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Get ready hang because Hammer Time is back! Violent Gentlemen's Mike Hammer and co-host Mark Brickey invite tattoo artist Gustavo Jaimes to the VGHC HQ to swap stories. Tavo works at Torch Tattoo which is the nearest shop to Disneyland and he grew up at the closest residential house to Disneyland... so you know Mark has some mouse related questions for him. Hammer puts it all on the line with everything from limo tints to Beauty And Essex tabs to a person from his Rolodex for every story he has. Shitty jobs, first cars, and stunt food showdowns are all here as these fearless leaders take on everything the world is throwing their way. 

Talking Points

  • Growing up with Disneyland as your next door neighbor. 
  • Will Hammer ever go straight again?
  • The hard working parents that raised Gus and Disneyland perks for getting cracks in your ceiling. 
  • The most requested tattoo at the shop closest to the Magic Kingdom. 
  • Cold climate pin up girls and the big dawg air conditioned lifestyle. 
  • Three Keys Brickey. 
  • Limo tint all the way around, Hammer's Rolodex of Peeps, and choosing to see or squint. 
  • The worst tattoo Tavo ever gave, one upping a pros pro, and a quick story from Brian. 
  • Pineapple cotton candy, a review of Life, and stunt food that lived up to the hype. 
  • Foreign TV shows, out of market snacks, and what restaurant Southern California needs. 
  • Go to's across the board. 
  • BK Lounge party shifts, shitty jobs, and getting fired. 
  • Receipt, receipt, nudie mag pic, receipt, receipt, receipt, receipt, nudie mag pic. 
  • First cars. 
  • Getting your start in Photoshop for slightly misleading paperwork, abandoning ship, and parking under the biggest tree that might break. 
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It's about time you meet Kate Bingaman-Burt. As an Educator, Illustrator, and Rule Maker Extraordinaire Kate has made a career from her endless stream of creativity that never seems to turn off. As Associate Director Of The Art And Design School at Portland State University, a Published Author three times over, and sought after Commercial Illustrator Kate is a driving force in the world of design. The interview takes you inside the mind of a creative who thrives on self initiated, rule based projects based off what challenges Kate the most. She didn't like credit card and she didn't like drawing so she forced herself to make a project combining the two. She didn't like talking to people and was interested in why we buy things so she made a project out of that too. The result of these decisions is a confident mark maker who's found their voice and knows how to use it. 

