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516 - A Shop Talk Special with bigSTORY's Mike Bonifer

We are on the cusp of a new story unfolding and there is no one better to speak with than Mike Bonifer from bigSTORY about the narrative in front of us. Mike has spent his career analyzing how to engage your audience through effective communication and his take on America's recent election of Donald Trump and what lies ahead is an invaluable source of information for us to use and apply in our own lives. From Brain Drain in rural America to the media's role in giving the wrong voice the megaphone, this special Shop Talk covers a lot of ground that lead us to where we are today. Perhaps the larger question is where do we go next and Mike and Mark provide ample ideas in that realm as well. At least we know the advice coming out of Mike's mouth is nothing but good bullshit.

Talking Points

  • ERGO and honoring all the voices in a story.
  • Why storytellers who bend the narrative past the truth will win.
  • Locker Room Talk on an emotional and meta level without any pushback.
  • Pinning the fine print on Hillary.
  • Brain Drain in small towns that are feeling left behind.
  • Taking the bait that turns America into an endless string of strip malls.
  • Joining the narrative of local, structured resistance.
  • Learning to improvise and improve our polyculture.
  • Actually doing the work that was discussed in our philanthropic meetings.
  • Why aren't more artist's risking their fame to stand up for what is right?
  • Tearing down a trillion dollar industry one brick at a time.
  • Good Bullshit / Bad Bullshit
  • Leaving mass media behind to get your message out.
  • Taking the first bus out of Rerun City.
  • Is your starting point realistic and intentional?
  • The hunger for creativity and finding where it fits.
  • Was Disney's acquisition of Marvel a bad deal?
  • Honoring the concerns of the collective mind.
  • Misguided concepts of heroism.
  • The media's responsibility in handing the megaphone to a voice that didn't deserve it.
  • Looking at the other side of the bathtub.
  • Articulating your intention to let your story guide you.
  • The importance in staying alert.
  • One for the studio and one for you.
  • Acting on your instincts.
  • The real danger happening today and trusting outsiders.


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Biggie brings his business savior-faire back to Adventures In Design and pulls the curtain even farther back on a successful mindset. Once the romantic idea of starting a business has worn off there is still the day to day ditch digging that most people shy away from. Biggie is the first one there with a shovel, ready to go, and inspiring everyone else to get started. This episode is filled with business and productivity advice that can help you with your focus, motivation, and ability to finish. Biggie is beginning to reap the rewards of his hard work and we can all  learn from his discipline and drive to bring you to the same place... no matter which hallway you choose.

Talking Points

  • Recapping 2016 for Good Fight and Biggie's life.
  • The insane sci-fi concepts involved with human birth.
  • What records are dropping in 2017?
  • Romantic inceptions versus realistic expectations.
  • Focusing on your goals and not getting sidetracked.
  • Are you wired for multi tasking?
  • Moderating your pie in the sky ideas with your daily goals.
  • Avoiding complacency being the lion ready to go at the top of the hill.
  • Keeping your employees motivated, thinking about yourself, and being fair.
  • Delegation, communication, and being as hands off as possible.
  • Inspiring the inner sect.
  • Vision and inspiration.
  • Looking ahead to plan out success.
  • Keeping an eye on both your responsibilities and your employee's responsibilities.
  • Touching on the Three C's and some impressive organization.
  • Finding time to workout in a busy schedule.
  • Energy upticks form working out.
  • Shoestring Fries and Burpee Pull Ups.
  • Using benchmarks to compare your life's progress.
  • Overcoming the guilt in rewarding yourself.
  • Living within your worst potential means and the wisdom in frugality.
  • Poster framing as a metaphor for everything else in life.
  • The flip side of the struggle and self parking cars.
  • Watch wormholes that represent straight cash money.
  • Paying your dues, taking lumps, and reaping your rewards.
  • 2 Hallways. 1 Place.
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513 - Shop Talk with David Smith & Kloc

The Double Dave bonanza on Shop Talk continues but this time we have David Smith and Dave Kloc breaking down the week with Mark. Everyone on today's episode brings their perspectives on financial strategies and how the ebb and flow of a Net 30 lifestyle can wear on you. Also Dave, Dave and Mark have all recently dealt with some professional pivots in their careers and the mental fortitude it takes to make it through an uncertain time in life that comes to just about everyone. This Shop Talk gets deep at a moment's notice and always knows how to come back up for some light hearted air so be ready for a rollercoaster of emotions similar to the one you're most likely on financially if you're a freelancer. Now let's go find that guy with the twenty grand and get another paddle in the water.

