Adventures In Design

Failure Tour 01 - Nashville, Tennessee - Derrick Castle, Drew Binkley, Print Mafia


Act I

Derrick Castle shares with us a lesson learned of design by association when he placed his public reputation in the hands of client. 


Act II

Drew Binkley of Monkey Ink Design revisits a failure at the start of his career where a short deadline influenced him to take a short cut that he quickly regretted for a long time to come. 



Print Mafia preach the lesson of letting clients get in the way of their artistic vision and blowing a possible career changing opportunity. 


In The Circle of Trust - Our Super Friends Panel Talks About: 


• Advantages of being an artist in a city that is large enough to have art culture, but small enough to not be the nations focus. 


• Using vintage imagery as the basis of creating new artwork and the artistic instinct that tells you which pieces are good to use and which seem like a headache. 



• How long is too long to wait for payment from your clients.


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Mark Brickey, Billy Baumann & James Flames send you to the weekend with a Shop Talk about having a healthy artistic ego, the downside of business traveling and debate the damage of placing your studios work on sale.

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AID regular Mitch Putnam joins the Circle of Trust to talk about best practices when shipping a large volume of prints to either clients or customers. Mitch and Mark also discuss what artists can do to make the most of Black Friday sales and the benefits of creating an email customer mailing list for your company.

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Santa’s little helper Eric Siegel runs Tree Hopper Toys a handmade wooden toy company from the outskirts of Chicago. Eric screen prints and hand cuts classic styled toys, often with a modern design sensibility. We review his product line and learn a lot about running a small shop, wholesale and toy design on this episode of Adventures In Design. 

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Alan Hynes and Mark talk skateboarding graphics, American Hardcore music and printing their first posters. Alan talks about how happy he is with not having a signature look as a designer. The guys also set the record for most times the phrase "you know" has ever been said on the AID airwaves.

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Oakland’s very own Mike Sutfin allows us to visit is designer dungeon where we talk to him about oil painting, toy design and his personal projects that he hopes to birth through the new collective of artists and designers he joined known as the VACVVM. 

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Join the bad boys of design for a first ever Friday Morning Shop Talk where they make 4 major announcements about the future of both Adventures In Design and AID-AM. A must listen episode for anyone who loves the show or at least pretends to tolerate it.

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This double guest episode of Adventures In Design AM starts off with Nicole Stevenson cofounder of Patchwork Craft Fair and illustrator Gregg Gordon of Gig Art.  First up Nicole promotes the upcoming Patchwork Craft Fair in Oakland this sunday. Nicole and Mark also trade great tips for vendors doing craft shows this holiday season. Up next we have Gregg Gordon a seasoned veteran of the music industry for over 20 years. Gregg talks about the old school days of the music industry, being a part of Flatstock’s (rock poster convention) maiden voyage and lastly his greatest project yet - taking time away from design to raise his adorable daughter Violet. Circle of Trust Bonus Content: Gregg also stays around to talk about can we ever walk away from the stress of being a freelancers. To hear this bonus content and more and to have access to the complete archive of all 36 AID-AM episodes join the Circle of Trust today at

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Mark Brickey with David Smith and special guest Nathan Goldman sit in for a late night interview where they talk about how losing projects sucks and the embarrassment that comes along with the one that got away. Mark gives his opinion on online grammar narcs and how he lives by the golden rule of “Don’t Post About, What You Don’t Know About”. The guys talk about what makes for a good Instagram account and David talks about his stupid standards and how they at times cripple his goals. PLUS on the first ever Circle of Trust bonus content edition you can hear about how artists can work together and form their own design Bones Brigade, how having a centralized business guy in your micro firm can only help the productivity and profitability. Lastly each of the guys breakdown who they think has the perfect design career. To hear this content subscribe today at

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Instead of the usual illustrator, designer or printmaker we tend have on the AID airwaves today we mix it up with a designer of tea. Christopher Coccagna is an artist of a different medium. He’s the founder of T-We Tea and has created to date 39 original blends of tea and gives each one a name more outrageous than the next. The product may be different but the business perspective and passion for his art is very much the same.

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