Talking Points

  • How can this week be better than last week?
  • Taking a sabbatical. 
  • Accidentally teaching three classes as a graduate student just trying to figure it out. 
  • Would you even fit in to a traditional agency model?
  • Learning to tell your story before your paid to tell other people's stories. 
  • Where is the problem solving for students at universities?
  • Creating a self initiated experience and discovering what is missing to fill the gap in education. 
  • Getting a peak at what your design career will look like. 
  • Email composition in class to successfully navigate through a people profession. 
  • Starting with rules to make thinking easier and reclaim your day. 
  • Putting in that first hour and liberation through restrictions. 
  • Lincoln Nebraska Target Customers get grilled on why they bought what they bought. 
  • Obsessive Consumption comes to life. 
  • Pushing and punishing yourself to stay accountable.
  • Don't be a blob. 
  • List making maniacs, stockpiling notebooks, and information design at its purest essence. 
  • Good design only exists inside the architecture for success. 
  • Wandering thinkspace routes. 
  • Pulling a narrative out of the messy spiderwebs and the importance of talking out your choices. 
  • The difficulty in being a student these days and career FOMO. 
  • Personal style, confident wonks, and rules for repetition. 
  • An eight year personal project that led to a book deal and finding your loosely goosey voice. 
  • Confident mark making no matter what it looks like. 
  • Giving attention to the overlooked and slowing down to make something that will give you something to remember. 
  • How to sustain interest in daily projects that can lead to something else. 
  • Public Design Center, Portland State University, and Mississippi. 
  • The value of design and creative thinking to a community. 
  • Steam rolling Outlet into a reality.
  • Learning to trust your voice in a class filled with intelligent confidence. 
  • Making, defending, and talking about your work to act as if and set your energy level at what you want to happen. 
  • Yelling about Symposium. 
  • Self confidence levels, becoming yourself, and the importance of a supportive community around you. 
  • From weaver to principal. 
  • Doing things that make you nervous and sweaty. 
  • The right place and the right time that leafs to the next thing. 
  • Experimenting in public will be scary but rewarding and soft spots for outside kids. 
  • Does JBB feel successful?
  • The less glamorous role of the Conductor. 
  • Bad ass grandma desks, progressive moves in the forties, and mind gyms. 
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Put down the pitchfork and get ready for some Shop Talk with Mark Billy, and OKpants. The wide world of comics bookends today's episodes with some controversial opinions about the best Bruce Banner and a long look at the film Logan. From finding your tribe to talking about your work without doing any of it, the boys examine their formative years as creatives and what motivated them. Mark puts out a new ethics code on constructive criticism and when it should be given while Aaron argues it might just be a new facet to tolerate on the world wide wide web. This is the hangout you need with the friends you love to get you through the final push of the week. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • OKpants 2.0 as Pants Pantsly the divorced aunt from 2024 or as the Barb of AID.
  • The mind shift at your forties to become the person you want to be. 
  • Is the ship going down or are you looking for a way out?
  • The only asset you need in life to do what you want. 
  • Ben Affleck is the best Batman. 
  • Forgiveness and directing. 
  • The weakness of Wizard World in Cleveland. 
  • Pent up perverts that need some cautionary signage. 
  • Comic shop geeks and their hypothetical lives. 
  • Growing up normal and the paradigm of coolness. 
  • Community college, art school, and careers in the creative world. 
  • Blue collar perspectives on white collar privilege on the approach to "work."
  • The debate of art. 
  • The importance of critiquing your work while you're working on it and not when you're finished with it. 
  • Embodying the constructive spirit with your comments and not slipping into the ego centric musings about similarity. 
  • Pitchfork campaigns from posts without proper context that cost people their jobs. 
  • A new class emerges and unhealthy habits in children. 
  • Understanding various cultural niches and doing the right thing. 
  • Changing neighborhoods, racist self defense 101, and standing up to end a meeting. 
  • Getting cc'ed on some bad thoughts. 
  • Movie trailer swearing, AID language, and defining explicit.
  • Wolverine or... and getting outnerded. 
  • A review of Logan and Old Man Logan. 
  • It takes Deadpool for Hollywood to finally make a dark superhero comic book film. 
  • Keep it dark and bleak. 
  • Storytelling with too many elements and the suits that ruin it by crowbarring in too many elements. 
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Mark Brickey, Mitch Putnam, and special guest Rob Jones take on the Top 10 Posters culled from every post during the month of February. Composition, illustration tricks, and behind the scenes information only Mondo Insiders can bring you fill this countdown recorded on site at the Rob Jones Mansion. Does your poster have too many earrings on it? Will color ruin your black and white linework? Do all these great artists nail the composition and concept on their first try? All of these questions are answered as these three industry experts break down all ten posters while talking about what makes each of them successful and where they fall short. With subject matter ranging from bunny orgies to severed fingers there is no stone left unturned in this month's poster countdown.

Talking Points

  • Split focus endorsement issues
  • Blasting out your titles. 
  • When everything is well done but the composition is off. 
  • Bringing a cinema collage together.  
  • Late addition Spider Man pop ins and a free fall of approvals that draw out a process.
  • Precious storytelling real estate and locking in the hierarchy. 
  • Becoming a full time separator to broaden the market of usable illustrators.
  • Cat hospices, black pearls, and splitting up families. 
  • Cartoons with realistic features.
  • Picking expressions that best tell the story. 
  • Movement through perspective in a composition. 
  • The extra work that makes a great poster. 
  • Compartmentalization that can deliver more information. 
  • Servicing fans the way they want. 
  • Are there one too many earrings on your poster?
  • Doing research on pieces versus guessing at what's important in the narrative. 
  • Was Phasma supposed to be the next Boba Fett?
  • Forensic research on very specific Star Wars characters and the weird inconsistencies that were right in front of you. 
  • Tiered fan expectations for Mike Mitchell's Star Wars series. 
  • Painterly decisions, collectibility, and tribute imagery. 
  • The difficulty of Harrison Fords profile and reference photos. 
  • Continuity issues, color changes, and the back and forth with LucasArts. 
  • The hard work that leads to a high quality in your work and rising through the ranks. 
  • Boiling down all your ideas to a one second snapshot. 
  • Missing the tips. 
  • Variants that make a difference, involve a bit of effort and a dash of risk. 
  • Effortless, prolific talent on tap. 
  • Finding a way to say something through your work. 
  • Supply changes as demand goes up later on in life. 
  • Should Teagan White split her styles into two separate businesses?
  • Navigating the waters of transitioning over to fine art from posters. 
  • Intensity and edge in subject matter. 
  • Pressure Printing with carved embossing that is breaking the mold in the poster world. 
  • A hero rises from the comic book industry. 
  • Seven digit figure, top level art careers and where the work comes from. 
  • Working with Jess more on movie posters that sell out instantly due to talent and not property. 
  • Rounding out Mondo's poster lineup from well known properties. 
  • The longest, most important, and innovative careers in posters. 
  • The old guard versus the new guard. 
  • Caring about properties. 
  • Forced perspective that grabs the eye and gives you vertigo. 
  • Art print appeals to the audience. 
  • When black and white imagery gets too much color and loses a lot of the striking contrast and details. 
  • Rogue One critiques and second run throughs.
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Adventures In Design returns to take over Fairfax and things get deep with Amy and Jennifer Hood of Hoodzpah Design and Dave Kloc. Unpacking the why behind what you do can be an elusive answer to truly pin down. In a world of endless possibilities which one (or two, or three) will you pick to latch onto and ride into the sunset of satisfaction and accomplishment. The Hood Sisters know a thing or two about design having run a successful boutique agency for over a half decade and went on to launch Odds And Sods to celebrate the world around them that they love. Dave Kloc pushes forward in a new studio with a semi auto that brings some much needed shoulder relief and a little more time for the better things in life like hockey and sandwiches. Set you goals and learn from some of the best out there as they let us into what truly drives them to wake up each day and make something from nothing.