Talking Points

  • The difference between small corporations, big dollar, and the freelance life.
  • Getting emo in LA with all it's isolation.
  • Choosing happiness over financial comfort.
  • The rollercoaster of the grind or being chained to your paycheck.
  • Financial strategies, multiple bank accounts, and staying ready for tax season.
  • Buying equipment that you've earned.
  • How one project should greenlight the next two.
  • The Net 30 or Net 60 that can sabotage your motivation.
  • Money, work, and the emotional side of getting paid (what you're worth).
  • Both sides of the fence on privilege.
  • The first VHS you ever watched.
  • Bad money and more paddles in the river.
  • Is working with the big boys even worth it?
  • Building blocks versus road blocks.
  • Natural selection in the creative community.
  • Decreasing the distance between whats in your head and whats on the page.
  • Professional pivots.
  • Design past branding and the the importance of the right connections.
  • Staying innovative when you;re an OB.
  • The luxury of moving on from something once you're bored with it.
  • What is crucial in your balance of life?
  • Setting up boundaries and the mental shift it has on productivity.
  • Does everyone feel behind? Does anyone feel respected?
  • Getting stuck and living in the moment to appreciate what you have.
  • Fighting for different results.
  • Who can't you let down?
  • Strength of character, sacrifice, and being kind.
  • Making your work ethic less volatile than your bank account.
  • The success of investing in yourself emotionally.
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512 - December Poster Countdown with Dan Stiles

Mark Brickey and Dan Stiles take on the month of December in todays Poster Countdown on AID. From art pieces to fresh takes on classic films, was filled with worthy contenders that we can learn from when two veterans critique the cream of the crop. What is the true function of a poster? What are these artists trying to convey? Where should the type go? This countdown is going to get you thinking about your approach to creating work from concept to execution. Dan brings his well trained eye and Mark brings the emotional aspect of storytelling to the Top 10 to show us how we can all improve our creative work.

Talking Points

  • Promoting all your skills and not getting pigeon holed into one facet.
  • The kernel is the concept and drawing a paper cup.
  • Jamming out on your illustration.
  • How nice does Dan have to be on the show?
  • Worshipping fussiness as posters transition from functional to fashionable.
  • Simplifying your composition to increase its impact.
  • Constantly reinventing your characters.
  • the unique Jay Ryan that is inspiring future generations.
  • Illustration with or without integrated typography.
  • The two most common type strategies that you should never use.
  • How to show your clients their ideas are wonky.
  • Punching up the drama to push what you're trying to communicate.
  • Is it a painting or a poster?
  • Creating impact through the juxtaposition of scale.
  • Using all three layers of storytelling in your poster.
  • Balancing your excitement with what the project truly needs.
  • Black Spotting your illustration.
  • Technique and take away.
  • Women drawing women and the difference between naked and nude.
  • Following the breadcurmb trail in the posters.
  • Using linework to avoid cinema collage.
  • Capturing the emotions in the story.
  • Nailing down the time period in your piece.
  • Technical techniques and graphic techniques.
  • Redoing well known characters as closely as possible.
  • Setting rules and knowing when to break them.
  • Pushing the overlap to increase the illusion of layering.
  • Master light and the world is your oyster.
  • The push and pull of making original work that will sell.
  • Doing less with more.
  • Is it an ad or a poster?
  • Negative space as negative space.
  • Simplification and limitations that improve your piece.
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511 - Lincoln Design Co.

Lincoln Design Co. has the client roster you've always dreamed of. Lincoln Design has the talent you've always wished was yours. Lincoln Design earned every bit of it with countless hours of cranking out the best work possible... and then some. Mark sits down with owner/founder Dan Janssen and creative director Dustin Noden to find the secret in the well designed sauce. Not only have they made work for Nike, Hot Wheels, Wacom, Harley Davidson, and Disney but they have their own internal collateral ranging from tees to zines that speak volumes about their capabilities and creativity. Sit back and get ready to meet your new heroes from the Pacific Northwest who have redefined hard work and mind melting style.

