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461 - Dawn Hancock of Firebelly Design

Designing happiness into your life is a conscious effort that Dawn Hancock from Firebelly Design has built her business around. From clients to team members... Dawn isn't wasting her precious time or energy on something that doesn't deserve it and that is exactly how she has built a community of supportive people that make a positive difference. Our talents can be used as gifts that elevate our world to a better place without putting us in the poorhouse and Dawn uses her ability to communicate and design mutually rewarding experiences to show everyone that they can do the same thing. That is the business plan of Firebelly Design. That is good design for good reason. For everyone who wants to apply their life towards making the world a better place to live we've posted the full interview with Dawn Hancock in it's entirety to help inspire you down the road that is right. 

Talking Points

  • Getting fired to find what you're best at.
  • The design in delegation and learning to trust.
  • Going on Moon Mode for a whole month.
  • Bruised egos, white flags, and a whole new identity for yourself.
  • Protecting your work by not wasting your energy on people who don't deserve it.
  • Firebelly's balance of traditional clients.
  • Working for free... for a whole year.
  • Using design thinking to challenge yourself and help a god cause.
  • Altruistic Click Bait that lets you shine.
  • Planting yourself in richer soil.
  • Wondering where your nickels go and cracking the code of the universe.
  • Original expectations that lead to heartbreak down the road.
  • How Firebelly U funneled lower paying jobs into a learning experience.
  • Different versions of common sense and being the idiot in the Idiot's Guide.
  • Time as the great equalizer.
  • Partnering with the in house design team that carries torch when you're all done.
  • Telling the whole story of Firebelly Design.
  • Girl Garage, Gender Equality, and the Red Tornado that could.
  • Finding your Jo.
  • Discovering bagels and coming out all at the same time.
  • How life forges you to be a leader.
  • Not gelling with society's message and flipping the script on tragedy.
  • Creating a community of friends that are more like family.
  • Designing experiences and stepping away from Photoshop.
  • Involving yourself where you want to be recognized.
  • Politics, love, and the hard work of a million people before us.
  • Trustfalls at Firebelly.
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460 - Biggie: On Tour Now

Art and sacrifice walk hand in hand no matter what part of the creative world you find yourself a part of. For musicians who write the music we love it takes a couple more emails than you might expect to make that show in a town near you come to life. Our business mentor Biggie of Good Fight Entertainment is here to break down each aspect of taking your act on the road from how you get there to what you take home. Time, money, and inspiration all play pivotal parts in this delicate balance of multiple personalities shoving themselves in the road wagon of their choosing for days on end. Biggie and Mark each have years of experience under their belts and in this touring episode you'll learn about who gets a cut of what and why ten cents on the dollar to play your heart out is still a pretty good deal. The only question left is where are we playing tomorrow night? 

Talking Points

  • Seeing the bigger picture.
  • Who mentors your mentors?
  • Turning a corner with Low Teens and getting everyone on the same page.
  • Enjoying the good stuff while you can and not taking your success for granted.
  • Starting new business models at 40.
  • Planning your cycle through the tiered markets of America.
  • Driver floats and an expanded look at the cost of a tour bus.
  • Chasing the Highway Glory eighteen months in advance.
  • Keep it local and keep it lean while your working for your momentum.
  • How the USPS played a vital role at the turning point for independent music.
  • Does your singer need a break?
  • Staying ahead of the game to get the guarantees and dates that you want.
  • Tour managers that maximizer the bottom line.
  • Is double dipping spontaneous or was it planned all along?
  • Breaking down a day on the bus for everyone who's in it.
  • Understanding who you're managing to get the most out of them.
  • Loose accounting in touring and worrying about the "What If?!?"
  • Playing Tetris with people and losing everything you own.
  • When should you add a guitar tech to maintain your mystique.
  • Spreadsheets, profits, and the luxuries you can forego.
  • Go it alone to make the most money.
  • Merch Guys and Front Of House Freakouts.
  • The magical moment before you hit the stage.
  • The rise of the meet and greet and why Biggie keeps it in house.
  • Dreaming of Dave Matthews Band leverage.
  • Making ten cents on the dollar to play your heart out every single night.
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459 - Julie Anixter: Executive Director of AIGA