Talking Points

  • If you think cutting off your hand is a good idea, think again. 
  • Rising above the daily grind and keeping your eyes on the bigger picture. 
  • How do you make less?
  • Hoodzpah Design on tour and out of body. 
  • Checking the tape and overanalyzing your performance. 
  • Buying your own bullshit and then curating it online to move more units. 
  • Perceived value in social media. 
  • Tricking your clients with their own words to get the approval. 
  • Bad movies, preview monitors on sitcoms, and the Justin Bieber mentality. 
  • Apologizing for something small to get the jury on your side. 
  • Finding the legs for your brand with the places you love. 
  • Deliberately trying to emulate Converse. 
  • The process to create an Odds And Sods broach and being able to take a risk. 
  • The K Man goes face first into every day and got access to a semi auto press. 
  • Avoiding the inspirational walk to keep your creative process pure. 
  • Breaking into packaging and relying on Tokyo Dave or
  • The pressure of being the only one approving the art and the balance of client approved work. 
  • Taking yourself out on a date to keep your mojo flowing. 
  • Who's listening to what you're doing?
  • The Alpaca Scam in the design world and becoming a personality to work with. 
  • Chasing money, employees, and trying to have it all. 
  • Telling your clients to wait. 
  • Expanding past a one man show and the quick hire list. 
  • Are you ahead or behind what your younger dreams were?
  • Xeroxed greeting cards as entrepreneurial trial and error. 
  • Getting lapped, seeing yourself differently, and wondering what you might have done wrong.
  • The growing gap between skill, experience, and waiting for life to happen to you. 
  • You aren't getting straight to the goal right out the gate. 
  • Are you the person you want to be?
  • The world doesn't owe you anything. 
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If you thought last year sucked then just wait until you see what Dan Stiles, Dustin Noden of Lincoln Design Co., and creative director John LaCroix have to say about the major rebrands from 2016. No one is safe from the watchful eye and sense of style these three designers have honed over the years on countless projects from companies big and small. Through their critiques and opinions you'll learn to apply the same skills to your own work and rise above the mediocrity being pumped into the world every year. From The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Nascar to Instagram you won't want to miss the twenty seven rebrands we have selected for these creative professionals togo over with a fine toothed comb. Is everyone going too thin? Has the logo evolved enough? Why the hell won't Taco Bell just put their B under their T? The Logo Show takes on an entire year of updated and all new logomarks that are going through a more thorough check than Winona Ryder leaving a retail store!

