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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 244

- There’s more to learn from something you don’t understand.

- Letting the kid inside of you steer your career and receiving a present from your past self.

- Learning to be a good listener, to be a good speaker.

- Committing to a personal style.

- Posting photos of your cat online and letting down the walls of skulls an horror.

- Publishing a book of your work. 


In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- The decision to create digital work.

- Fear of blogging and being rolled by the trolls versus being free to speak your mind on the podcast.

- Batman through the eyes of Godmachine.

- Not worrying about retiring when you hope to work till you die.

- No apologies for being successful. 

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 243

- How a work space defines the type of work that you do.

- Not putting your name on the door to make your space more inclusive to others that work there.

- Creating a A+ roster of clients by being fans of your client’s work.

- A good designer can always create greatness, despite set backs and project stipulations. 

- Breaking out of local level work and going after national work.

- Working with Apple and making it back to where design started for you.

- Turning your website into a “menu” that allows clients to “shop” for the services that you offer.

- Creating a portfolio book to send to your clients and other tools to keep connected to your clients.

- Having a something or somebody to prove wrong and using that as motivation to prove yourself right.


In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- What happens when you give yourself permission to do your dream job.

- Standing by your personal work and not being able to hid be the excuse of clients.

- Something good always comes out of following your passion.

- Why not? Why wouldn’t you challenge yourself.

- Speaking the language of design but also learning to listen.

- Finding the balance of life when everything is awesome.

- Enjoying where you are it in life and not worrying about what’s next.

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Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee of Methane Studios stop by for a inspiring interview and fun shop talk. For two guys that are known to be the funniest guys in design world we get them to actually get deep before they give us some of the best punchlines in the industry. Mark, Billy and James share a bucket of popcorn, have on air staff meeting and decide the fate of Adventures In Design’s future. In this podcasting choose your own adventure, what Adventure In Design will you choose? 

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 241

- Getting to design the outer wrap of a classic standup arcade game for Google.

- There’s a bigger world than being a flat 2D guy. Enjoying packaging & environmental design even though your artwork in it’s simplest form is very flat. 

- Dan & Mark discuss their favorite aspects of Dismaland the amusement park installment created by Banksy & friends.

- Enjoying sharing process with others and why we believe people learn to hear process.

- Staying a man possessed to continue to grow your career. 

- If books aren’t monetarily profitable then what’s the real pay off in being published.

- Does editorial work ever lead to money or is it really about the vanity. 

- How Dan has evolved into a designer that can “merge” 2 different items into one through illustration.

- We get Dan Stiles to break down the “artist statement” in some of his very simple but bold logo work. (This started as a gag but gives a ton of real design, marketing and retail advice for any commercial artist)


In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Dan breaks down more of his iconic logos and keeps dropping simple but strong design practices that we should all follow to create successful branding.

- Staying neutral in your design and letting the public decide what the work means to them.

- Being a hunter and always hunting for new ideas and concepts to bring into your work.

- Thinking of your design apps as the greatest video game that you every played to learn the science and tools of design.

- The constant reinvention of Dan Stiles conceptual design even thought the visual tone stays the same. 

- Having a signature color pallet but knowing when it’s time to break it and go off brand.

- The signs that a agency is coming to your for the right or wrong reasons.

- Does working with youth design limit your growth in the world of fine art? Do you separate your looks or put everything under one promotional roof.

- Knowing to go with the times and keep evolving guy.

- Why did the idealism of “SELLING OUT” go away?

- When music was scary.

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The whole gang is back together after 3 Fridays apart. The first hour is all over the place bouncing from topic to topic. In the Circle of Trust the guys give their takes on big topics that our guests have brought to the table this week on Adventures In Design.


Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 240

- Bad spots at live shows.

- Kanye West blowing up and losing it during a interview. Plus Marks love of the man, his ego and music.

- Big bands don’t always mean big sells.

- What Care Bear would you be?

- Late nights and beta testing nightmares.

- Mark’s white trash timeshare.


The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

We review the week that was on Adventures In Design

- From the Miles Tsang interview how to stay hungry after you find some level of success.