Over one hundred years ago the American Institute of Graphics Arts began its mission to advance design as a professional craft and cultural force. Today it boasts seventy chapters and over twenty five thousand members ranging from design fans to some of the best working practitioners in the creative field. But... what have they done for you? Recently Mark challenged the AIGA to take on the larger responsibility to their members and the world of design by expanding their scope and providing actionable information to improve careers and address the key issues in the creative field today. Julie Anixter recently took the top spot at AIGA as their Executive Director and after seeing Mark's comments asked to be on the show to have an open conversation about his concerns. This full episode is the product of their conversation, differing view points, and future steps for AIGA with a new captain at the helm of whatever type of ship you want to call it.

Talking Points

  • The allure of design to the creative mind.
  • Julie's early career goals and how she integrates that into her passions today.
  • Balancing creativity and business.
  • Corporations discover the power of design.
  • What's missing in the marketplace for young creatives?
  • Being the bazaar and applying design thinking.
  • Available pathways to create relevant change.
  • Integrating education with today's industry.
  • Finding the change thats needed in the design industry.
  • What AIGA is doing right and the type of boat Julie is captaining.
  • Design thinking skills demonstrated on a public platform.
  • The responsibility of AIGA to it's members.
  • Entry level jobs and high end specialties.
  • Helping the army to fight for the army.
  • Has AIGA abandoned the fringe designers?
  • Competition in the industry and walking away form spec work.
  • What challenges does AIGA face today.
  • Unleashing generosity.
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458 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

This just in: a new segment for Monday's Shop Talks is rapidly developing in this episode of Adventures In Design. Mark and Sean are taking questions live covering everything you want to know about from beard choices to morally questionable clients. The Breaking News segment gives your two favorite podcast celebrities the chance to answer your questions directly and serve you the chicken nuggets you've really been craving. From juicy intern gossip, to Creative South speaker interviews, to not overthinking your brand are all covered including an AID Exclusive on the origin story of a particularly big bucket of yellow. Sit back and get ready for an all new aspect of Monday Shop Talk with the International Bromance.

Talking Points

  • Kick off your week with the weather.
  • Ask Mort Anything straight from Instagram Stories.
  • Beards, gravity, and the chin's landing pad.
  • AID Live's first trip to Fairfax and overcoming the traffic of Los Angeles.
  • The strategy of making the live show a monthly event.
  • Sean takes the Creative South's Speaker interview.
  • The origin story of the Big bucket of Yellow.
  • Interns with Netflix accounts.
  • Where will we hold the first official British Circle Of Trust Meet Up?
  • Who's done more to keep the International Bromance alive and kicking?
  • Seeing Sean as a celebrity and the weird thing about media.
  • Video killed the Podcast Star.
  • Four weeks till Northern Craft and things are about to kick into high gear.
  • Pulling out last minute.
  • Getting into the enamel pin game and the problem with overthinking your brand.
  • Preparing to take your first swing.
  • Feeling morally conflicted about potential work.
  • Young, good, and cheap.
  • Technical art skills and what does or doesn't sell.
  • A cop out and a Little Feller pre-order.
  • Mark's gonna have gravy colored eyes.
  • The number one question to ask about where you're coming in on the chain of creativity.
  • Something to consider before you hear AID 459 with the AIGA...
  • Getting off the SS Train.
  • The new, courageous era of Apple.
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457 - The Logo Show: A Special Live Shop Talk

Sitting at the intersection of branding, marketing, and entertainment we find the American tradition of Football. While there are plenty of stats and scandals to get lost in, the undercurrent of the NFL is about conveying a story of struggles, rivalries, and triumphs. In today's Live Shop Talk with Dan Kuhlken of DKNG Studios, Ben Neuhaus of Snake Oil Provisions, and special co-host Dave Kloc all join Mark Brickey on stage to see who will emerge victorious in the first annual LogoBowl. Our panel of experts run the gamut from die hard fans to fans of Die Hard who've never watched an entire game of sportsball so there will be some unexpected twists and turns where only the best designed logo will emerge. Behind the paid wall Mark invites up three Circle Of trust Members to the stage form some quick, tough love and an opportunity to share what their current struggles are. 