Talking Points

  • Moving up from clipart to an actual logo. 
  • Have you stripped the logo down too much?
  • Giving a nod to what your mark represents.
  • Making the logo a family. 
  • Touchy Qs, washed out mountains, and visual hierarchy. 
  • Swashes that read very differently. 
  • Going away from the MLB logo and hacking type. 
  • Are you stabbing or cutting?
  • Stoking your audience with a logo. 
  • The kids at the bowling alley that used all up all the crayons. 
  • The fauxpas of stretch type. 
  • Reversing everything to improve nothing. 
  • White stroking your logo and moving away from bold. 
  • Is thin considered sophisticated?
  • What does a two hundred page brand book say about that steezy W? 
  • Version 10 Logomarks that make it out the door and clients that want to see mild, medium, and hot. 
  • Risk Adverse Sea Level Dudes who don't know visual culture but have to take your logo up the flagpole. 
  • Trashy Trailer Park Panthers wishing they were Cougars. 
  • Going from kick ass to a stylized shield that doesn't excite your audience. 
  • Did Fortune lose their fortune?
  • Finding a typeface that is close enough and losing your proprietary look. 
  • Balance through being established. 
  • Using on screen inks and problematic color scheme choices. 
  • Brand equity over time and overcoming difficulty. 
  • Retro Lollapalooza 1.0 logos. 
  • Drawing icons in chalk to see how good they are. 
  • Having the guts to stay with what's new. 
  • Crazy, iconic K's and vertical type that won't scale. 
  • Refracting light and tapping in on nostalgia. 
  • A feel good off brand logo that relies on red.
  • Imagining how to execute your mark.
  • The problem with four color logos. 
  • Geometric shapes that aren't pleasing and pushing and pulling the forms until it is. 
  • Ligature Nightmares and beating your gimmick to death.
  • Repeating type tricks to build a uniform look. 
  • Collegiate looks and older attitudes. 
  • The challenge of NASCAR and being a human montage of logos. 
  • Doing the right thing in the corporate world. 
  • Brighter, friendlier, and thinner.
  • Enough to get noticed but not enough to make a difference. 
  • Bird necks, rubber stamps, and propaganda looks. 
  • Dropping the ball at the execution and stopping at a good start. 
  • Reformatting the pieces of the puzzle for an updated look. 
  • Flexing on your friends and tricking out the type on a very visual word. 
  • Being ownable versus undeniable coolness. 
  • Title casing your words but the giant gaps that you've left behind. 
  • Leaning on serifs when it's important. 
  • Switching around the type and the icon to make the motion go the right way. 
  • An upgraded wing shape that breaks way from Nabisco. 
  • Gradient gimmicks that work with clients but not in practice. 
  • The importance of value and lumpy illustrator arrows. 
  • Design moves when you want to just go home. 
  • T and B's that hang all the way. 
  • Cultural windows and shit colors for branding. 
  • Has your logo lost it's sound?
  • Dropping your logo to one color and losing your type when you have an iconic mark. 
  • Problematic, penetrating, and presidential icons. 
  • Never save the swastika and don't make anything that looks like cock and balls. 
  • Trump gets a win on AID. 
  • Cultural shifts and CEO's designing logos. 
  • Makes that don't make sense and leave users guessing what you've done.
  • Overcoming the difficulty behind adjusting reds and blues without going to Methane's website
  • Thin outer strokes and why you never draw the name.
  • The biggest sport in the world done by the biggest brand in the world. 
  • Overthinking the details. 


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Welcome to the wild world of west coast nostalgia master Bob Smith. Cutting his teeth at Nike for over a decade, Bob thrived with their boundless resources and struggled through being micro managed for optimal efficiency. His creativity is contagious throughout this interview covering everything from aiming high to the allure of 21 Jump Street to fighting through motivational anxiety. Nothing can stop this California Transplant from gnashing his teeth at the world and forging ahead with his latest endeavor, OreCal Sportswear. Bob has taken his decades of experience and honed in on his passion to create an immersive, high quality experience told through apparel and we get to hear about how he accomplished just that. He knows how to play and he knows exactly what he wants to say so be sure you listen to a master at his craft.

