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In episode two of Hammer Time Mark Brickey, Michael Hammer and Ian Perkins talk about Ian’s relationship with playing guitar for Brian Fallon both on his solo records and with Gas Light Anthem. The guys take a field trip to the Fender Guitar Custom Shop and learn all about the art of guitar making as well as the different levels of guitar craftsmanship. A fun episode that talks about sports, designing luck into your business, that art of manufacturing and allowing yourself to make your dreams come true by simply saying yes and not being motivated by money or tribal tattoos.

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533 - Erik Marinovich

This is the typography discussion you've been waiting for with Erik Marinovich from Friends Of Type. Erik has brought lettering to life for everyone from Google to Facebook to Ford as his unbridled passion for letterforms brings their messages to a much more vibrant life. What separates Erik from the pack is that he understands the importance of the message itself and how his typework can bring that to life. With one two three typographic hierarchies, a strong grasp on storytelling, and an unwavering passion for his work its no wonder Erik was a key character in this typographic resurgence amidst a vast sea of uninspired type blocks and pre-textured fonts thrown together more haphazardly than Kanye West's sense of fashion. Sit down and learn from one of the best in the business to start transforming your work into the well thought out, impactful piece you want it to be. Consonants and vowels have never had it so good!

Talking Points

  • Bringing type into the spotlight.
  • Noodling with custom forms and rediscovering lettering.
  • Life experience that influences your design.
  • Original content and the perseverance necessary to become a better creative.
  • Macro and micro views.
  • Waiting until the last minute to live in the moment and discover your process.
  • Making type talk and losing your loyalty to style.
  • The One Two Three Hierarchy and type instead of typography.
  • Erik Mood Board as a starting point and solving specific problems.
  • From Point A to Point Paid.
  • Untrained eyes that break you out of tunnel vision.
  • Owning the "the" and the importance of representation in the corporate world to explain your value in the marketplace.
  • Giving in to what your best at and becoming a Billy.
  • Type or illustrations of type?
  • The evolution of Blogs, social media, and fixing things at 7000% zoom.
  • Thirty Day Challenges that will kick you in the ass and spark inspiration.
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of what you like and injecting that directly into your work.
  • Do you have something for actually say?
  • Collecting what you feel in the moment to be the best storyteller you can be.
  • Four things you have to do versus the one thing you want to do and recalibrating your toolset for optimal workflow.
  • Less likes as a metric for what's working better.
  • Learning through your eyes of your children and finding the bird.
  • Custom made letters and the worst misspellings of all time.
  • Jaded from excessive signage and trimming the fat.
  • Dream things to hang in your office and a 1:1 scale brontosaurus.
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532 - The State Of Creativity with Shane Valentino, Paco De Leon, and Dave Kloc

The State Of Creativity is the latest AID Live from Los Angeles installment where Mark has brought together three creative professionals from different walks of life to discuss where we are and where things will be going. It seems like current events will continually raise the stakes on democracy with issues that demand our attention and understanding and that can really take its toll on  most of us. Shane Valentino comes to us from the world of film, Paco De Leon has an unshakeable grasp on finance, and Dave Kloc brings his Andy Richter-ing to new peaks as our guests bring insight, intelligence, and inspiration for anyone's uncertain future in the creative forces. This AID Live is  a motivational boost to stand up, be heard, and carve your niche out of the resources and community you have around you. Whether your already digging the ditch or waiting for the opening you've been searching for, The State Of Creativity is an incredible resource to find your way through a difficult time ahead.