Talking Points

  • Making your own Bones Brigade. 
  • Keeping everyone on the same page with respect and leadership.
  • Utilizing the whole team for the greatest impact.
  • Working for The Bird Man and what it means to be an icon.
  • The importance of putting in the face time.
  • Maintaining long term relationships with dream clients.
  • Never promise what you can;t do at 100%.
  • Who does what at Lincoln?
  • Transitional periods in business that can potentially kill your momentum.
  • Making collateral for yourself.
  • Neutral territory for effective team building.
  • The art of cranking.
  • Are you over critiquing your projects?
  • The difference in print.
  • Pricing out your promo materials and the long term value in it.
  • When is it time to bring on another employee?
  • The ups and downs form project to project.
  • Switching gears to brand for Barbie.
  • Hot Wheels logo changes and building WWE Superstar style guides for licensees.
  • The rise of seasonal skateboard series.
  • Essential Place Guide or Tip To Tail Graphics?
  • Internal scheduling for your own branding.
  • Traditional Ad Agency models and accounting for incorporating the lifestyle you lead.
  • Making things for the maid to throw away.
  • Heavy bags, mini ramps, and building the brand.
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509 - Shop Talk with Dave Cook and Kloc

Shop Talk is back with a Double Dave vengeance as Mark sits down with Bonethrower AKA Dave Cook and the K Man AKA Dave Kloc in not so sunny Los Angeles. As the boys sit in the Silverlake Studio they get into the world of screenprinting, self employment, and wearing every single hat along the way to making a sale. Dave Cook and Dave Kloc still keep most of their art making process in analog form and they each share their technical difficulties and how they found the determination to overcome them. After all that blood sweat and tears, they even break down the heartbreaks of getting complimented on someone else's work when it comes their way. What more can these two endure? Just because you love something doesn't always mean you'll be successful at it but nevertheless... antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • The #1 myth about screenprinting is dispelled.
  • Acclimating to Southern California temperatures and going soft.
  • Handling the various costs of living as you make a new locale home.
  • The love hate relationship of self employment. 
  • Finding profits in printing.
  • Planing your brand and scripting out your sales.
  • Effectively setting up a webstore after you've already done everything else.
  • If you want to live... don't sleep in your studio?
  • The detrimental effects of an audience on your skill set.
  • Making your house a home by having a studio somewhere else.
  • Fuel in the tank and significant others.
  • Analog, digital, and the fascination between the two disciplines.
  • Building muscle memory and confidence in your art.
  • The ability to get things done and the power behind a checklist.
  • Dave and Dave confront their biggest hurdles in retail.
  • Closing customer loopholes and limiting the portals they can contact you with.
  • Getting compliments for someone else's work and taking credit for someone else's work.
  • Paying the bills with goofy dogs.
  • Taking your commisioned pieces to the next level and The Cook Book AKA Dave's Idea.
  • Making the decision to follow through.
  • Mark admits to thievery.
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508 - Dylan Garrett Smith II

Dylan Garrett Smith returns to Adventures In Design and this time not as a creep, but as a friend. The young, uprising talent joins Mark to talk all things dark, mysterious, and creative. Dylan has a true creative spirit that revels in the art of creation and playing god on his own terms and you can find that in his work and determinate mind. What is his process for taking his work digital and working towards the light? What is Dylan planning as he takes The Mission Of Trust himself? Who is The Jersey Devil? Theres a whole lot of dark meat chicken nuggets in this episode so get ready to jot it all down in the smallest pocket notebook you can find.