Talking Points

  • The difficult adjustment of Being dragged up to Oregon at ten years old. 
  • Growing through difficulty and Sagmeister's take on happiness. 
  • Los Angeles Nostalgia and all the special sorts of bat shit we hold onto. 
  • The west coast story behind OreCal. 
  • The insecurity of the creative mind coupled with the arrogance to know better. 
  • Motivational anxiety.
  • Unpacking definitions of the stressors that are holding you back. 
  • Building a Nike store inside Nike with a small budget and some blind faith. 
  • Regional ads, tapping into the zeitgeist, and losing the sexy core of the company. 
  • Ratcheting up your presentation each time you do it until the powers that be get the message. 
  • The problem solving part of design that isn't design at all and the crucial ability to execute. 
  • A decade of working in a formative environment that can show you what works. 
  • Making a souvenir of the story you're told and what makes you hold onto something. 
  • The importance of "Fuck You Money."
  • Blowing smoke yo everyone's ass to keep an entire corporation on the same page. 
  • Senior Troublemaker: Department of Office Confiscation. 
  • The energy to innovate versus the energy to operate. 
  • Feeling betrayed by Nike and bracing your ego for moving on. 
  • Mid life creative crisis that might be linked to drop offs in testosterone.
  • Templates and gray spaces in education and learning how to learn. 
  • The triple crown in Shoe City. 
  • Pouring your life's experience into OreCal and the fuel of curiosity. 
  • Aim high, be smart, and slowly working your way to the front of the plane. 
  • Where is the profitability?
  • Developing sustainability in your brand while you go global with a brand based off two American states. 
  • Growth arcs, spirit, and deliberately working the reoccurring patterns in your favor. 
  • You know how to play, but what do you want to say?
  • Taking The Grateful Dead approach to a brand. 
  • Telling your story and the importance of narratives. 
  • "Design is a good idea."
  • Environments that give off great energy, compartmentalization, and overall management capabilities. 
  • Is it better to not know who you're talking to?
  • The benefit of meeting your peers and leaving your creative bubble. 
  • Developing the intuition to know how many bells and whistles your product needs. 
  • The devil in the details and the social cues we make off appearance. 
  • Can't versus won't and observation versus judgement. 
  • Neglecting the imagery that feeds into the experience. 
  • Finding your identity on 21 Jump Street in a town without any punk rockers around. 
  • Protecting your bat shit and making connections. 
  • Microchoices that effect your entire life and waxing poetic on a spiderweb of choices. 
  • Getting aggressive and keeping your mind tuned up to the challenge ahead of you.
  • The Magic on the tape belongs to us.


*** brian Flynn episode / dr Kuhlken episode****

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Bang. The. Drum. It's an official Shop Talk just like you remember with Mark Brickley and Billy Baumann on the mics bringing you a double dose of design dialogue. Today's episode has some intriguing twists and turns that you might not expect as The AID Godfather and your favorite Roadrunner Of The Year talk about potential pivots in their creative careers and keeping the motivational flame burning. The boys also break down some of Billy's recent political novellas ranging from our nation's budget to dealing with a myriad of generational mindsets each with a unique set of standards to uphold. The internet has changed the face of the world as we know it and our two heroes are caught at Generation Crossroads on the foremost tip of the learning curve as each advance comes their way. The key is to find your creative sweet spot and remember what you;re doing this all for. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Billy's passages are explained in full.
  • Paul Ryan works Trump's shaft.
  • The crippling effects of consequence and balancing political thoughts with your company's forward facing ethics.
  • Setting limits when you're in the drivers seat.
  • Gauging obsession.
  • Where would Billy pivot next?
  • Storytelling in a whole new way at Cub Studio.
  • Billy's bag of tricks and his love of posters.
  • Imagination from procrastination, swimming forward, and finding what will keep you at work.
  • Your creative sweet spot.
  • A complicated jobs program, Team America: World Police (fuck yeah!), and generational mindsets at war.
  • People are people. 
  • Exposure to other cultures and the problem with seclusion. 
  • The illusion of safety and toddlers with guns.
  • Losing your way of life, blue collar workers, and an American ethos that isn't going to make things easier.
  • A lesson from Fraggle Rock to rebuild our communities.
  • The Double is announced.
  • Test runs with better students who already know the way of The Cobra.
  • Asking questions at Flatstock and the modern way around it. 
  • Loving Beth with or without before and after photos.
  • Teaching experience at Delicious, video components, and building out a workshop. 
  • Wheel greasing for the deals.
  • Generation Crossroads deals with Comixology.
  • Southern Bastards cells, geek on geek crime, and learning empathy. 
  • Falling through the cracks, appropriate follow ups, and diverse rosters. 
  • Existing outside of a loud minorities style guide. 
  • Praying for Mark's stain. 
  • Being a masculine ally and the tricky waters of talking for thousands of hours.
  • Fatherhood tips and tricks from one co-host to another and spotting Billy's dad dick. 
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Spring is in the air and new beginnings are everywhere, including Snake Oil Provisions. Ben and Miranda have once again curated their store to keep you looking good and feeling good in the quality goods they stock. Ben and Mark debunk tee skirts, Skate Bettys, and the social media jerk offs who are dragging men's fashion through the mud with their endless quest for double taps. The phone lines open as well for some questions to get answered by the Cincinnati Sensation covering everything from selvage denim to budgeting for Snake Oil Provisions. In a bold move, we are offering this episode in it's entirety since the intended Circle Of Trust Content about city ordinances and SOP's recent legal debacle was too important to keep behind the pay wall. Enjoy this full episode filled with fashion, faux pas, and the fun only Ben can bring to your earholes.