Talking Points

  • Scott The Suit inks a deal with AID.
  • The "Final Two Minutes" Strategy.
  • Letting go of responsibilities and putting your energy in the right spot.
  • Shifting gears into a retail heavy holiday.
  • Dave Kloc's deli humor demographic.
  • Dan and Mark make a bet. (Hint: It doesn't go well for Dan)
  • Attitude Era Pic Slide Logos.
  • Overthinking design and ruining animals that are already cool.
  • Gradients and the unstoppable color scheme.
  • KISS your team's branding.
  • Raccoons into the Horror Business.
  • What is a fleur de lis?
  • Breaking the two sword per logo rule.
  • Timelessness and simplicity for the win!
  • Cross sport comparisons on logos with Dave Kloc.
  • Outlines in sports and trying to own orange.
  • The first fail in monitor calibration.
  • Gig posters in the LA Market.
  • The latest from Snake Oil and Adventures In Diversity for the sole.
  • DKNG's process for the Explorer's Club and their next theme.
  • Nothing is worth living for after you license the Millennium Falcon.
  • Finding start up money and maintaining sponsorships.
  • Voiceover gigs at AID that came form the Jerkoff Line.
  • A taste for craft fairs and the energy it takes to do it.
  • (thanks for always reading the Talking Points)
  • The chain of command in syndication under the Los Angeles umbrella.
  • Coders as creatives and the fight for good work.
  • Making friends at AID Live.
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456 - Pete Oswald

Make one image. Now make it move. Where does it go? How does it get there? Does anyone care about where its going and how it gets there and what would happen after that? Now have hundreds of artists do this same task but make everything look like one cohesive hour and a half that keeps eight year olds with notoriously short attention spans visually and emotionally invested. This is Pete Oswald's job at Rovio Animation as they undertook their first full feature length animated film, Angry Birds. As a Production Designer Pete oversaw each bird, pig, leaf, and wave that made up an entire world created out of thin air and brought to life by an enormous team across a half decade of hard work and art lawyering this all to the powers that be. Pete brings us his experiences as an integral part of telling a story that captivated audiences to the tune of over 300 million dollars worldwide. 

Talking Points

  • Falling into set design and discovering the whole look of a film.
  • The role of a Production Designer.
  • Raw ideas that sell concepts.
  • Animation techniques, budgets, and skills.
  • Streamlining multiple artists rough sketches into a finalized idea.
  • Protecting your story and limiting your expenses.
  • Which side of the game is better... creation or production?
  • Moving someone else's skeleton and not losing your own.
  • Expectations from Empire Strikes Syndrome.
  • The movie industry is a sport.
  • Investing a half decade of your life into one weekend at the box office.
  • Separating who did what and where something failed.
  • Options that inhibit the creative idea.
  • Taking a mobile game to a feature length and developing a fully realized character from an image that has never walked or talked before.
  • The symbiotic relationship between the actor and the animated character.
  • Building confidence, building an island, and building an opening sequence.
  • Checking the pipeline for kinks before you kick it into high gear.
  • The difference between how pigs and birds make art.
  • Nailing down Dracula.
  • Minding the gap in a volatile industry.
  • To live and hopefully die in California.
  • A Movie Director, an NFL Coach, and the POTUS walk into a bar...
  • Risks and Rungs.
  • No one can see your masterpiece if no one distributes it and why you still need a partner if you have a billion dollars.
  • Pecking off more than you can chew.
  • Moving up at your job but away from the art table and being the art lawyer.
  • Dialing in on the history found on The Mighty Eagle.
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455 - Creative South Preview with Mike Jones

Mike Jones returns to Adventures In Design with plenty of hugs for everyone and a sneak peak at what's in store for Creative South in 2017. With each successive year Mike has refined Creative South around his beliefs and his personality to make something completely unique that packs just as big a punch as any other conference around. The biggest difference is that Creative South is going to love on you a whole lot more because that is what Mike Jones is all about. From the powerhouse that is Serve Studios to the relationships with every client, Mike reminds us all that we can wear our hearts on our sleeves and make the design process the positive building experience it was always meant to be and his conference focuses on just that. Stick around in the Circle Of trust for the next installment of Storyteller where Mark takes us out into the woods to share the tale of his time as the Lone Coyote Camp Counselor where he changed more lives than Michelle Pfeifer in Dangerous Minds. 

