucky for a one on one interview with illustrator and desktop publisher Justin Kamerer of Angryblue. Justin shares his ever changing work schedule and some of the influences that helped him create his signature style. He also shares with us some of the details of his biggest client project to date, an animated short directed by Rob Zombie for Assassin's Creed that he co-created with Tony Moore of Walking Dead fame. 

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Illustrator Mike Budai stops by the Failure Tour and shares how he only makes art for the fun of it and doesn’t let one ounce of the business get in his way.

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