Talking Points

  • The perfect leather jacket, a fool's errand, and getting past feeling like you're in a costume.
  • But can you pull it off?
  • Rogue territory makes a power move in the world of denim. 
  • Ounces of denim on a season to season basis. 
  • Starchiness, dry cleaning, and blouse stacking. 
  • Earl's Apparel debuts at Snake Oil with a price point that can't be beat. 
  • Customization on the horizon?
  • Big and tall brands available from the Snake and personally requesting sizes from Ben.
  • Taking care of high end denim blouses. 
  • Waiting for your Skate Betty to wear that Thrasher shirt. 
  • Posers abound.
  • Transcending social media metrics and people that are letting the content curate them. 
  • What to do with hook ups.
  • The keys to finding good denim and salvaging selvage. 
  • Snake Oil on a budget and budgeting for Snake Oil. 
  • The ethics behind buying cheap clothes. 
  • Ditching fedoras, checking out of planet earth, and tee skirts. 
  • Miranda steps in to lend an answer towards the quest for the perfect fitting women's tee.
  • Drug busts that open doors... literally.
  • Dream spots, bully tactics, and laughable offers.
  • Lawyering up to end harassment.
  • Bittersweet resolutions with acceptable financial terms.
  • Armed guards, the smell of the sticky icky, and city ordinances written behind closed doors.
  • Tiny victories and locations that literally fell out of the sky.
  • The right thing to do versus the best thing to do. 
  • Educating yourself on zoning laws, city council members, and what you should handle by yourself.
  • Big business and the karma that we all hopes will come around.
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Thank you passionate listeners for tuning into another warm hour with Brian Flynn of Hybrid Design and Super 7. Brian has used his passion as a compass to take him down the path of designing happiness into his entire life from his dream list of clients to his teenage passion project he just spent the entire year building up to it's next level. At the core of all his work Brian understands that starting with why is what can lead your project to the success it needs to be. Aesthetics take a back seat to purpose in the house of Flynn and you can see the longetivity and relevancy it has earned him. Excellence, commitment, and excitement are the cornerstones to all of Brian's work and he is here to explain the thought process that goes into every nook and cranny. He knows better than anyone that working in the creative field is a true privilege so hold on to the incredible moment you have right at your fingertips.

Talking Points

  • Shopping in a sneaker box and the level of design we all aspire to.
  • Using creative problem solving outside of pure aesthetics.
  • Developing a roadmap to results.
  • Clients who can't talk design and designers who can't talk client.
  • Imagining the unknown.
  • Balancing Hybrid Design and Super 7 and taking time away from what's already working.
  • Overhead, growth, and letting the work be more important for the paycheck.
  • Evaluating what success means for a small studio.
  • A stable and significant side project moves out of its teenage years.
  • Leveraging your opportunity to compete in your market.
  • Making the toys you want instead of being driven by outside sources or profits.
  • Keystones and the "So What" attitude behind being able to make something awesome.
  • Losing sight of the vision when budgets get involved.
  • Why He-Man?
  • Minutia, research, and pulling on the thread of what you love.
  • Approaching a project as the toy nerds that you are and finding the authentic reasons behind everything.
  • Making Skeletor's office, a whole new Masters Of The Universe cartoon, and turning He-Man on its ear.
  • Getting into the mindset to create the future you want.
  • Portfolio advice to up and comers with the punk rock mentality of figuring it out.
  • Youth Movements influences from Disco to Discord.
  • Reign in Blood and It Takes A Nation all swimming well together.
  • The time it takes to stay involved, connected, and up to speed with what stokes you out.
  • Finding your lane.
  • Sell through rates that distort what is considered as a failure.
  • Is going back giving up and what's the worst that could happen?
  • Insecurities, being touched by idiots, and the political climate we live in today.
  • Fear of the unknown and immigrant problems in Cincinnati.
  • Looking outside your comfort zone to get what you want in your priorities.
  • Starting your own team and running with your heroes.
  • Why Powell Peralta felt different than any other brand and sacrificing the sacred cow of skateboarding.
  • Destroying long term collectibility or bringing in a whole new cycle of collectibility.
  • A crash course in selling nostalgia.
  • Reissuing Battle Of The Planets and one more shot at Tron.
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