Talking Points

  • Our tolerant audience and an open dialogue.
  • Seeing past spiritual differences and loving your neighbor.
  • Personality based decisions that separate you from the herd.
  • Showing love and a bowl full of Butterscotch Pudding.
  • Meeting the Serve Studios team.
  • The confidence that makes all the difference.
  • Investing in people for your long term success.
  • Staying on the same page when you're not all in the same space.
  • Rob The Magician with the magic voice.
  • Video goes from luxury to necessity.
  • How to build relationships with your clients outside of the projects you do for them.
  • Sitting at the big table.
  • Real magic and the Creative South Reel that makes you want to be there.
  • We know what you're doing the second weekend in April for the rest of your life.
  • A consistent rollout for Creative South that motivates and inspires.
  • The possible DKNG lawsuit and the plate of BBQ that could save the day.
  • Getting invited back.
  • The importance of hang time and finding your path in 2016.
  • Preaching the through line on freelancing.
  • The Lone Coyotes Team Building Adventure Pack at Creative South 2017.
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454 - Johnny Cupcakes

For over a decade Johnny Cupcakes has redefined retail through experience design. At first glance you may think Johnny Earle built a streetwear brand or you might think you're waiting in a very long line for what must be an incredible bakery... and either way you'd be wrong. Johnny Cupcakes knew that the true value in his brand and the way to create an unwavering customer base was to give them something more than a poly cotton blend tee adorned by a clever design. From the packaging to the point of purchase, Johnny Cupcakes employed every trick that is and isn't in the book to keep his customers wondering what he would cook up next. From coffins to ice cream trucks to vanilla car fresheners you'll hear first hand how this one time magician captivated an audience for over a decade with his imagination.

Talking Points

  • Setting Cupcake logos on fire and the Johnny's early days.
  • Being a serial entrepreneur and John The Magic Boy.
  • Beating the school store and getting your first 144 whoopee cushions.
  • The On Broken Wings oder add-on that started it all.
  • Finding the benefits behind your obstacle.
  • The greatest leap of faith and trusting your vision.
  • Halfstepping through life or going all in.
  • Utilizing your space five different ways to win.
  • Tricking the general public and engaging strangers.
  • Commercial Grade Refrigerators or Ikea shelves?
  • Building a family owned t shirt bakery.
  • Making an idea or product more than an idea or a product.
  • The Wall of Ovens that raised the retail bar.
  • Eating with Winnie Cooper and marrying your toughest critic.
  • Realizing when a dream has become a prison.
  • Paying attention to your P and L.
  • The difficult decisions that have to be made to regain control of your vision.
  • Managing people and ignoring your business hat.
  • Screwing up, trying new things, and challenging yourself.
  • The undercurrent of success that can drag you down.
  • Getting your customers to advertise for you.
  • Connecting with minds, hearts, and stomachs to make something more than just a design.
  • The process of licensing and pulling Clark Orr's leg.
  • Cute overload for collectors and keeping to the key line.
  • Franchising, investors, and keeping your creative control.
  • The Undertaker Baker does Halloween right while bucking traditional advertising methods.
  • Outdoing yourself on a regular basis.
  • If it all went away... what would Johnny Earle do next.
  • Googling someone's net worth.
  • The secret to customer loyalty.
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453 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

It's time to start your week with a Shop Talk to get your head in the game of being a creative professional. Sean recently said his goodbyes to Chicago and has a lot to talk about with Mark about his weekend at Renegade Craft Fair. Not only does the International Bromance get into the responsibilities of a creative to the family dynamic, but Sean shares his actual numbers on everything from booking a booth to how much he's bringing home to Rogue One. Today's Shop Talk helps serve as a benchmark for any creative to strive towards and then breakthrough as they apply the strategies Mark and Sean discuss openly. Take notes and pay attention because this is an episode chalked full of chicken nuggets to apply towards your financial freedom. 