Talking Points

  • Hate Mail from a concerned listener and stoking the fires of an international rivalry.
  • Boot chains and tire chains.
  • Going digital and working on white before it goes black.
  • Giving yourself room to bob and weave.
  • Making a map to help with the inking process.
  • How much eyepatch related culture does Dylan have to know?
  • The Daniel Danger Upside Scanning Technique returns!
  • Are you just making other people's ideas or making your own?
  • A new and pertinent sponsor arrives to the AID airwaves.
  • Who is Zeke?
  • Posing your Mom as a murder model.
  • Revisiting the themes in A Charlie Brown Christmas as an adult.
  • The Folklore of The Jersey Devil and his better aesthetic.
  • Contemplating the better party in a potential afterlife.
  • Crystal Lee Lucas and her shadow love.
  • Seeing the same house through a whole new lens (literally and metaphorically).
  • Standing up for 2016 and not being a victim.
  • Action over acquiescence.
  • The weakest people you know and how to rise above the bullshit.
  • Standing up against racism.
  • What is your project telling you and are you confident enough to follow it there?
  • Putting yourself into the calendar.
  • Being mentally ready to take on an art career and the financial realities after college.
  • Time, Money, and Balance.
  • The Fragrance House from Hell and how The Mission Of Trust is challenging Dylan to push himself into whole new worlds.
  • The smallest notebook you can carry around and the thoughts inside it.


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507 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 13: J Ryu

The Collection returns for another year on the Adventures In Design airwaves and Huck and Mark bring J Ryu on as their first guest. J Ryu has a beautiful and delicate ornamentation found across his work that places his work in another time. Between his sense of style and rich pop culture knowledge he adds a whole new layer to The Collection we have yet to hear from a designer. Meanwhile Huck has been hard at work as he adds another production technique to his at home arsenal of toy making gadgetry. This DIY approach offers some cost cutting and time saving tactics Huck employs, but there is still some research to be done and we get to hear some of the results straight form the mad scientist himself.

Talking Points

  • The many names of J Ryu.
  • Rotocasting vs. Slush Casting
  • Balancing the time to dry, the amount to use, and balls that throw off your center of gravity.
  • DIY home production techniques.
  • All hands on deck for Huck and the double edged sword of purchasing equipment.
  • The long long road of the F.A.D. Dunny.
  • Making chic trash.
  • The leadership and decision making process behind a maturing company.
  • J Ryu's ornamentation as storytelling elements.
  • Growing up as an Asian Gothic Redneck in North Carolina.
  • Shanghai Comic Con Customers and Eastern Culture.
  • Uncovering the path to make toys and searching for that career rave.
  • Chasing real creative ideas when you walk away from agency work.
  • The proper ways to behave when you meet a celebrity.
  • Optimus Prime, Battle Of The Planets, and Voltron.
  • Putting together your fragmented childhood memories to find Space Giants.
  • The first generation of kids who grew up and chased down their dreams.
  • Pro Pomeranians, Pro Wrestlers, and Con Kids.
  • Testing the science behind 3D Resin materials over time.
  • How cost effective is it to have a 3D Printer and how does it change your production techniques?
  • Can we get 3D Printing on demand yet?
  • Storytelling with Squad 33 and developing the online archive of Huck Gee.
  • Facebook as an advertising tool and Facebook as a social media outlet.
  • Boiling the internet down to four channels.
  • Getting the invite to The Smiths party.
  • Are you adding to the conversation or just muddying the waters?
  • Properly pushing the products you make and staying prolific.
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The Best of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 373 - Bobby Kim of The Hundreds

If you want someone to listen you have to grab their attention. If you want to keep that attention you need to have something worth saying. Everyday each of us are endlessly marketed to and Bobby Kim of The Hundreds found his own way to cut through the white noise and speak directly to the world from his early blog posts to his current seat at the head of the streetwear industry where he now uses the attention he earned to continue fighting for a better world. The Hundreds was the first platform Bobby used to gain our attention yet there is so much more to this politically charged, socially introspective, feminist father who applies his mind to his own impact on the community around him. Far from an out of touch and jaded who's who in the fashion world, Bobby has pioneered what a brand can do and how they fit into the marketplace from the small doors to mall doors. So listen up because Bobby has something to say and its definitely worth your attention.