Talking Points

  • Taking logs to a fire while you resist and relax.
  • Keeping your forearms tight and Dave Kloc's pre printing ritual.
  • The ACLU collab that raised close to $5,000 from a Hissing Booth.
  • Meeting the Madonna of finance and lighting up the internet.
  • Financial literacy and separating bookkeepers from accountants.
  • What's the worst question Paco gets?
  • Bringing accountability back to the masses, pie allocation, and lumpy cash flow. 
  • Saving for the financial rainy days ahead and a helpful firewall to keep you honest.
  • The Anarchy Skills you need and practical advice about your money that you need even more.
  • Seeing past the doom and gloom and picking up some of the shattered pieces.
  • The strategy behind moving to New York and the simultaneous careers that leave you room for better work. 
  • Multiple metrics that keep the dream alive.
  • The zeitgeist (literally) behind the scenes and the positive discourse that came out of the election.
  • Waiting for the face of resistance from Hollywood and the time it takes to find a voice.
  • Giving back to the world and still feeling like an asshole.
  • News resources, the fine line of binging, and fighting the urge to parrot what you've heard.
  • Searching for a different perspective and discovering your empathy.
  • Maintaining motivation in tough times and the pendulum swing between emotion and action.
  • Creating tension and finding the enemy. 
  • Shaming creatives stay out of politics and the dangerous us versus them mentality. 
  • Front of the class and back of the class kids.
  • The many levels art and creativity function at.
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531 - January Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam

The Poster Countdown returns with Mitch Putnam back on the mic and Mark Brickey making the selections as they rank the best of the best from the month of January. These two image aficionados critique what makes each poster great and brings to light the tips and tricks that set each image apart. From image sources to compositional choices, no stone is left unturned as all ten choices from get put through the ringer to give you more insight and greater foresight when you sit down to create. Mitch and Mark also offer up well kept industry secrets about crafting a career in the creative world and the business behind every great artist. January is jam packed with incredible picks that push the poster community to achieve new heights and continually refine an art form that has captured the imagination of millions of people. Throw in a couple of indie hits and some pop power plays and you have an ultimate countdown like none before it's existence.

Talking Points

  • Are you too close to someones else's signature style?
  • Trends in design and influencing the next generation.
  • The three levels of composition that can make a poster great.
  • Straight glass breakage and source image politics.
  • Are you building an interesting image?
  • Real world elements and levels of originality.
  • New views and compliments form the neck down.
  • Gauging the proper amount of detail.
  • Developing your own style and sticking to it.
  • Unearthing the magic of your own style.
  • Achieving new levels of depth with CMYK.
  • Making and breaking your own rules within a piece.
  • The career you have and the career you think you want.
  • Working within scarcity.
  • A Jay Ryan world  and his wife's children's books.
  • Working through the offbeat hits and licensing strategies.
  • The insane middle ground of film purgatory.
  • Type, layout, and composition.
  • Our generation finds its voice.
  • Finding motivation from competition.
  • A little news about an unnamed poster show.
  • Nailing the concept.
  • Relying on imagery to move units.
  • Starting your story in the middle to maintain attention.
  • Behind Killian Eng.
  • A lesson in overprinting and using your gut to find the appropriate model for a poster release.
  • Deliberately leaving money on the table to line your pockets later.
  • The artist, the title, and the quality.
  • Studying the past to predict the future.
  • Leveling up in a career and capturing the quiet that snow brings.
  • Guided by our libidos.
  • Becoming sexually aware through art and Johnny Appleporn out in the woods.
  • The giclee creation process.
  • Mondo Fan Fury and the fast entry of a rising star.
  • Cementing a new artist's place.
  • The future of Mondo and The Vacvvm.
  • Planning out Mondo Con 2017 and reverse engineering the work to be done.
  • Double dipping.
  • AID in MN.


Final Score: Pop 12 / Indie 8

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530 - Skinner: Part Two

Skinner returns to take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will exercise your demons and help you make peace with the world at large. Underneath the wild facade of lizard on lizard art is a complex artist working through what makes us all human and an unending search for truth. Mark and Skinner connect through a humanizing interview that we all need to hear to start reconnecting with the people around us. By sharing the life experiences that shaped these two creative powerhouses we can further understand the artist behind the work and the motivations underneath everything. Halfway through things get flipped and Mark find himself in a Skinnerview of his own and lets us in a little deeper to his own past as well. Come bond with a straight edge adult and a wild man vaping the night away talking about everything from the Krull Experience to understanding the momentum of your own heart.