Talking Points

  • Brickey On Broadway and what dear old Mama Mort used to say.
  • Instagram Stories questions for Mark and Sean.
  • Finding a place where people are getting caught in a mosh.
  • A community of designers in Los Angeles.
  • What AID Live is looking like and a very complex mystery gift system.
  • The preliminary costs of running a booth.
  • Rain, Renegade, and ruined Little Fellers.
  • Keeping composure when mini panic attacks talk.
  • The financials on getting back to even.
  • Having a confident mindset as a salesman.
  • Pulling the egg timer on Robert From Chicago.
  • Intentionally increasing the brutality every 15 minutes.
  • Selling out or selling up who you are to a customer.
  • Branded city prints and evergreen earners.
  • Keeping stock in the states to cut down costs.
  • Comparing sales across various price point levels.
  • The jigsaw wall and strategizing your projects for retail purposes.
  • Dumpster divers, drunks, and delivered food.
  • Eating British food out of newspapers.
  • Sean's total earnings from a weekend at Renegade and how that stacks up to a regular paycheck at an agency.
  • Supporting a family dynamic as a creative.
  • Sean's Steelers and predicting how talent translates to the big stage.
  • The Astropad changes the iPad Pro.
  • The B Word and the Design Wars.
  • Breaking through your financial ceiling.
  • Investing in your travel bag.
  • Rovio's big gamble.
  • What's coming to theaters and Waking Sleeping Beauty.
  • Movies that break your emotional doors down.
  • Careers without seniority and recreating yourself.
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452 - Shop Talk / Poster Countdown with Billy Baumann and Mitch Putnam

Bang the drum and start up the countdown because this Shop Talk is another mashup in the AID Universe. Mitch Putnam is back in the James Flames chair, Billy has made all of the selections for the July/August Countdown, and Mark is steering the ship through whatever gets thrown their way. Mondo HQ is fully operational and ready for art shows and bartering babysitting deals that could turn Billy's world upside down. A brand new segment called "Hey! That's Cool!" with Billy debuts with a theme song, a four star grading scale, and a whole new side of The Cobra we've never seen. Mark has got his hands full unofficially guiding the countdown across two whole months and even gets pulled back in to talking about the F Word one last last time. This is one hell of a way to kick off your weekend so crank up your stereo and blast this across your respective workspace.

Talking Points

  • Avoid moving at all costs.
  • The commitment to media creation on a regular basis.
  • Invoicing on both sides of the coin.
  • The mysterious way The Cobra moves.
  • Expected influences when you're sharing spaces.
  • A giclee disqualification.
  • The death of the Dollar Menu and the best Mc Donald's commercial that doesn't exist yet.
  • Design elements that are too clever for your own good.
  • Different talent. Different scale.
  • Storytelling within a poster.
  • The pros and cons of giving an artist more time.
  • Repeating elements across a diptych.
  • Behind the scenes hurdles on minimal imagery.
  • How interpretive can you be with Marvel's properties?
  • The levels of approval for Disney IP's.
  • Selecting an illustrative style that matches your subject matter.
  • Blending infographics and movie posters.
  • Unexpected decisions that fill Billy with delight.
  • Crossing over from galleries to posters.
  • The limitations of a .jpeg when showing your work.
  • The double edged sword of success and how it effects our expectations.
  • Watership Down Rubik's Cubes.
  • Art shows and Dustbusters at the new Mondo HQ.
  • OMG Posters Pre-order and paying Mitch to make the grade.
  • Are books worth making in today's market?
  • Astropads turning iPad's into Cintiqs.
  • Will Anne get Brickey'd and maintaining your momentum.
  • Color paper and mixing inks.
  • Finding the Batcave and great band name thats up for grabs.
  • Drawing too realistically and the perception of talent by your audience.
  • Texture, form, and the difficulties in illustrating light.
  • "Hey! That's Cool!" with Billy Baumann.
  • Intriguing posters that don't feature the central character(s).
  • The collectibility of misprints.
  • Buying art that challenges you.
  • Generating reference photos for unique points of view.
  • Mitch brings up the F Word and discouraging an open dialogue about change.
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