- Mark & Beth still working as collaborators  and as a team even though they don’t do design together.

- Biggest gambles that the guys have taken in their careers.

- Early jobs that sucked.

- Finding your ego.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 239

- We catch up from Miles since we last spoke to him in December to find that his career is really taking off and he’s staying so busy his personal life is paying the price.

- A tale of two countries, understanding the places in-between large cities, trying to understand small town life.

- How Miles parents relocated from Hong Kong to Columbus, Ohio and then Toronto, Ontario.

- Chasing compliments and validation through your artwork as a kid.

- You never get to “there”, there being the place that you think will make you more happy.

-  Trying to understand how others see their race and find inspiration from people that are ethnically similar to them. 

- As Miles career is taking off he’s finding more self confidence in life and coming out of the shell that he lived in as a young boy.


The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Getting denied entry to Austin, TX for Flatstock.

- The Drake effect in Canada.

- Miles career role models and what he needs to apply to his business to obtain the similar results as those he looks up to.

- Settling into a level of success and forgetting the hustle to evolve to the next level.


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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 238

- Mark talks about Aaron Draplin calling him on the phone and how the Draplin vs Brickey one on one interview scheduled for Mondo Con came about.

- Lighting strikes, broken computers and dungeons and dragons. 

- The top 10 posters of July 2015 from


The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Boogie Nights, Ashley Madison, True Detective, Fear of The Walking Dead

- Adventures In Design at Mondo Con meeting between Mitch and Mark as they strategize over the best way to conduct the interviews and create good content.

- We talk about the Circle of Trust content and how Mark is trying to setup a new delivery system.

- Mitch’s new minivan.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 237

- How Huck Gee stumbled into the world of designer toy collecting and found a little website called Kidrobot.

- Early days of vinyl toy design and realizing that he had stumbled onto something really huge.

- Pushing the template, breaking the mold and fucking with people.

- What it really feels like and means to have your work in the MOMA, working with Marc Jacobs and creating work for Christie's Auction House.

- The rise and fall of the collector toy market.

- How hard you have to work to make it happen.

- The art of collect ability and how to perfectly ride that line.

- Huck's last year of reinvention as he takes the reigns of his career and creates his own toy line.

- The huge investment and gamble in this do or die moment in his career.

- There are no rules to working for yourself.

- Learning from the missteps along the way.


In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- The truth on leaving Kidrobot.

- Getting into intellectual property design.

- Tips on how to get into making your own toys.


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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 236

- Using your social media as a means of advertising, distribution and leverage for great opportunities.

- Social media shaming versus social media as a career.

- Thinking of yourself as a brand.

- How Beth found the self confidence to start getting what she wants out of this world.

- Trying to understand as a man that a lack of personal self confidence keeps some women from having professional self confidence. 

- Letting go of negative voices and seeing how far you can challenge yourself and others once you let learn to let go of criticism. 

- Sharing your strengths with others and leaving the days of “Mean Girls” behind.



In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Tips on tuning out negativity.

- Making sure that your content is true to you.

- Having a healthy ego.

- Letting your following know your true voice, not necessarily the mission statement of your brand.

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Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 235

- The amazing cover artwork for the new album Compton from Dr Dre.

- A honest and open discussion on personal empowerment, racism and empathy.

- The pain of losing a good employee. 

- We revisit this week’s them of bottoming out professionally.

- What happens when your no longer a PYT.


In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)

- Billy’s opposition disposition disorder or O.D.D. behavior problem.

- We hear Billy’s inspirational clip that plays for his classes on the first day.

- Being good enough to get job, versus striving to be great. 

- The reoccurring theme that Mark see’s in listeners that haven’t gotten their party started yet.

- We hear an audio clip that Mark has moved from computer to computer and keeps on his desktop for inspiration in the darkest of dark days.

- Then Billy shits all over Mark’s emotions.

- We try to understand why Billy hates sentimental advertising but allows himself to believe in the “magic” of Disney.
- How Billy is Mark’s mental Yoda while broadcasting solo.

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