Talking Points

  • Noticing the world around you and your reactions to it.
  • The mechanisms we use to acknowledge people that could seem like an overcompensation.
  • What do you have to lose form someone else's resistance?
  • Opening your heart and the effects of staying on defense mode.
  • Dealing with where your mind goes and keeping your perspective while making lizard on top of lizard art.
  • Depression, anxiety, and the momentum of your heart.
  • Psychological breakdowns and how our idealistic nature goes up against our narcissistic nature.
  • Attaining freedom from suffering.
  • Survival instincts, work ethic, and the non stop cycle of making the next thing to try and bring you happiness.
  • The search for truth and a hopeful shift in the social norm.
  • Jazz in the creative mind.
  • High workouts.
  • A case for and against marijuana.
  • Emotional interpretations, staying in the zone, and not messing with a good thing.
  • A lot of different kinds of abandonment and the common thread that bonds us all.
  • Going Broprah and deciding whether to leave a light on for certain people.
  • One of my parents is dead to me (literally and figuratively) and wanting to change what you can't control.
  • Telling a stranger the stories of your life and taking the power back.
  • Would you trade in your pain for a cool parent?
  • The Krull Experience at Disneyland and being the Bootleg Kid.
  • Toilet paper mummies and the oddities of a child's memories.
  • Watching Hulk Hogan hve sex and making a website for Jake The Snake.
  • The greatness of Bill Burr.
  • Hitting the "professional artists" quota.
  • Rising above the regurgitated shit from major media outlets.
  • Skinner's acting chops and his silver screen goals.
  • Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.
  • Money, the Gambler's lifestyle, and investing in yourself.
  • Peaking with Willie Nelson and Wee Man.
  • Funding long term projects that go directly to your audience to give you the ultimate bargaining chip.
  • Finding opportunity in the chaos.


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The DKNG triumphantly returns for its second year still leading the charge on all things design. Dan and Nathan have been busy since we heard from them doing everything from giant catalogues to product design to character development. Mark takes us into the belly of the beast to go over all projects DKNG has pushed out the door since we rang in 2017. How do they determine billing on their projects? How do they interact with their clients across an entire project? How do they plan out their design work? How do they do what they do so damn well? Step back inside the inner workings of one of the hardest working design studios out there and see why Dan and Nathan continue to stay at the top of their game as leaders in the industry.

Talking Points

  • Reinventing the holiday card over the last four years and changing the oil on the Death Star.
  • B2B catalog at epic proportions with tons of data, style guides, and a lot of backs and forths.
  • Figuring out billable hours for developing sixty pages. 
  • Pie slices and pumping the breaks on two hundred and fifty small pieces that make up larger projects.
  • Letting your fans grow up, get jobs, and hire you.
  • Leaning last year's functional system and fixing more surface level design issues.
  • Remembering the purpose of the project.
  • New spins on old to semi old ideas or keeping what works as a standard.
  • A moment on Mark's off brand thighs.
  • Signature style, hand drawn illustration, and discovering the paintbrush tool.
  • Googling thirteen year old girl proportions and the fine line to get it just right.
  • Finding a client that feeds you all their customer facing design needs.
  • Typographic hierarchy and unique purposes.
  • Layering data into good design.
  • Four tiers of confidence that make things easy to read and still leaves some flexible room for change.
  • Treating data in steps and one of the best tricks in the book.
  • Keeping MXPX and The Jesus and Mary Chain the same sizenand the problem solving skills behind typography.
  • The many players involved in working on a licensing deal and establishing first contact. 
  • Tonal lighting to bring your illustrations to life and using two separate types of light. 
  • Showing a feeling instead of the details and turning the lights on in a bar at the end of the night.
  • Logo placement and tangents.
  • Making it all to deliberately lose some of it.
  • Symmetrical elements and layering more shapes.
  • The process in making a DKNG original illustration and the lego pieces they add in.
  • One tiny part at a time and finishing all over the place. 
  • Creating actual space in the classic Star Wars style.
  • How much is enough to make you want more?
  • Are you a painter or a designer?
  • Mark's process on the Fantasyland print versus Dan's process on creating a piece.
  • Going past the threshold on building real world gravity into every piece.
  • Logos and limitations up in lights.
  • The allure of signs that aren't structurally sound and the realistic storytelling behind it. 
  • Setting a bar you're comfortable with.
  • Creating feelings and the science behind it that is our job to understand.
  • The importance of a good mockup to help bridge the gap in your client's imagination.
  • Playing rhythm guitar to improve the feel of the room instead of stroking your design ego o the lead guitar.
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526 - Jay Weinberg

