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On the third annual Very Adventures In Design Christmas Special we find the guys just hanging out excited to wrap-up what ended up being a great year for all three of our hosts. Billy is finally sitting pretty with the success of Delicious Design League, James Flames had his biggest year ever and is rewarding himself with a month of from life to figure out what the future holds for him and the lovable loser Mark Hollywood Brickey can’t wait to start a new year with a new full time career of being the daily host of Adventures In Design, delivering a promised 200 episodes next year. So sit back, put a log on the fire, throw on your favorite sweater and sip from your favorite holiday drink. It’s time to spend a little Christmas magic with all of your friends at Adventures In Design.

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Mitch Putnam from OMG Posters stops by to update us on Black Friday and his newest project The VACVVM. He also shares with us his picks for the top 10 prints from 2014.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 103

• When to promote a project.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

• Tips on creating a successful press release for your artwork.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 103

• Living for a good story.

• Surrounding yourself with people that you want to learn from.

• Opening your mind to discovery and exploration.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

• Finding Straight Edge

• Using psychedelic drugs to explore your mind and binging it back to your artwork.

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Nathan Goldman Productions presents the first ever Adventures In Diversity Hanukkah Special full of special guests, great surprises and a Hanukkah miracle. Featuring AID alumni DKNG Studios for a good mixture of fun and a dash of design talk. Let the oil burn!

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This is a demo of Adventures In Design recorded on October 18th, 2011 over two months before episode 01 “Pilot” was released on iTunes. It’s crude, it’s rude and it’s very rough around the edges but illustrates how far the show and it’s hosts have grown over the last 3 years. Enjoy?

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Mark, Billy and James record the 100th episode together on this very special Adventures In Design.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 99

• How effortless it is to sell online during the holidays and talk a little shit about the classic photo of tubes.

• After time learning to be smarter with what shows you book for your studio.

• Focusing on creating retail products to gain more control of your design career and cash flow.

• “Built For Speed” Nate breaks down his method of creating happy clients and customers while keeping his process efficient. 

• Reacting to crowd reactions at live shows and using that feedback to better improve your product line.

• Spending money hiring others to do what you shouldn’t be spending your time on.


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• Nate explains how he has been able to keep many regular clients over the years. 


• Work / Life balance and how it’s possible with good rules.


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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 96

• Garry Booth shares with us details on the Phone Booth Gallery’s first showing at Scope during Art Basel 2014.



In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

• We learn what emerging galleries look for when picking artists to work with and how much work you need to be able present to get the gig.

• “Gallery consignment” versus actually being represented by a gallery.

• Debating doing fine art under your actual name or choosing a moniker.

• How trends develop in art.
• Getting out of the shadows of your heroes and creating your own ideas and style. 


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Another post game holiday show episode, recorded in a parking garage just minutes after wrapping up the 2014 Unique LA Holiday show in downtown Los Angeles. 


Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 97


• Importance of keeping a good PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) while working live events.

• Discussing booth design strategies.

• Mark talks about the balancing act of running different businesses. 

• Knowing when it’s time to refresh your product line.

• Thinking of money as the high score in the game of business. 

• We play pick the script. 

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We celebrate our host Mark Brickey turning 40 with 5 randomly picked members of the Circle of Trust for the first ever on air meeting.



Brian Behm of media content designer and project manager for Rooster Teeth.

Paul Hess user interface designer and scree printer.

Julie Madison maker and owner of My Only Regret Besides Dying 

Annie Liebert a designer who recently relocated to Portland.

Dan Davis from Kinship Goods a product line based out Charlestown, WV.



Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 96


• Creating a community out of your brand.

• Turning your design studio into a retail location. 

• What kind of interviews are our favorites and where do we want to see the show go.

• The struggle of keeping the struggle real.

• Mark talks honestly about the often audience request of more female guests.

• A pitch for a series of 2015 episodes where we follow a fellow creative launch a new career.

• Mark gives the Circle of Trust a chance to tell him whats the worst moment of the show.


In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)


• Talking about projecting your next year and the steps to make these projections actually happen.

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