Talking Points

  • How wanting to be involved with your interests and hobbies transfers over when you run your own business.
  • The early signs of streetwear and why it is so difficult to put your finger on the beginning of something special.
  • The importance in labeling a movement so it can be marketed.
  • The initial goals of The Hundreds and how they distinguished themselves as more than just another shirt based brand.
  • Blogging before using a computer was cool.
  • Finding the avenues available to express yourself when the obvious ones are closed off.
  • How social media has changed the ability to find and engage with mentors.
  • How being DIY pushes you to be better at what you're doing and the benefit of having an adversary.
  • What to do as a parent when your kids have no obstacles to overcome.
  • Bobby the Lawyer and how he found his true calling.
  • Leaning on IP for recognition from fans and how to properly use a flip to actually say something.
  • Bobby shares a cryptic legal outlook shared by Tim Doyle.
  • Focusing on yourself and not being concerned with what others are doing.
  • The lack of sustainability in a company with nothing to say.
  • Bracing yourself for the eventual backlash of expressing your opinion in an overly sensitive public spectrum.
  • Is opening a location with high visibility and even higher rent a fiscally beneficial move?
  • The secondary aspect of a brand that also acts as an ad agency be leveraging credibility within their fanbase.
  • Telling a story within a collaboration to give it impact and meaning for both parties involved.
  • The true fate of Boba Fett.
  • Turning consumers into eventual paychecks over time.
  • The pros and cons of going from Fairfax to Mall Doors and how controlling distribution can protect and limit your brand.
  • Two Walt disciples geek out over Disneyland and what is was like for Bobby to own a piece of it for five hours.
  • How to impress the 15 year old inside of you.
  • Leaving breadcrumbs for anyone interested enough to follow you.
  • The joy in connecting with other people
  • The pressure of defining what is next and staying as funky as your last cut.
  • Handling the responsibility of representing a company that has employees counting on it and people depending on it to maintain its credibility.


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The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 390 - Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton has never tried to hide from uncertainty and danger. After establishing himself as a professional skater he pushed onward by founding Toy Machine, teaching himself to paint after a trip to Europe, and becoming a photographer with countless gallery shows. His desire to capture and interpret life as it happens spawns from a ceaseless fascination with every facet of human life. Ed looks unflinchingly at his life and the ones around him to hold back up a mirror for anyone willing enough to look at and learn from his artwork. Through his DIY ethic Ed has learned how to make an impact on his audience with everything from a pair of socks to the cover of his own book staring up at you. Get ready to learn from a living legend how to find inspiration everywhere you look and not be afraid to look right back, or even interact directly with it.

Talking Points

  • What it feels like to be a living legend and being inducted into the Skateboard Hall Of Fame.
  • The trajectory of skate art from precious to personable.
  • Bolstering inspiration from other multi-talented artists.
  • Finding your style before your skill.
  • Innovative art that felt inconsequential when it was made.
  • Removing the barrier between polished art and the people.
  • What to do with an influx of cash that isn't permanent.
  • Being raised by a member of the Greatest Generation.
  • Handling success financially and personally.
  • Living under the fear of returning to poverty.
  • How Ed's first "cigarette" turned off from drugs and alcohol.
  • Moving past terrible traditional role models and not being a victim.
  • Loyalty and Jason Lee.
  • Playing for the long game in life and not burning bridges.
  • Operating with full transparency to keep your friends.
  • How to build an empire that lasts and the benefits of being a dictator.
  • Ed's daily workflow.
  • Realizing you've made a career choice that won't last.
  • Teaching yourself to paint.
  • The slow build to earning your fame.
  • Prepping for potential failure.
  • Teaching yourself photography.
  • Finding value in your unique view of the world.
  • Respecting your subject matter and how to shoot on the move.
  • Night Lurkers, Girls On Skateboards, and making people Others.
  • The fine line of perversion and art.
  • Staying unbiased to your subject matter no matter what.
  • Paris during the terror attacks.
  • Making transcendental photography.
  • How to play to people's ego.
  • What a mohawk means today.
  • Forming yourself and your life with your partner.
  • Being unflinchingly honest in your art and sharing naked photos of your wife with world.
  • Are you cap[turing moments or just bragging?
  • Skateboarding as an adult and managing injuries.
  • Filling the void form your past life and finding what motivates you now.
  • Are you designing for your peers or your customers?
  • Everything after 1963 sucks.
  • How to not taking what you're doing to seriously.
  • Loving design and overturning every detail.
  • Doing everything yourself and keeping things weird.
  • Why you don't need anyone else's opinion about your art.
  • Staying inspired when you stay in the same spot.
  • Finding connections with similar creatives.
  • Trying to make our perfect work look handmade.
  • Skateboardings contribution to the design world over the last 30 years.
  • The benefits of making things with no one to answer to.
  • Showing your process and keeping art human
  • Avoiding fights while you're in line.
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