Jay Weinberg has toured the world and been knee deep in live music for as long as he can remember. From Against Me! to sold out stadiums with The Boss to Slipknot, Jay has kept his passion for percussion at the forefront of his life. These hard days and longer nights taught him everything he knows about artistic expression, finding your place in the world, and doing it as best as you can. On AID 526 we get a look behind the mask at an accomplished young man who went from a teenager filling his fathers shoes to inspiring the next generation of creatives by breaking down the barriers between artist and audience. There is a fire and determination in Jay Weinberg to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to and that energy is dangerously contagious across this entire interview. Just remember, everything is Spinal Tap.

Talking Points

  • Watching your dad transform into the drummer of the E Street Band and hanging with uncle Bruce.
  • Seeking your own influences and drawing parallels while learning to see things from an outside perspective.
  • Connecting with the universe through the arts.
  • How much pressure can you handle as a goalie and as a drummer?
  • Breaking down barriers to see musicians as people.
  • Math, emotion, and doing the job at a "Do Or Die" level.
  • Going beyond the music and getting into your mask.
  • A muscle memory audition for Slipknot.
  • When the curtain rises for the very first time.
  • How the body shuts down in a live environment and the horrible comedown afterwords.
  • What's in Jay's ear to stay tight?
  • Unique thumbprints and chasing the perfect feeling.
  • Running with your own thing makes you bulletproof to the ups and downs of the industry.
  • Getting kicked into the deep end in front of thousands of die hard fans.
  • Is age an issue on and off stage?
  • Feedback from Max and translating drumming across generations.
  • Avoiding Madball and your first van tour.
  • Non stop shows with Against Me! and getting kicked out of Madison Square Garden. 
  • Supporting your support system and watching Tom become Laura.
  • Relation, Empathy, and being a human in the face of diversity.
  • German Highway WiFi, taking exams on a Blackberry, and calling in to drop out.
  • Leaps of faith and following the rabbit hole while looking for a job job.
  • Giving back to the legacy that helped shape your life.
  • Everything is Spinal Tap.
  • Marrying the loves of your life on a circular canvas and an odd surface. 
  • Literally watching paint dry for an event .
  • Obtaining your dreams and realizing your potential in VFW Halls.
  • Getting down to the bare necessities for Slipknot.
  • Keeping cool on the road.
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523 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 14: Mad Toy Design

Huck Gee and Mark Brickey invite Jeremy Madl of Mad Toy Design to The Collection this month and he has a lot to offer. Jeremy has a degree in toy design and has spent almost two decades inside the industry learning every aspect of development from research to production. We've had a lot of talented designers on The Collection, but Jeremy is the first to use terms like "play patterns" so it's obvious he knows his stuff inside and out. Jeremy has worked with every name in the business, made his own successful toy company, and helped huge properties like Halo and Minecraft. Which conventions does he see as valuable? How does he view his own line of toys? How does he avoid getting burned by clients of all sizes? This episode lets you inside the mind of a modern renaissance man who has built a successful empire from a home base miles away from any major market he deals with regularly. Jeremy Madl brings his unbridled passion to The Collection and shares exactly how he has made things work.

