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Our final Tube of Christmas / episode of 2017 is Hammer Time 18, and our little show has officially grown up into a Big Dawg. Over this past year, Hammer Time has evolved into the new Friday show on Adventures In Design, and the crew is all here to give you one last good laugh and send off into your new year!

Recorded live at LAX before flying back home to Buffalo, NY the gang has to face the ultimate Big Dawg Lifestyle decision, but first, talk a whole lot of holidays on the 2017 AID Holiday special.

Make sure to listen to 17 Lessons Learned In 2017 over the next two weeks. Each day our pals at Jakprints are giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky winner that posts about that day's episode and lesson by using the hashtag #jakprints2017.

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Billy Baumann and Mark Brickey say goodbye to another year of broadcasting together with their final episode of 2017. The guys look back on the year of design and the most significant trend that changed the way designers used their talents to promote their careers. The guys also exchange Christmas gifts and almost have a serious moment before their usual fighting comes back around, after all, you cant have the holidays without that family member you love but can't stand.

The 2nd Tube of Christmas a tube of turds from Delicious Design Studio. Four prints and a shitty sketch for the stupid price of $10.

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Ben and Miranda of Snake Oil Provisions let us know how the holiday season is going on front lines of holiday retail. They also share a significant announcement about their product line that includes "retired" designer and full-time podcast host Mark Brickey. Once again we revisit the conversation of social media fatigue and how many of us are getting used to the idea that fewer people are choosing to engage and we were all trying to learn how not to take it personally.

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Happy Hanukkah Dave Kloc! That's right everyone's favorite funny guy stops by to celebrate the festival of lights, but what he doesn't know is that his gentile pal Mark Brickey has eight great Hanukkah gifts up his sleeve to give. For the first time, Kloc runs out of words and sarcastic comments when the Hanukkah spirit takes over the AID airwaves. In part two of today's holiday episode, we do Poster Tales with Dave Kloc, we all know every project has a story and Dave shares some of his from a fantastic year of great projects and even better career timing. Someone is looking out for Mr. Kloc! Could it be Los Angel Brickley?

Dave Kloc is offering 8 tubes with five mystery prints between 11” x 17” and 18” x 24 in” size and between comedy, art prints, and gig posters. Some things you can look forward to are odd Meltdown posters from years passed, concert posters of shows you didn’t go to, and art prints to spice up ANY bathroom wall!

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Gay artist Connie Collingsworth shares her joy in making a product line that celebrates the LGBT community with Butch & Sissy. Connie talks about leaving Print Mafia and shares her picks for best five TV shows in 2017. 

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Hammer Time 17 - The annual birthday show where Mark Brickey hits record with friends and just sees what happens.

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You can't have Christmas without Christ, and you can't have good without evil. Our 7th Tube of Christmas "Satan's Pirates" by Forefathers gives everyone a new blouse to wear over to grandma's house.

Emir Ayouni, Jonden Jackson, and Matthew Portland Hay the Forefathers join Adventures In Design for their second appearance. In today's episode, we take a look at trends of 2017 that annoyed us, while looking forward to a hopeful 2018 where we can agree on the real truths versus the agreed upon truths. While honesty is everyone involved in this conversations best policy it's often shunned or picked apart. However, letting go of the wrong people seems to help us all find the right people. A look at finally adding the fourth father to the mix, remembering to put the you in URL and so much more is awaiting you in this fun end of the hear hangout from 4 grumpy middle-aged men.

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Remember a time when you were younger and the holidays were a time of magic, mystery all based on a leap of faith? The 8th Tube of Christmas, the Dan Stiles Box Of Intrigue will make you feel like a kid a Christmas one more time because no one knows what's inside, not even Dan Stiles.

The Logo Show reaches it's final appearance in 2017 remembering a couple of branding pioneers that have passed. We say goodbye to Rich Roat of House Industries and branding legend Ivan Chermay. What can we learn from these fantastic careers, does it shine a light on our design futures? Billy takes a stab at redesigning UPS by adding in the eagle but making sure to leave the brown alone. We look at a couple of listener request rebrands and we meet our new logo show star Megan 'The Producer" Learn.

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Our 9th Tube of Christmas showers us with Patches, Pins And A Chance To Win from everyone's favorites DKNG Studios. The 14th chapter of The DKNG Show delivers the elephant in the room of finding the best ways to donate your company's time. We get a little process porn with experimental jazz legend Herbie Hancock. The guys all take a deep emotional dive into Black Friday, event sales and learning how to let go of past sales numbers by better understanding how the future looks.

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eral Tidwell is our 10th Tube of Christmas hoping to send a little Redneck Wisdom to your front door this holiday season with "Life Doesn't Give A Shit About Your Plans" hand drawn 18"x24" silkscreen print.

Jeral Tidwell, a regular guest on Adventures In Design, is a commercial illustrator with a focus on Hot Rod Americana as his primary subject matter. Entirely self-trained in the arts of illustration, painting, printmaking, pinstriping and airbrushing. He's as stubborn as he is stupid and never sees any obstacle as a problem but merely an opportunity to create a new solution. Tidwell once broke both of his wrists in a motorcycle accident and was too stubborn to take the doctor's advice of giving up on art and instead fully recovered by fighting with his doctor and demanding cutting-edge procedures. He's the real deal, and that's why we all love him so.

Today with Uncle Jeral:
How much of a plan do you make for your day to day life?
The wrongful design of the toilet seat and how it's easy for a dude not paying attention to pee all over the floor.
The art of airbrushing and how Jeral mastered it while in high school.
The struggle to stay relevant after three decades of being a commercial artist
The rage years, how as young men we struggled to keep our tempers under control and the joy of the mellower 40s.

In Part Two The Circle of Trust
Baxter and Lacy the dogs that raised us and taught us how to understand the world better.
Mark asks Jeral for some tough love and redneck wisdom for a current depression he's been feeling.
The struggle of the sophomore release and being put on the spot to create another hit on demand.
The black hole of social media and how it sucks us all down, plus figuring out the social media tightrope walk of guessing the new game of engagement.
A new struggle of where to put your energy creation or curation.
Everyone cares what other people think.

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