Talking Points

  • Finishing up the smallest motorcycle for pre-order.
  • Determining edition sizes.
  • Bringing out the ultimate potential in a toy.
  • The process of pricing.
  • Planning out each step of your storyline in a larger than life universe.
  • Dreaming past the current state of technology and reconfiguring your workflow to follow new production capabilities.
  • The broach to end all broaches.
  • Getting mad at Madl.
  • Unreadable Hong Kong toys as a gateway into vinyl.
  • Building cultural collateral and the importance of patience.
  • Strategically developing your first toy to allow for variation and customization.
  • Exploring medium and scale  as you hone in on the definition of "model."
  • Doing your research, developing a pitch, and taking a risk.
  • Getting more work from your toys than from selling them.
  • How the side hustle moves the day job forward.
  • Adding skills that increase your value at the board room table.
  • The Diner Menu or the Niche Food Truck.
  • Who are you dealing with and what is their budget.
  • The greatest hits of getting ripped off.
  • Licensing your own own IP to develop your brand with people you trust.
  • Avoiding getting Funko-fucked if you're beat to market.
  • The Toy Fair in New York City.
  • What is the best designer toy convention to attend?
  • Researching where you want to be in the industry.
  • Rolling the dice, collecting a paycheck, and the motivation behind each choice.
  • Living off the grid while working in the modern world.
  • Learning more about your career form your kids.
  • Cultivating free thinking, personal style, and following your passion.
  • Raising the next generation of makers.
  • Future plans based off the greatest invention ever made: royalties.
  • Staying resourceful and making a living off your gifts.
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522 - Brian Steely

Brian Steely returns to Adventures In Design with a whole new way of working at your side hustle. Jackson Spalding has given Brian an incredible life but as his freelance career skyrocketed the push and pull from burning the candle at both ends was wearing him down. Between his role as a father and future as a creative Brian found a new business model to achieve a better balance of what he loves and what he's passionate about. With a whole new set up in place Brian lets us in to how he created his own beautiful space in the gray of a career too good to let go and a side hustle bursting at the seams. It turns out your creativity doesn't stop at your art but transcends into how you split up your day and earn a living if you put your mind to it.

Talking Points

  • The formation of Steely Works in a whole new business model.
  • Keeping your side hustle in house for the resources.
  • Designing decks and the evolution of skate science.
  • Burning the candle at both ends and reshuffling your priorities.
  • Hitting the hard reset.
  • Pacing out life's big moments that seem to fly by.
  • Working on Nike's Elite Teams with millions of art directors.
  • Loving Phish... solely as a punk rock business model.
  • Minting coins and translating your artwork.
  • Environmental design in real life.
  • A healthy reminder to never give up.
  • Breaking down a day at Jackson Spalding.
  • The legal and financial side of forging Steely Works.
  • Workflow and the law of averages.
  • Wings, wolf heads, and what people want.
  • How age affects your decisions and finding your own beautiful space in the gray.
  • The hurry up and wait mentality of long term projects.
  • Whats in the works for Brian and Steely Works.
  • Numbers and percentages on Steely Works projects through Jackson Spalding.
  • Authenticity and trends.
  • Setting up your life so that failure is not an option.
  • Percentage based deals and earning your wage.
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The Godfather of Adventures In Design, Billy Baumann, returns to the airwaves after his brief hiatus and surgery. Billy couldn't be any braver as he unflinchingly shares the physical toll and mental strain he endured through dealing with his cancer diagnosis. Everyone has wanted to know how our favorite little Cobra has been and now we get to hear it from Billy himself about everything from late nights in hospitals to the warm glow of gratitude he felt from so many people reaching out to him. Hopefully this episode puts your heart at rest and helps others going through similarly difficult situations in their own lives. None of us have to face life's toughest blows alone and we couldn't be happier to hear Billy back in our earbuds bringing us whats cool in his neck of the woods, even if it's all brought up organically.

Talking Points

  • Billy's back with a brand new noise.
  • The Wild West of the Bottom Knob and the most useful set of pliers.
  • An odyssey through surgery and recovery.
  • The best from Alabama is also a cocky asshole because he has to be.
  • Getting your mindset right under pressure and overcoming self doubt.
  • Morphine jokes, nausea, and laying in your own pee for two hours.
  • Weed saves Grateful Billy's life.
  • Praying for CO2 burps and CO2 farts to alleviate the pain.
  • Tube Head and Bizarro Billy post surgery.
  • The difference between being physically able and mentally able to face the Bermuda Triangle of Trouble.
  • Emotional healing and the mental stress from modernized workflow.
  • Guilt, politics, and processing everything going on in the outside world.
  • The first time Billy has ever been lucky in his life.
  • Why we are truly stronger together when times are tough.
  • What is the best way to communicate with someone going through a serious illness.
  • Evaluating where Billy is now and what is next.
  • Handling expansion and embracing other designers talents.



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